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Amid claims of police brutality in Kenya, a watchdog fails to bite 

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<p>She was christened Samantha, but her delighted Kenyan parents quickly nicknamed their tiny daughter "Pendo," which in KiSwahili means "Love."</p>... read more
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No easy fixes to school security after Florida shooting 

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U.S. President Donald Trump suggested on Wednesday during a meeting with surviving students that arming teachers and other staff could help prevent school massacres.... read more
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New home for Rohingya refugees emerges in Bay of Bengal 

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<p>Bangladesh is racing to turn an uninhabited and muddy Bay of Bengal island into home for 100,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled a military crackdown in Myanmar, amid conflicting signals from top Bangladeshi officials about whether the refugees would end up being stranded there.</p>... read more
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Syria's Ghouta residents 'wait to die' as bombs fall 

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Residents of Syria's eastern Ghouta district said they were waiting their "turn to die" on Wednesday, after rockets and barrel bombs fell on the besieged rebel enclave targetted for days by some of the most intense bombardment of the war.... read more
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'Thousand lira' man: Italy's Berlusconi baffles as vote nears 

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<p>At a recent business conference, Silvio Berlusconi puzzled his audience by boasting that, as prime minister, he had made sure Italians got monthly pensions of 1,000 lire - about the cost of an espresso.</p>... read more
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Rising poverty gnaws at Italian social fabric as election nears 

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<p>Roberto Biondi's 89-year-old mother has Alzheimer's, is housebound and no longer recognizes her son. She is also the family's main breadwinner.</p>... read more
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Afghanistan's ArtLords daub walls with messages of hope 

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Activists in Afghanistan are speaking out against corruption and spreading messages of peace and social justice with murals, many painted on concrete blast walls that have risen to ward off militant bombs.... read more
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Poland spares forest to win EU favour, but damage already done 

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<p>When Poland sought to ease tensions with the European Union by declaring a halt to logging in the ancient Bialowieza forest, it did not announce how many trees it had already cut down.</p>... read more
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Russia emerges as central player in Western diplomacy 

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<p>European and U.S. officials divided over U.S. President Donald Trump's foreign policy found common cause this weekend in decrying what they say is Russia's covert campaign to undermine Western democracies.</p>... read more
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'Get back in here!' Sandy Hook lessons spared lives in Florida shooting 

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As soon as she heard "Code Red Lockdown" on her radio in a Florida high school library, Diana Haneski remembered how a fellow librarian saved lives by locking 22 people in a supply closet during the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.... read more
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Paradise lost: Massacre jolts Florida's 'safest city' 

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Michele Roseman was convinced that she had found a safe place to raise her children when she came to Parkland, Florida, in 2000. She was stunned when one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history unfolded in her adopted town.... read more
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South Africa starts long walk back to post-Zuma rehabilitation 

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South Africans awoke to a nation without Jacob Zuma as president for the first time in nine years on Thursday, released from the burden of a compromised leader who darkened the dreams and aspirations of the post-apartheid "Rainbow Nation".... read more
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In long Afghan war, U.S. Army tries new way to deploy trainers 

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<p>As a U.S. Army medic, Sergeant First Class Jonathan Ortega admits that when he gets to Afghanistan, his instinct will be to help care for any wounded Afghan troops. It is a feeling he will have to fight.</p>... read more
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Netanyahu: After indictment recommendation, what happens next? 

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Benjamin Netanyahu is the dominant Israeli politician of his generation. On the domestic and international stage, no rival comes close to the veteran Likud Party leader known widely as "Bibi".... read more
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ANC decides to remove Zuma as South African president 

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<p>South Africa's ruling party decided on Tuesday to sack Jacob Zuma as the country's president, a senior official said, after a marathon meeting over the fate of a leader whose scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela's post-apartheid 'Rainbow Nation'.</p>... read more
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Syrian frontline town divides Nato allies Turkey and US 

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To Ankara's fury, Washington allied itself with a force led by the Kurdish YPG, a militia which Turkey says is commanded by the same leaders overseeing an insurgency in its southeast.... read more
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Why Saudi Arabia is giving up control of Brussels mosque 

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Belgium leased the Grand Mosque to Riyadh in 1969, giving Saudi-backed imams access to a growing Muslim immigrant community in return for cheaper oil for its industry.... read more
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China's millennium-old fireworks hub grapples with bans and shifting traditions 

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<p>From the concrete bunkers carved into the hillside, where workers gingerly handle piles of explosive black powder, to the shopfronts selling colourful boxes of pyrotechnics, time may be catching up with Liuyang's millennium-old fireworks industry.</p>... read more
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Assad quietly aids Syrian Kurds against Turkey 

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Syria's U.S.-backed Kurds are getting indirect help from an unlikely source in their war against Turkey in the northwestern region of Afrin: President Bashar al-Assad.... read more
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Kenya's poverty-stricken Turkana district dreams of oil wealth 

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<p>The Turkanas are one of the smaller of Kenya's 44 tribes, inhabiting the county of Turkana in the remote far north bordering South Sudan, Ethiopia <g class="gr_ gr_3 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" data-gr-id="3" id="3">and</g> Uganda.</p>... read more
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