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Taylor Swift on reconciling with former nemesis Katy Perry 

"We didn't know if we were ever gonna really tell people about it."... read more
18. kesäkuuta 2019 6:25:00 Categories: ELLE Manchester Evening News

Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson split after nearly 2 years 

Despite rumours of an engagement floating around, Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson have called it quits after nearly two years together.... read more
17. kesäkuuta 2019 9:30:00 Categories: ELLE Manchester Evening News

Every photo from Sophie Turner's hens party 

McDonald's and a private plane were involved.... read more
14. kesäkuuta 2019 9:53:00 Categories: ELLE

Kate puts a regal spin on an olive jacket and chunky boots 

This is how you do casual.... read more
11. kesäkuuta 2019 18:00:00 Categories: ELLE La Tribune

Selena shows us why the LBD is a timeless wardrobe staple 

A truly great look.... read more
11. kesäkuuta 2019 5:57:16 Categories: ELLE The New York Times

Your dog can feel your stress, study says 

Poor pupper.... read more
7. kesäkuuta 2019 8:10:00 Categories: ELLE Manchester Evening News

Meghan set to make first public appearance since baby 

Welcome back, Meghan!... read more
7. kesäkuuta 2019 0:39:00 Categories: Birmingham Mail ELLE

Wonder Woman's costume gets an extreme makeover 

Diana Prince has a brand new look as Wonder Woman in the poster for the 2020 sequel, 'Wonder Woman 1984' and it all has to do with her 'Golden Eagle' armour.... read more
6. kesäkuuta 2019 9:50:00 Categories: ELLE Liverpool Echo

Watching Friends helps ease anxiety, science says 

They'll be there for you.... read more
4. kesäkuuta 2019 11:00:00 Categories: ELLE Sydney Morning Herald

Why your hair isn't growing 

There's an easy fix.... read more
3. kesäkuuta 2019 10:10:00 Categories: ELLE USA TODAY

Priyanka and Nick Jonas meet baby Archie 

Archie has had so many famous visitors.... read more
31. toukokuuta 2019 20:00:00 Categories: ELLE RTBF culture - scene

His mood changed and our marriage imploded. Then he took a blood test. 

His condition came on so gradually he couldn't tell he had changed.... read more
29. toukokuuta 2019 17:01:44 Categories: ELLE Larry Brown Sports

Making a soon-to-be viral dish with Alison Roman 

Cooking lunch with the New York Times columnist and author of Dining In.... read more
23. toukokuuta 2019 19:00:57 Categories: Business Insider Australia ELLE

Meghan's response to Beyoncé And Jay Z's tribute 

In a new interview, Daniel Martin has revealed that Meghan Markle responded to Beyonce and Jay Z's tribute to her with a single emoji.... read more
22. toukokuuta 2019 11:15:00 Categories: ELLE Uusi Suomi

Game of Thrones gave us the ending we deserved 

The 'Game of Thrones' ending was nothing spoilers or theories could have predicted, and fans are furious. But could it be it was the finale we all deserved?... read more
21. toukokuuta 2019 6:10:00 Categories: ELLE Terrafemina

Kate Middleton steps out in a Daenerys-like braided hairstyle 

Kate and William are self-confessed Game of Thrones fans.... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 23:13:05 Categories: ELLE Manchester Evening News

Justin Bieber is the reason an Icelandic canyon is closed to visitors 

His impact.... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 21:41:40 Categories: ELLE Reuters

Sophie Turner says GoT fans will be 'upset' with Sansa's ending 

Sophie Turner has revealed that she thinks fans will be "upset" with Sansa Stark's ending in the final episode of 'Game of Thrones.'... read more
20. toukokuuta 2019 6:10:00 Categories: ABC News ELLE

Meditation may be bad for some 

Can something so peaceful be so bad? A new study says 'Yes'.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2019 9:00:00 Categories: ELLE The Guardian

Prince Charles finally met Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son Archie 

Archie met Kate and William earlier this week.... read more
17. toukokuuta 2019 11:00:00 Categories: ELLE Kulttuuri Länsiväylä
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