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Sri Lanka's tragic history of violence 

The Washington Post
... read more
22. huhtikuuta 2019 10:30:00 Categories: The Washington Post

Inside the special counsel's long hunt to uncover the Trump campaign 

The Washington Post
A reconstruction of the investigation by Robert S. Mueller III's team shows why it was often a maddeningly difficult task - and why some mysteries were left unanswered.... read more
22. huhtikuuta 2019 7:00:00 Categories: Soundi The Washington Post

For Christians in Sri Lanka, violence is at once old and new 

The Washington Post
The Christian minority faces violence and discrimination in Sri Lanka, but attacks on this scale are without precedent.... read more

4 ruokaa, joilla saat vahvat ja terveet hampaat 

Radio Nova
... read more
21. huhtikuuta 2019 20:15:00 Categories: Radio Nova The Washington Post

US billionaires worry about the survival of capitalism 

The Washington Post
For the first time in decades, U.S. politicians and billionaires ask whether American-style capitalism can survive.... read more

Five things to know about impeachment 

The Washington Post
No president has ever been convicted via this unwieldy tool built into the Constitution.... read more
21. huhtikuuta 2019 7:30:00 Categories: Evening Standard The Washington Post

Trump soured relations in Latin America. China and Russia have welcomed the chaos. 

The Washington Post
As the U.S. sends mixed messages in South America, Central America and the Carribbean, other world powers see opportunity.... read more
20. huhtikuuta 2019 21:00:00 Categories: TT Nyhetsbyrån The Washington Post

True ISIS believers regroup inside refugee camp, terrorize the 'impious' 

The Washington Post
Tensions are rising between the Islamic State's female loyalists and others who fled the battlefront of the group's self-declared caliphate.... read more
20. huhtikuuta 2019 12:00:00 Categories: Capital The Washington Post

Opinion: Donald Trump is lucky. Vladimir Putin is luckier 

The Washington Post
This the Mueller report makes clear.... read more
20. huhtikuuta 2019 7:00:00 Categories: AFP The Washington Post

House Democrats' Mueller report dilemma: To impeach or not? 

The Washington Post
If they look away, do they risk being the lawmaker who helped normalize this behavior for future presidents?... read more
19. huhtikuuta 2019 20:30:00 Categories: MTV The Washington Post

France separates church and state. So who's responsible for Notre Dame? 

The Washington Post
A 1905 law separating church and state has a "sacred" place in France.... read more
19. huhtikuuta 2019 16:30:00 Categories: The Telegraph The Washington Post

Russia wanted chaos from Trump. They got it. | Analysis 

The Washington Post
Just not in the way they wanted.... read more
19. huhtikuuta 2019 14:00:00 Categories: Manchester Evening News The Washington Post

Redacted Mueller report has been released - is Trump in the clear? 

The Washington Post
The special counsel considered Trump's written answers "inadequate" but knew a subpoena would impose a "substantial delay," the newly released report says.... read more
19. huhtikuuta 2019 7:30:00 Categories: RTBF The Washington Post sport - jo

Viranomaiset paljastivat tragedian: entinen Miss Iso-Britannia menehtyi 32-vuotiaana - poikaystävä löydettiin kuolleena vain muutama päivä myöhemmin 

Ilta Sanoma
Entisen Miss Iso-Britannian Sophie Gradonin kuolinsyytutkimus on päättynyt.... read more
19. huhtikuuta 2019 1:31:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma The Washington Post Viihde

In a twist, Canada asks US for help cracking down at its southern border 

The Washington Post
Heading into an election, Canada looks to limit 'irregular' overland crossings.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 13:30:00 Categories: Makuja The Washington Post

Huijarit iskivät heti Notre Damen raunioille - ranskalaisministeriltä vakava varoitus 

Ilta Sanoma
Ranskassa varoitetaan Notre Damen katedraalin jälleenrakennusrahojen perässä olevista huijareista.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 11:43:59 Categories: Ilta Sanoma The Washington Post Ulkomaat

'Trump's Yemen war veto sets stage for continued stalemate' 

The Washington Post
U.N. negotiators have struggled to break an impasse as a humanitarian crisis worsens.... read more

In an Easter 'lesson,' students spit on, slapped and cut a pastor. The church is sorry. 

The Washington Post
The violent encounter was an attempt to illustrate the meaning of the crucifixion. The lesson, the pastor allowed, "went too far."... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 17:30:00 Categories: The Washington Post The Washington Post

Staff plan to resist subpoenas over Trump's policies and finances 

The Washington Post
The battle will shape how much material House Democrats will be able to obtain on the president's policies and personal finances.... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 14:30:00
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