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The end of Hong Kong's postcard era 

The Atlantic
The city-famed for its efficiency and predictability-is going through a tumultuous period. Memories of just a few years ago feel more distant as a result.... read more
13. lokakuuta 2019 18:36:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic sport - football - mercato

How Trump's brazenness allows him to get away with it 

The Atlantic
The president is exploiting two very human tendencies.... read more
7. lokakuuta 2019 20:21:03 Categories: Logotyp för Veckans Affärer The Atlantic

Democracy is under attack. Will Europe fight back? 

The Atlantic
... read more
3. lokakuuta 2019 15:32:32 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

How the rules of the game are changing in the Middle East 

The Atlantic
The killing of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi a year ago is part of the larger context of the battle for dominance in the Middle East.... read more
2. lokakuuta 2019 15:25:32 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic info - regions

A realist's guide to impeachment 

The Atlantic
Trump should face the consequences of his misdeeds, but the road ahead is perilous.... read more
29. syyskuuta 2019 12:26:00 Categories: The Atlantic

UN weathers another Trump scandal 

The Atlantic
Impeachment loomed over Trump's visit to the United Nations-but the UN is used to this kind of thing.... read more
28. syyskuuta 2019 17:00:00 Categories: The Atlantic

It's not just the cover-up-it's the crime 

The Atlantic
A whistle-blower report details a sustained, months-long effort to pressure Ukraine-and the White House's attempt to conceal it.... read more
26. syyskuuta 2019 20:53:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic info - monde

US and Iran are still worlds apart on a deal 

The Atlantic
At the UN, America and Iran talk at each other and refuse to meet.... read more
26. syyskuuta 2019 1:44:15 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

Why US needs Ukraine 

The Atlantic
Trump's push to get Ukraine's new president to do his political bidding threatens to undermine a key U.S. partnership in countering Russia.... read more
25. syyskuuta 2019 17:46:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Ilta Sanoma - Kotimaa Ilta Sanoma - Uutiset The Atlantic

The anger of Hong Kong's youth 

The Atlantic
Students are once again at the heart of the city's protests. They're not going anywhere.... read more
22. syyskuuta 2019 20:30:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic culture - cinema

How Italy's love for Salvini ended 

The Atlantic
Much of the Italian press gushed over the far-right populist Matteo Salvini as he rose. Now that he is in opposition, they feel free to be more critical.... read more
14. syyskuuta 2019 14:00:00 Categories: Manchester Evening News The Atlantic

On 9/11, luck meant everything 

The Atlantic
When the terrorist attacks happened, trivial decisions spared people's lives-or sealed their fate.... read more
11. syyskuuta 2019 10:09:00 Categories: MTV The Atlantic

Inside the power struggle to win the Trump family crown 

The Atlantic
Ivanka was always Trump's favorite. But Don Jr. is emerging as his natural successor.... read more
10. syyskuuta 2019 8:44:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe The Atlantic

Mugabe: From a freedom fighter to an oppressor 

The Atlantic
The Zimbabwean-liberation leader showed how, despite leading a struggle against colonial rule, he was ill-equipped for the challenges of government.... read more
7. syyskuuta 2019 8:30:00 Categories: MTV The Atlantic

Why the Queen doesn't do politics 

The Atlantic
The country's monarch is the head of state, but her role is largely ceremonial, and she tries to stay out of politics.... read more
5. syyskuuta 2019 14:14:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

The small-town disputes that fuel Germany's far right 

The Atlantic
A municipal disagreement illustrates Germany's polarized debate about open societies, tolerance, and integration.... read more
2. syyskuuta 2019 13:34:05 Categories: Birmingham Mail The Atlantic

Europe's complicity in Turkey's Syrian refugee crackdown 

The Atlantic
Ankara is moving against Syrians in the country-and the European Union bears responsibility.... read more
29. elokuuta 2019 20:30:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic info - belgique

The land battle behind the fires in the Amazon 

The Atlantic
The Amazon fires could fuel the decades-long fight that indigenous people have waged for their land.... read more
28. elokuuta 2019 8:30:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

Analysis: US allies seem to be moving on without Trump 

The Atlantic
At the G7 meeting, leaders seemed to have given up on an agreement with him on trade, climate, and even whether Russian President Vladimir Putin is friend or foe.... read more
27. elokuuta 2019 16:00:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

China's spies are on the offensive 

The Atlantic
... read more
26. elokuuta 2019 18:00:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic info - regions - hainaut
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