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Police called to shutdown protest at McConnell office 

Associated Press
Police in Kentucky were called to a protest by a group of federal government workers at a field office for Sen. Mitch McConnell.The protestors arrived at the Lexington office in hopes of handing off some letters to the senator's staff about the government shutdown, said Chon Jung, an organizer. Jung said it was a "peaceful demonstration" though some protesters banged on windows of the office.He said protesters agreed to leave the building when police arrived. McConnell was in Washington on Wednesday.Lexington police spokeswoman Brenna Angel said about 50 protesters...... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:32:00 Categories: Associated Press RTBF sport - tennis - roland-garros

Ocasio-Cortez and Freedom Caucus ready for battle 

Liberal freshmen Democrats and conservative GOP hard-liners are set to face off in the House Oversight Committee.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:30:00 Categories: POLITICO RTBF tendance - detente

St. Bernard survives 17 days in Minnesota cold 

Associated Press
A St. Bernard dog that ran away from a foster home in Minnesota has been found alive after surviving 17 days in freezing temperatures. Ruff Start Rescue director Azure Davis says she wasn't sure the 10-year-old dog named Old Lady was alive after so much time had passed. Old Lady bolted from her foster home Jan. 4 and her leash got tangled in the woods in Zimmerman. On Monday, a grandfather and his grandsons spotted her in the woods.... read more

Ford just posted a dark fourth-quarter earnings report 

FORD MOTOR-RESULTS/ (UPDATE 1, PIX):UPDATE 1-Ford posts lower operating profit as overseas losses weigh... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:30:00 Categories: RTBF Reuters sport - moteurs - f1

Witness: El Chapo's wife was in on plans for prison escape 

Associated Press
A witness at the U.S. trial of the Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo has implicated the kingpin's wife in his 2015 prison escape. Damaso Lopez Nunez told the jury Emma Coronel Aispuro was in on the plan that resulted in Joaquin Guzman's escape through a mile-long (1.6-kilometer-long) tunnel dug to the shower in his cell. Coronel was in the courtroom Wednesday but did not speak to reporters during a break. Guzman's lawyers declined to comment.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:30:00 Categories: Associated Press RTBF info - belgique

The Aussie dollar is drifting ahead of key jobs data 

Business Insider Australia
The Australian dollar drifted higher against the greenback on Wednesday, partially reversing the declines seen on Tuesday. ... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:30:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia RTBF culture - cinema

Eliminated Ajay Rochester spill secrets from the jungle 

Ajay Rochester's time on <g class="gr_ gr_5 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="5" id="5">I'm</g> A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!&nbsp;... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:29:00 Categories: RTBF TV WEEK culture - arts

U.S. agency to extend some benefits to unpaid airport screeners 

USA-SHUTDOWN/AIRPORTS:U.S. agency to extend some benefits to unpaid airport screeners... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:27:00 Categories: RTBF Reuters info - regions - bruxelles

As Next Trump-Kim Summit Nears, Japan Worries US Will Leave It in the Dark 

The New York Times
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan appealed to President Trump to keep him in the loop as the United States seeks a disarmament deal with North Korea.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:25:00 Categories: RTBF The New York Times culture - cinema

Venezuela to kick out US diplomats as tensions heat up 

Business Insider Australia
Nicolás Maduro said he is breaking Venezuela's diplomatic relationship with the US soon after Donald Trump's government announced its support for Juan Guaidó, a Venezuelan opposition leader who on Wednesday declared himself the nation's interim president.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:23:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia RTBF sport - football - diablesrouges

Simulation reveals how black holes sprang from the first galaxies 

Daily Mail
Using data from the Renaissance Simulation suite on Blue Waters supercomputer, researchers found that black holes can form in fast-growing regions that are devoid of stars.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:15:00 Categories: Daily Mail RTBF info - monde - europe

Boeing's self-flying car has taken its first flight 

Business Insider Australia
Boeing says its autonomous flying car has made its first test flight. The electric drone can now take off vertically, hover, and land. The next focus is on horizontal flight.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:15:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia RTBF info - monde - asie

Canadians Spent $41m on marijuana in first month after legalisation 

Canadians bought C$54 million ($41 million) of marijuana from stores in the first full month after sales were legalized, some of the clearest evidence yet of the market's potential.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:13:00 Categories: Bloomberg RTBF sport - tennis - roland-garros

Three arrested after man found injured in alleyway in south Manchester 

Manchester Evening News
Police were called to the scene in Withington at around 4.40pm on Wednesday... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:10:14 Categories: Manchester Evening News RTBF culture - arts

McConnell blocks bill to reopen most of government 

The Hill
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked legislation on Wednesday that would reopen most of the government currently closed during the partial shutdown. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) went to the Senate floor to ask for consent to take up the House-passed bill that would fund every agency and department impacted by the partial shutdown, except the Department of Homeland Security, through Sept. 30. McConnell, however, objected...... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:09:00 Categories: RTBF The Hill culture - musique

Cerebral palsy rates drop in Australia 

ABC Health
The number of people born with cerebral palsy in Australia has dropped by a third over the past decade, and the severity of the brain disorder has become milder, according to a new report.&nbsp;... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:05:00 Categories: ABC Health RTBF info - regions - hainaut

Toxic chemicals including weedkiller linked to cancer found in baby nappies in France 

Evening Standard
A range of toxic substances, including a widely used weedkiller linked to cancer, has been found in baby nappies in France. A study by French environment agency ANSES revealed the findings from a new study published on Wednesday. Scientists tested 23 types of nappies made and sold in France in real-life conditions as they were worn by children. They uncovered toxic substances in the nappies including those used in beauty products such as...... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:03:12 Categories: Evening Standard RTBF sport - football - euro

Pyne arrives in China as missing Aussie writer tests alliance 

Canberra Times
One development within China is likely to provide a clue to Yang Hengjun being swooped up by secret police as he arrived in Guangzhou.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:00:00 Categories: Canberra Times RTBF info - belgique

Alec Baldwin pleads guilty to harassment 

BANG Showbiz
Alec Baldwin has reached a plea deal in a case relating to a row over a parking space and must attend anger management classes.... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 1:00:00 Categories: BANG Showbiz RTBF tendance - detente

Thousands on Universal Credit are 'victims of unlawful discrimination', High Court told 

Birmingham Mail
Three claimants are bringing a legal challenge saying they are worse off than on their old benefits... read more
24. tammikuuta 2019 0:59:09 Categories: Birmingham Mail RTBF info - regions - bruxelles
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