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Amid WH turmoil, Trump mused about life without a chief of staff 

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The president envisioned a process where a handful or aides would report directly to him.... read more
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4 deaths blamed on fourth nor'easter in three weeks 

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At least four people have died in this nor'easter that brought snow, poor visibility and slippery conditions to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.... read more
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Spending bill bans border wall construction in federal wildlife refuge 

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Homeland Security chief Kristen Nielsen toured the Santa Ana wildlife refuge area last year.... read more
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Trump legal team shakeup clears path for possible Mueller interview 

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The president appears to be moving toward sitting down with the special counsel after John Dowd's departure... read more
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Bill Murray: The Parkland kids remind me of those who protested Vietnam 

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Their most powerful asset in their fight to bring change is their idealism... read more
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Maryland school shooter used father's gun 

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The teen who terrorized his Maryland high school used his father's gun to shoot an ex-girlfriend and a classmate.... read more
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Stormy Daniels to Trump Org: Hold onto your records 

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Stormy Daniels' attorney sent the Trump Organization and two banks a demand that they preserve any records related to her.... read more
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Ex-Minneapolis officer in bride-to-be shooting makes bail 

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Mohamed Noor, 32, posted $400,000 bail, but no longer has a job with the Minneapolis Police Department.... read more
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House probe ignored most Trump-Russia contacts, report claims 

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Democratic-aligned group claims Intelligence Committee failed to follow majority of connections... read more
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Is it possible to 'safely' Facebook anymore? 

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If it's 'free,' then you're the product.... read more
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Zuckerberg to break silence on Cambridge Analytica data use 

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#WheresZuck had become a question in the past couple days.... read more
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'Insanity': Serial bomber giving Austin package anxiety 

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Package anxiety ramped up in Austin on Tuesday, when an overnight explosion at a FedEx facility about an hour away - and then another later in the evening - elevated concerns that packages delivered through trusted outlets could also be risky.... read more
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Tennessee pastor resigns over 'sexual incident' with minor 

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"We as the Church should be getting this right," Andy Savage said in a statement announcing that he is leaving the ministry for now.... read more
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Lie detector test indicates Stormy Daniels truthful about Trump affair 

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<p>Adult film actress Stormy Daniels underwent a polygraph exam in 2011 about her relationship with Donald Trump, and the examiner found there was a more than 99 percent probability she told the truth when she said they had unprotected sex in 2006, according to a copy of the report obtained by NBC News Tuesday.</p>... read more
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A better way to search for space aliens? 

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The approach requires no new telescopes nor even any new experiments.... read more
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Thousands of Californians ordered to evacuate ahead of storm 

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Officials said the storm, which is expected to arrive Tuesday, is likely to pummel a region already devastated by wildfires and mudslides.... read more
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Western leaders quiet as Putin celebrates landslide election victory 

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With 99.84 percent of the votes counted Monday morning, Putin won with a resounding 76.6 percent - nearly 65 percent ahead of his closest rival.... read more
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Assad greets Syrian troops on front line in rare public appearance 

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"We are proud of you," said President Bashar al-Assad, who flashed smiles and stopped for chats with soldiers in eastern Ghouta.... read more
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NBC/WSJ Poll: Trouble for GOP in key races 

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President Trump's job approval is up to 43 percent in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, but Republicans are seeing their 2018 prospects worsen.... read more
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U.K. accuses Russia of stockpiling nerve agent used in spy attack 

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Britain's foreign minister said Sunday that he has evidence Russia has been stockpiling a nerve agent in violation of international law.... read more
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