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Storms will drench Northeast before weather finally warms up 

Warm weather is just a few more thunderstorms away. The storm system that made its way through the South and Mid-Atlantic states, killing four people, is now pouring over the Northeast and will move into New England by Sunday.... read more
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For Columbine survivors, life is finding 'new normal' 20 years later 

Twenty years after the Columbine shooting, the devastating impacts remain very real for survivors.... read more
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Sterling among PFA Player of the Year nominations
... read more
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Dog named Jesus recused from lake by firefighters on Good Friday 

Evening Standard
Firefighters rescued a dog named Jesus from a lake on Good Friday. The Staffordshire bull terrier-mix was pulled from the water in Sutton Park - a nature reserve about six miles north of Birmingham City Centre. West Midlands Fire Service said crews were called to rescue the dog at about 2.30pm and they used a ladder and flotation device to retrieve him. His owners named him Jesus when they rehomed him on Good Friday three years ago. When...... read more
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Ramsey's agent defends CB's absence from voluntary workouts 

Larry Brown Sports
Jalen Ramsey's agent came to his defense Friday after the Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback was called out by team president Tom Coughlin for his absence from voluntary workouts. While Coughlin did not mention Ramsey by name, the cornerback was one of two Jaguars players absent from the voluntary offseason conditioning program, and the team president made it very clear that he was not at all happy with his absence. This is despite the fact that...... read more
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Feds seek 180 years for Iowa coach who exploited 400 boys 

Associated Press
A former elite youth basketball coach who sexually exploited more than 400 boys over a decade in Iowa deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, federal prosecutors argue.Prosecutors are asking a judge to sentence 43-year-old Greg Stephen to the maximum possible penalty of 180 years behind bars. In a sentencing memorandum...... read more
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The Playoff Buzzer: Blues rally & Sharks extend series 

NBC Sports
Meanwhile, Washington suddenly finds itself on even footing with Carolina going into Game 5.... read more
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Facebook exposed 'millions' of Instagram passwords 

Facebook Inc. said Thursday that a security incident that exposed Instagram passwords internally was significantly worse than first thought.... read more
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NFL schedule release: Ranking the slate of games for each week 

For The Win
Here are the weeks to circle on the calendar.... read more
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Tragedy of 'happy and healthy' dad-of-three who went to bed to watch United on Match of the Day and never woke up 

Manchester Evening News
Chris Munday's family have started a fundraising appeal to help with funeral costs... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 18:47:58 Categories: Manchester Evening News RTBF info - belgique

Lonzo shares advice LeBron gave him this season 

Dunk Wire
Lonzo Ball and LeBron James grew close during James' first season in Los Angeles as Ball recently shared advice shared with him this year... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 9:42:31 Categories: Dunk Wire RTBF info - belgique

How often you replace your toothbrush? 

Even if you follow protocol - brushing your teeth twice a day, making time to floss - and feel confident about the condition of your gums and teeth, there's a good chance the bristles of your toothbrush are a harbor for germs.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 6:45:49 Categories: PopSugar RTBF info - belgique

Trump's GOP rival, Bill Weld, on why he should be president 

FOX News
Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said the country is in grave peril, and he can no longer sit on the sidelines.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 6:33:41 Categories: FOX News RTBF info - belgique

Doctor: 'Patient zero' of Michigan measles outbreak thought he was immune 

ABC News
The man, who remains unidentified but is believed to be "patient zero" in Michigan, traveled to the Great Lake state from New York in March.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 5:26:01 Categories: ABC News RTBF info - belgique

Bones of Britian's oldest rabbit, dating to 1AD, discovered in Roman palace 

Evening Standard
Britain's earliest rabbit has been found at a Roman palace - a discovery which reveals that the animals arrived in the country 1,000 years earlier than previously thought. Rabbits are native to Spain and France and it had been thought they were a medieval introduction to Britain, but this fresh discovery has pushed that timing back by more than a millennium. Radiocarbon dating of the bone, which was unearthed at Fishbourne Roman Palace in West...... read more
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This very cool bionic arm is designed for motorcyclists 

Tech advances let everyone have more fun.... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 23:21:43 Categories: RTBF RideApart info - belgique

Brexiteer rallies for support for Bercow no confidence motion 

Evening Standard
A Tory Brexiteer is rallying support for a no confidence motion in Speaker John Bercow. Former minister Crispin Blunt intends to table an early day motion, or EDM, when MPs return from their break on Tuesday. He is making the move over Mr Bercow's perceived "bias" on Brexit. EDM's are not allocated any time in the parliamentary timetable and are rarely debated or voted on. John Bercow discusses the Speaker's 'Order' command However, they are...... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 22:07:46 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF info - belgique

Skybound Games: Modern live-action video games inevitable 

Skybound Games deep interest in narratively-driven games is driven in part by a belief that modern live-action adventure video games are an inevitability. "I think this particular part of gaming, this particular genre is, is evolving quite rapidly," Ian Howe, CEO of Skybound Games, told Variety in a recent interview. "I'm really pleased to see... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 19:55:52 Categories: RTBF Variety info - belgique

Pro golfer calls heart attack 'greatest thing that could ever happen to me' 

Former PGA Tour winner Jason Bohn suffered a heart attack when he was 43. He hopes his story inspires others.... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 17:12:06 Categories: RTBF USA TODAY SPORTS info - belgique

BIP star Paddy Colliar's heartfelt apology 

Now To Love
Bachelor in Paradise star, Paddy Colliar, has apologised for his comments about Brooke Blurton and Alex Nation on Tuesday night's episode. Taking to his Instagram story, the star also revealed he was receiving death threats.... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 14:30:00 Categories: Now To Love RTBF info - belgique
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