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Republicans end climate-related hearing after only 2 Dems show up 

House Democrats have been holding multiple hearings this month to highlight the impacts of, and science around, climate change, but Republicans managed to scuttle one session Tuesday after just 10 minutes when only two Democrats showed up.... read more
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Parramatta Eels grant Kaysa Pritchard indefinite leave 

Sporting News
Another injury blow for the young hooker.... read more
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For South Asian cooks, yogurt starter is an heirloom 

The New York Times
Correction: February 26, 2019 An earlier version of this article misstated Pooja Makhijani's age. She is 40, not 30. One of the oldest items in my childhood home in Dallas is a yogurt culture. By my father's estimate, it has been around for 25 years and seven months. My dad started making yogurt when he and my mother immigrated to America from Delhi, India, in 1980. He has perpetuated the same culture - the bacteria that kick-start the...... read more
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Harry jokes Meghan's baby might not be his 

Harper's Bazaar
<p>Markle was in New York City last week for an American baby shower, where her friends "from her teenage years to the present," including Amal Clooney, Gayle King, and Suits co-star Abigail Spencer, feted her pregnancy.</p>... read more
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Motorbike young man was riding when he crashed into house was taken from the scene - police investigating his death desperately need to find it 

Manchester Evening News
Dean Cael Rawley-Bell's helmet is also missing following the tragedy in Reddish on Sunday... read more
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How an order of Chinese food kickstarted this man's 350-pound weight loss 

Men's Health
"I thought, 'Maybe this is a sign.'"... read more
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Trump mocks Chinese officials' glasses in speech riddled with false claims 

The Independent
Donald Trump appeared to mock aides of Chinese president Xi Jinping for wearing glasses during a rambling White House speech. The president used expressive hand gestures to mimic the advisers' eyewear during the monologue, in which he claimed to have personally convinced Mr Xi over dinner to release three US college basketball players detained in Hangzhou over allegations of shoplifting. Mr Trump described how he apparently requested at a state function in Beijing in 2017 that his Chinese counterpart "do him a favour" by letting the group go free. "I was having dinner with him at this incredible show that he put on in a ballroom, the likes of which few people have ever seen. It was an incredible evening," he said. "Melania is here. And I'm talking. And it just happened and they were arrested. They were put in jail. And I said, 'Mr President, could you do me a favour? Could you let the three basketball players out?'" "He didn't know about it. He called over to his people. He's got 10 people standing behind him; every one is a central casting. Central Casting. Glasses, pad - boom," added, making a glasses gesture by forming his fingers into circles and raising them to his eyes. "He went over - he came back. He reported within two minutes, explained, 'Basketball players.' Bom. Bom. And I said, 'It would be a great thing if you could possibly let them out.' He goes, 'So be it. They're out'." Mr Trump appeared to be referring to the phrase "straight out of Central Casting", used to portray someone as an archetype or stereotype, to describe the Chinese government officials. Addressing US governors during a business session meeting on Monday, the president made several factually-questionable claims. He heaped praise on China's draconian drug laws for a second time in little more than a week, suggesting criminal trials for drug offences in the US took 19 years to complete. "I said to President Xi, 'You don't have much of a drug problem. Do you have a drug problem?' 'No. No drug problem'," the president began, recounting another conversation that apparently took place between him and his Chinese counterpart. "I said, 'So you have 1.4 billion people, and you don't have a drug problem?' 'That's right. No drug problem.' I said, 'What do you attribute that to?' 'Death penalty. Quick trial'." Support free-thinking journalism and subscribe to Independent Minds Mr Trump went on to claim his daughter, Ivanka, had created "millions of jobs" through her work in his administration. The president also suggested he had been told by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe that the country's car manufacturers would open seven new car plants in America "in a very short period of time".... read more
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India strikes Pakistan as hostilities rise between nuclear powers 

Pakistan promised to retaliate against India after it conducted airstrikes on an alleged terrorist training camp across the Line of Control (LoC), the de facto border between India and Pakistan in the disputed region of Kashmir, in a escalation of hostilities between the two nuclear armed powers.... read more
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The team selection issues facing Jan Siewert as Huddersfield take on Wolves 

Birmingham Mail
The Huddersfield Town manager has decisions to make ahead of the Wolves game... read more
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Homeless man hailed a hero after saving family from house fire 

Chris Tollerson, 21, was having a cigarette when he saw the Good family's home become engulfed in flames... read more
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US man freed after wrongly jailed for 40 years gets £16m settlement 

The New York Times
Craig Coley was never a wealthy man. There was a time, before he was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent nearly four decades in prison, when he juggled multiple jobs to afford a home.&nbsp;... read more
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Price banned from driving for three months 

The former glamour model argued that she wasn't in control of the vehicle, but the judge ruled against her... read more
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Teenager threatened with baseball bat in park attack by men who battered him 

Liverpool Echo
The schoolboy suffered multiple injuries in the shocking attack... read more
25. helmikuuta 2019 16:58:11 Categories: Liverpool Echo RTBF info - economie

Hughton admits to Brighton concern 

... read more
25. helmikuuta 2019 15:19:25 Categories: RTBF Reuters info - economie

Super slimmer headmaster lost 12st to avoid dying at 'cursed age of 53' 

Birmingham Mail
Craig Moreton's father and sister had both died aged just 53 and he feared he would also have a premature death... read more
24. helmikuuta 2019 21:56:42 Categories: Birmingham Mail RTBF info - economie

Confident Kyrie not worried about Celtics' struggles 'because I'm here' 

Kyrie Irving isn't too concerned about losses in February and remains confident that the Celtics will have the answers come playoff time.... read more
24. helmikuuta 2019 10:34:07 Categories: RTBF USA TODAY SPORTS info - economie

Report: Lakers' Ball may miss extended time with bone bruise 

Hoops Rumors
Lakers guard Lonzo Ball has been sidelined since Jan. 19 - when he sustained a sprained left ankle - and his absence may be extended due to a bone bruise in the same ankle, reports Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times. While Ball's initial rehab progressed swiftly, the setback of the bone bruise has limited him. As Ganguli notes, Ball's absence through 11 games has been noticeable, especially on defense. Los Angeles has permitted an average of...... read more
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Michael Jackson's body 'could be EXHUMED' as new accusers come forward 

Birmingham Mail
It's been claimed the 'accusers' believe DNA samples will 'prove he abused prepubescent, disabled and terminally ill children over three decades'... read more
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Footy fans forking out more for beer, burger at Adelaide Oval
Football fans will be forking out more for a beer and a burger at Adelaide Oval this year with prices some of the highest in the nation.... read more
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Authorities announce Houston officer case review, FBI probe 

Associated Press
Prosecutors will review more than 1,400 criminal cases that involved a Houston officer who the police chief has accused of lying in an affidavit justifying a drug raid on a home in which officers shot and killed two residents, authorities said Wednesday.... read more
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