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Navy ends rescue effort for 3 sailors missing after plane crash 

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<p>The U.S. Navy has ended search and rescue operations for three missing sailors unaccounted for after a plane crash in the Philippine Sea, the 7th Fleet said in a statement.</p>... read more
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Bail 'disrupters' have a plan to free thousands from U.S. jails 

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Reformers backed by $30 million from the wealthy and influential have launched The Bail Project, which uses charitable dollars to bail people out of jail.... read more
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'Your Holiday Mom': Parents' group sends thousands of holiday cards to LGBTQ youth 

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Every day between Thanksgiving and News Years, dozens of moms and a few dads volunteer to pen virtual letters to LGBTQ teens letting them know they're loved.... read more
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The backlash is building over the plan to gut net neutrality 

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Tech companies are vowing not to go down without a fight, as the FCC plans to pull the plug on a 'free' internet.... read more
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Americans stuff the roadways before they stuff the turkey 

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America's roads and airports filled with Thanksgiving holiday travelers on what AAA said could be the busiest holiday travel day in more than a decade.... read more
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Politics is ruining Thanksgiving. Here's how to avoid it. 

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If the first Thanksgiving after the election was tense, experts say this year's holiday will be even worse. Here's how to navigate your family's gathering.... read more
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Mike Flynn business partner Bijan Kian now subject of Mueller probe 

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Federal investigators have been asking witnesses about the lobbying that Bijan Kian, a partner at the now-dissolved Flynn Intel Group, did on behalf of Turkey.... read more
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Hospital system fires 50 over flu shots. Here's why 

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A Midwest health system fired 50 people who refused to get flu shots. Doctors say mandatory vaccination against influenza protects patients.... read more
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Why Trump broke with D.C. GOP and threw his support to Roy Moore 

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When all else failed, President Donald Trump went with Roy Moore... read more
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Here's how your Thanksgiving travel is going to pan out 

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More Thanksgiving travelers could mean more crowds, confusion at airports... read more
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Secret Conyers settlement raises new questions on Capitol Hill 

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<p>New questions are being raised about the lack of accountability in how sexual harassment claims on Capitol Hill are handled, an issue that gained more attention Tuesday after Rep. John Conyers acknowledged he had settled a complaint with an accuser in virtual secret.</p>... read more
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Team USA gymnastics doctor pleads guilty to abusing 7 girls 

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Under the plea deal, former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar faces a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.... read more
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California has approved legal pot, but black market growers thrive 

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<p>On one October morning in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains below Sequoia National Park, Fresno County Sheriff's Department Lt. Matt Alexander and the task force he leads prepared for a familiar operation.</p>... read more
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Roy Moore weighs legal action against female accusers 

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Repeating that he had never behaved inappropriately with women, Moore said of possible litigation: "We're getting proof. We'll continue to do that."... read more
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US on track to triple bombs dropped on Afghanistan 

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The U.S. has dropped 3,554 bombs on the Taliban this year - already nearly three times the 2016 total - as part of President Donald Trump's shift in strategy.... read more
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North Korea's history of attempted murders on foreign soil 

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Since 2008, North Korea has been linked to at least six attempted hits, two of them successful, in South Korea, China and Malaysia.... read more
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Conyers admits financial settlement with ex-staffer but denies misconduct 

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Rep. John Conyers admitted Tuesday to reaching a settlement with an alleged victim of his behavior but denied having done anything improper.... read more
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Iranian hacker charged in HBO 'Game of Thrones' theft 

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Mesri allegedly launched a campaign in May to gain access to HBO's servers through employee user accounts, and then got his hands on new episodes of hit shows.... read more
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How a laid-off dad built the one of the internet's favorite cooking tools 

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An official Instant Pot Facebook group for sharing recipes has attracted more than 750,000 members.... read more
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Why Alabama Young Republicans deserted Roy Moore 

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Jackie Curtiss, chair of the Alabama Young Republicans, explains why her group split with the state party and deserted Roy Moore.... read more
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