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Feeling down as summer fades? How to cope with the August blues 

There can be something unsettling about August. For many people, the month creates "a feeling of funk, a feeling of down, a feeling of sadness."... read more
16. elokuuta 2019 21:55:57 Categories: TODAY The Comeback

Man dead for 20 minutes shares experience of being brought back to life 

Doctors said it was "a miracle" that Michael Pruitt, 20, survived after he was without a pulse for 20 minutes after being electrocuted.... read more
15. elokuuta 2019 17:56:00 Categories: Huffington Post UK TODAY

Anne Hathaway was asked to lose weight for a movie at age 16 

The actress had an uncomfortable interaction on a set in 1999.... read more
14. elokuuta 2019 17:35:00 Categories: AAP TODAY

You might be making tea wrong 

The debate is boiling over!... read more
14. elokuuta 2019 2:01:00 Categories: TODAY

Hathaway was asked to lose weight for a movie at age 16 

The actress had an uncomfortable interaction on a set in 1999.... read more
14. elokuuta 2019 1:59:00 Categories: Brisbane Times TODAY

Kate Upton says her unretouched magazine cover is a 'step forward' 

<p>Upton, who rose to fame on cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue in 2012, said she especially wants to share a message with other new moms: Stop comparing yourself to others.</p>... read more
13. elokuuta 2019 3:39:39 Categories: Sky News TODAY

Make-ahead Monday: Slow-cook pork shoulder for a week's worth of dinners 

Chef Tim Love slow cooks spicy pork shoulder to serve with crispy potatoes, in cheesy quesadillas and a cold ramen noodle salad.... read more
12. elokuuta 2019 18:15:31 Categories: Birmingham Mail TODAY

New Brexit 50p coin mocked online 

Indy 100
... read more
11. elokuuta 2019 15:30:00 Categories: Indy 100 TODAY

The French manicure is making a major comeback - are you on board? 

Celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian West, Gigi Hadid and more are rocking the look.... read more
10. elokuuta 2019 3:30:00 Categories: TODAY The Atlantic

Ford restores car for dad who sold it to pay wife's medical bills 

Last year, Wesley Ryan's kids bought back his 1993 Ford Mustang GT after he sold it to pay for their mother's cancer treatments. Ford heard about the story and stepped in.... read more
9. elokuuta 2019 23:35:00 Categories: Evening Standard TODAY

The internet can't handle this peanut butter and pickle sandwich 

This recipe might be driving some people nuts, but don't knock it until you've tried it!... read more
9. elokuuta 2019 22:45:00 Categories: Evening Standard TODAY

Michelle Williams has a blunt bob now - see her new look 

Sayonara, pixie cut!... read more
9. elokuuta 2019 16:30:00 Categories: Manchester Evening News TODAY

Katherine Schwarzenegger just made a major hair change 

Check out her new look!... read more
9. elokuuta 2019 12:33:31 Categories: Evening Standard TODAY

94-year-old man wins $6.5M lottery with ticket he almost threw out 

The U.S. Air Force veteran lives in a double-wide and has no plans to move.... read more
9. elokuuta 2019 2:00:00 Categories: TODAY The Washington Post

Susan Lucci shares health update 1 year after heart attack scare 

The former soap opera star has some words of advice for other women when it comes to taking care of themselves.... read more
8. elokuuta 2019 21:50:00 Categories: TODAY TT Nyhetsbyrån

Dakota Johnson reveals what really happened to her tooth gap 

The actress admitted she's sad about the change in her smile.... read more
7. elokuuta 2019 18:20:28 Categories: TODAY TT Nyhetsbyrån

This is the biggest mistake people make when they crack eggs 

Whether you need just the whites, only yolks or the whole thing, this is the best way to crack an egg.... read more
7. elokuuta 2019 13:00:00 Categories: RTBF TODAY info - societe

Why Burger King's new Impossible Whopper isn't totally vegetarian 

The plant-based burger is being released nationwide this week.... read more
7. elokuuta 2019 2:51:00 Categories: Prima TODAY

Human Rights boss's plea over sick Aussie granddad jailed in Qatar
Human rights campaigners are urging the federal government to intervene and bring an Australian grandfather jailed in Qatar back home.... read more
7. elokuuta 2019 2:05:00 Categories: TODAY

Restaurants are being accused of serving 'fake' guacamole as avocado prices soar 

It looks like guacamole and it kinda tastes like guacamole, too.... read more
6. elokuuta 2019 22:40:00 Categories: Mediaite TODAY
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