Länsi-Uudenmaan Säästöpankki vaurastutti asiakkaitaan menestyksekkäästi 

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Länsi-Uudenmaan Säästöpankki jatkoi vuonna 2019 hallittua kasvuaan. Pankki sai lähes 1 300 uutta asiakasta, toteaa va. toimitusjohtaja Anne Toivonen. Kirkkonummella uusia asiakkaita saatiin 267. Pankin hallinnoimat asiakkaiden varat (talletukset, rahastot, vakuutukset ja arvo-osuudet) kasvoivat vuoden aikana 55 miljoonalla eurolla ja olivat vuoden vaihteessa 776 miljoonaa euroa. Pankki myönsi vuoden aikana 167 M€ luottoja ja pankin kokonaisluotonanto oli vuoden vaihteessa 683 M€. Erityisesti kasvoivat yrityksille myönnetyt luotot sekä asunto-osakeyhtiöille myönnetyt luotot. Kirkkonummella luottoja myönnettiin reilut 43 miljoona euroa.... read more
14. helmikuuta 2020 17:58:39 Categories: Huffington Post UK KIRKKONUMMI Kirkkonummen Sanomat

In Yemen, another generation is being lost to conflict 

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Imagine all children in Wales waking up tomorrow to find their schools reduced to a heap of rubble. ... read more
27. maaliskuuta 2018 20:25:43

Why Trump might want to stop bragging about the North Korea talks 

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For at least two decades, leaders in North Korea have been seeking a personal meeting with an American president.... read more
11. maaliskuuta 2018 7:00:00

In Eastern Ghouta, you can murder children and no one will stop you 

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An illegal slaughter is taking place in Eastern Ghouta as result of one of the most brutal bombardments of the Syrian conflict.... read more
24. helmikuuta 2018 15:30:00

Eastern Ghouta - Where death stalks and the world ignores 

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Mustapha was loved for many things - his enthusiasm, his tenacity and his ability to constantly come up with novel ideas to try and improve people's lives. ... read more
23. helmikuuta 2018 19:30:00

The rise of anti Muslim attacks in Asia is a cause for concern 

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There has been a worrying rise of anti-Muslim attacks and discrimination in Asia. ... read more
1. joulukuuta 2017 15:03:04

Che Guevara: 7 things you should know before putting on that T-shirt 

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In the 50 years since he was killed, that image of poster boy for Communist Cuba - Ernesto 'Che' Guevara - has claimed a special place in the homes and on the chests of students and would-be revolutionaries globally. ... read more
8. lokakuuta 2017 16:30:00

Migrants being pushed to Libya is 'fuelling cycle of torture and abuse' 

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AQUARIUS, Mediterranean Sea - An increase in the number of migrants intercepted by Libya's coast guard whilst crossing the Mediterranean means more are now trapped in horrific conditions in the country's notorious detention centres, a leading NGO has said.... read more
9. elokuuta 2017 21:19:55

This is where the UK's border with Ireland could be after Brexit 

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Theresa May is facing a fresh Brexit challenge amid reports that Dublin wants the Irish Sea to be the country's border with the UK.Ireland's new Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is unconvinced by plans to introduce a high-tech land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic after Brexit, according to The Times.... read more
28. heinäkuuta 2017 17:18:25

How women are stamping out poverty in Bangladesh 

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"My daughter is going to finish school," one young woman told me, defiantly. "She's going to get the opportunities I didn't have."... read more
5. kesäkuuta 2017 21:30:18

UK bombing inspires acts of generosity and heroism 

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Heroic Mancunians are being praised for their acts of generosity following the attack at Manchester Arena on Monday night, which left at least 22 people killed and a further 59 injured, including children.... read more
23. toukokuuta 2017 17:36:07
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