13 places where kids eat free in Liverpool and beyond 

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Find out which restaurants serve up up free meals for the kids... read more
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Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson reported to have proposed to former Coronation Street actress 

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Paula Williamson, 36, was popped the question by jailbird Bronson, 64, when she visited him at HMP Wakefield... read more
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Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne to give birth in a lift? 

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Leanne's waters break while she's trapped in a lift in dramatic Corrie scenes... read more
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Sons sue millionaire businessman who murdered his wife in divorce battle 

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A millionaire businessman who murdered his wife during their bitter divorce battle is being sued by two of his sons for half his £3 million fortune. Car dealer Ian Workman, 63, was jailed for life in 2011 for stabbing his wife Susan to death with a kitchen knife during a blazing row at their home. He now faces legal action by sons Ben, 27, and Nicholas, 23, who are determined to get the £1.5 million divorce settlement they believe their late mother would have been owed. They say Workman, who is fighting the claim from behind bars, will have "profited" from the murder if he is allowed to keep the money. But the killer, who had an estimated £3.3 million fortune, told the Court of Appeal he stabbed his wife of 35 years in anger rather than for cash. Workman has also given away most of his wealth to his eldest son Grant, 28, who has "stuck by" him despite the murder conviction, the court heard. Suing their father: Nicholas and Ben Workman (Paul Keogh) Mrs Workman was killed by a single stab wound to her heart during the row at home in Edgworth, near Bolton, in April 2011. According to a diary entry she was writing at the time, Workman came to the house to collect clothes before hurling a stream of abuse at her. Stephen Killalea QC, for the two sons, said the murder happened during a row over the financial fallout of their divorce, as Mrs Workman was in line to receive £1.5 million. But the money stayed with her husband following his murder conviction at Preston crown court in December 2011. In 2013, the brothers won a court judgement awarding them £1,503,579 and an injunction to force Workman into disclosing his assets worldwide. But Mr Killalea said the killer made "no attempt at all" to comply with the order and should be barred from defending his sons' claim. He also told the court Workman has "voluntarily dissipated virtually all his assets" to son Grant. Workman claims he is being treated "unfairly and oppressively" by his two younger sons. Katherine McQuail, for Workman, denied a "profit motive" lay behind the murder, and said he was "in temper" over the divorce dispute. The court has reserved its judgement to a later date.... read more
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Cyber security chief: changing passwords frequently makes you more vulnerable to hacks 

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Britain's cyber security boss today warned that forcing people to regularly change their passwords risks making them more vulnerable to online attacks. Ciaran Martin, head of the new National Cyber Security Centre, said millions were being overloaded by having to change and remember new passwords if they followed all the guidance on online security. "We worked out what we were asking every British citizen to do was to memorise a new 600-digit number every month," he told BBC radio. "None of my best people can do that, so we should not be telling other people to." He highlighted "really sensible" guidance on the centre's website which says: "The more often users are forced to change passwords, the greater the overall vulnerability to attack. "What appeared to be a perfectly sensible, long-established piece of advice doesn't, it turns out, stand up." The NCSC, based in Victoria and officially opened by the Queen today, highlighted that when people are forced to change their password they often choose a similar one, a weaker one or one used elsewhere, which can be "exploited" by attackers. The new password is also more likely to be written down, which represents another vulnerability, the experts added. They also stressed: "New passwords are also more likely to be forgotten, and this carries the productivity costs of users being locked out of their accounts, and service desks having to reset passwords." The NCSC now recommends that organisations do not force regular password expiry. Mr Martin emphasised that people need to be helped to make "sensible" decisions" about the degree of protection for online activities, for example a more complex password for banking. Cyber defences needed to be built up, he said, adding that 300 million fake taxman emails had been stopped last year by changing a code used by HM Revenue and Customs. Experts had also drawn up techniques to stop smart meters used in millions of homes being targeted to cripple energy supplies across the country. Mr Martin warned that Russia "has been engaged in a sustained set of interferences in the affairs of Western countries... it's our job to make sure we maximise our defences against that." He said the NCSC could strengthen safeguards against online threats to the City, the Government, key infrastructure such as power stations, and UK businesses. Chancellor Philip Hammond warned that cyber attacks were increasing in frequency, with 188 foiled in the past three months, and he urged business to "sharpen its approach".... read more
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Dagenham attack: Woman fighting for life after being found lying unconscious in road following assault 

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A woman is fighting for life in hospital after she was attacked in east London, police say. Police were called by paramedics to Krithia Road in Dagenham on Monday at 10.30pm after the woman was found lying unconscious. Detectives say the victim was knocked out after sustaining injuries during an assault. The woman, whose age is currently unknown, was rushed to an east London hospital by ambulance where her condition is described as life-threatening. The road and neighbouring streets around the Castle Green area were cordoned off as officers and a forensics team combed the scene for clues. Residents said a subway near Renwick Road had also been taped off by investigators. We're currently dealing with a serious incident in the Castle Green, Dagenham area, near the A13. Please avoid at this time & bear with us. - Barking&Dagenham MPS (@MPSBarkDag) February 14, 2017... read more
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Londoner's Diary: Vivienne Westwood goes nuclear on Theresa May at Elle awards 

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Are the designs of Dame Vivienne Westwood becoming the uniform of the stylish new resistance? Theresa May frequently wears a fetching blue and green tartan suit designed by the anarchic Brit designer but Westwood has grown more disdainful of the PM. She's now enlisted pop queen Debbie Harry to the revolution. Last night the Blondie singer wore a crown and a Vivienne Westwood jacket to the Elle Style Awards at 41 Conduit Street, where she accepted the Icon award. On her lapel was a badge that read: "Politicians R Criminals". "I think we're all experiencing that, aren't we?" she told The Londoner. It was no accident. Dame Viv was there herself, also sporting the badge, which was her own creation. The Londoner first began to suspect that Westwood was stoking the fires of revolution last year, when former One Direction singer Zayn Malik wore a T-shirt bearing the slogan. But it didn't seem personal at the time: Westwood had, after all, been in the PM's corner back in September, when she attended May's first London Fashion Week reception at Downing Street. She showed up in a striking blue ensemble and a T-shirt bearing the slogan "Theresa Talk Vivienne". However, since then she has become more critical. When we ran into her on Friday, at the first birthday of Bhuti, a spa in Richmond, she didn't hold back when we mentioned May. "She's an evil woman," Westwood said. "It's not funny. Can you imagine what that woman's like? When she gave the OK for Trident, they asked would she press the button? She said 'Yes, but in a limited way'. It makes your stomach turn over." ----- The Londoner strolled down to The Corinthia in Whitehall Place last night. Journalist Iain Martin noted in The Times that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, chiefs of staff to the PM, are often found at the bar - they weren't seen this time but the Corinthia does have "brain-boosting" cocktails like the "serotonin sling". Gordon Brown's fixer Charlie Whelan used to hold court in The Red Lion pub. Political boozing has gone from "Things can only get better" to a very happy hour. Life imitates art for the blues brothers American blues band The Black Lillies found out the hard way that their US radio hit Hard to Please contains more than a ring of truth to it. The band, in London to play a gig this Saturday at Nell's Jazz and Blues club in West Kensington, tried to stage a guerrilla showcase at the Groucho last night, under the auspices of rock promoter Stuart Lyon, but shortly after starting an impromptu performance the band were asked to leave the club and the house piano was locked shut. Undeterred, Lyon hustled his band into a cab and dashed across town to The Chelsea Arts Club to perform on the club's new Steinway to a rapturous welcome. ----- A word of warning this Valentine's Day from Tatler, which has compiled The 7 Worst Marriages in History and Literature. Included are the brutal Roman Emperor Caligula, who stole a senator's wife on her wedding day before divorcing her the next day, Mr Rochester's first marriage in Jane Eyre, and Miss Havisham in Great Expectations - who never actually exchanged her vows. With a few of his six ending badly, Henry VIII would be disappointed not to have made the cut. Any more submissions to ward off those feeling hopeful today? The invisible Mr Wigmore Watch out, Boris. The Foreign Secretary pushed Nigel Farage's mate Andy Wigmore out of his job as Belize's trade and investment envoy to Britain earlier this month, for engaging in political activity during Brexit. Wigmore is still angry with Johnson, he texts us. "[I'm] furious with him," he said. "He's a petty whimp [sic] with zero balls." Wigmore boasts of being transferred by Belize to the US instead. "I'm hated by Boris, loved by Trump," he said. "So I've been sent to Washington to annoy the British Ambassador." Wigmore's new brief has a familiar ring: "making Belize great again". He says it will include trade and "helping promote the Commonwealth to the Trump administration". Despite the hard work he says he'll be keeping up his clay-pigeon shooting - he is an Olympic standard shooter ranked 274 out of 274 in the world. When The Londoner called Belize's outpost in Washington yesterday, a woman in the ambassador's office hadn't heard of Wigmore. "That doesn't mean other people haven't," she said. ----- Running Wild, the play of Michael Morpurgo's book featuring animal puppets, returns in March. Does Morpurgo have plans for a film, à la War Horse, The Londoner asked. "There are whispers in the wind," he told us. "Film is a wonderful way to tell a story and I should love to see a great film out there." And who might lead? "She's called Oona. She's an elephant so not suitable for George Clooney." It's called acting, Michael - he's played a fox before. Child's play with a twist A striking cover from Children's Laureate Chris Riddell for Howard Jacobson's Trump satire Pussy, out in April. "The protagonist is an infant but this does not mean it's a story of innocence," says Jacobson. "A child-man in power strikes terror in every heart." ----- Tweet of the day: "Hearing rumours that the only man in history to lose money running a casino is not very good at running anything else either." Silicon Valley venture capitalist Benedict Evans isn't exactly surprised that Donald Trump is having trouble. ----- Cunning linguist of the day: Nick Clegg, who released video messages in French, Dutch, Spanish and German for Right to Stay, the Lib-Dems' campaign for EU citizens' right to stay in the UK post-Brexit. Follow The Londoner on Twitter and Facebook here.... read more
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Do you eat the same lunch every day? 

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You're not alone - 81% of people are 'bored' by their packed lunch.... read more
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Best Valentine's Day meal deals for a romantic night in 

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M&S, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda? Who is serving up the best deals for Valentine's Day? Find out for the perfect night in.... read more
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Speculation heats up over Kris Jenner plastic surgery 

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The 61-year-old momager's appearance prompted fans to speculate she'd had work done for her hosting duties at the awards... read more
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Jennifer shows off toned bikini body 

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Jennifer Aniston is looking great at 48. The Office Christmas Party star celebrated her birthday on Saturday in Los Cabos, Mexico, with some friends and husband Justin Theroux. B... read more
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Nokia 3310 - 'the world's most reliable phone' - is back! 

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Nokia will re-launch the 3310, perhaps the best-loved and most resilient phone in history. ... read more
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Get a first look at Avengers: Infinity War 

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Iron Man, Spider-Man and Star-Lord assemble.... read more
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Ryanair passenger with pipe bomb in luggage allowed to fly days later 

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A PASSENGER who was boarding a Ryanair flight with a pipe bomb in his hand luggage was allowed to continue his journey days later, a court heard on Monday.... read more
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Officials 'ignored warnings in 2005 that Oroville dam could collapse' 

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California officials were warned over Oroville Dam flood risk , it has emerged, sparking anger among the 180,000 citizens evacuated from the area. In 2005, environmentalists warned that there was a considerable risk of the highest dam in the US, the Oroville Dam, failing. A damaged spillway with eroded hillside is seen in an aerial photo taken over the Oroville Dam in Oroville, California According to local media reports, the warnings ...... read more
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New homes to be built on Bootle's old Klondyke estate 

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Belway announces plans for 142 new properties... read more
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Appeal for children whose parents died of cancer in same week tops £200,000 

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Julie and Mike Bennet were pictured together in heartbreaking final photo... read more
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Juan Mata joins Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan on tour of Manchester 

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The Manchester United midfielder headed to some the city's haunts including the Whitworth Art Gallery with lifelong Reds fan Dominic... read more
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How politicians can boost tech sector 

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In the first of a series of articles looking at how politics impacts on Manchester's tech sector, Ben Rooth discovers how entrepreneurs view both devolution and the forthcoming mayoral election... read more
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Ex on The Beach star Ross Worswick spotted with STUNNING new beauty queen girlfriend 

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Reality TV star Ross is starring in the current series of MTV Ex on the Beach, but back on home turf he has a new beauty queen girlfriend... read more
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