Haydock Park launch new racing club 

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Paddy McGuiness, ex-Liverpool striker Michael Owen and Wirral's Sam Quek help launch new and exclusive racing club at Merseyside track... read more
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Colin the Caterpillar has had a ghostly makeover in time for Halloween 

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He's the one face everybody hopes they'll be seeing on their birthday, but Colin the Caterpillar fans who happen to celebrate their birthday in October might be in for a fright when they cut into their cake this year. M&S's famous edible insect has undergone an eerie makeover ahead of Halloween - making him virtually recognisable to those who regularly tuck into a cheery Colin cake on their special day. Say goodbye to the innocent chocolate caterpillar of years past and meet 'Count Colin', the new eerie edition to M&S's cake counter, complete with a Dracula collar and dark red fangs and a pair of terrifyingly hollow eyes. The ghoulish cake, which costs £7, has also been drizzled in red "blood" icing, while Colin's trademark white sneakers have been switched out for some rather frightening black boots. Read more Colin the caterpillar wedding cakes are now available at M&S The colourful caterpillar character is one of M&S's most well-known products and he's graced more than 7 million parties worldwide since his launch. He's even been photographed with a couple of celebs in the past, including the likes of David Beckham and David Cameron. This isn't the first time the high street giant has given him a seasonal makeover. Colin celebrated his 25th birthday back in 2015 with a special party hat, while last year, he was suited and booted to celebrate his wedding to Connie the Caterpillar. If you're hosting a Halloween party this year, you'll certainly want to jazz up your buffet table with one of these creepy Colins. Be sure to also pick up a packet of miniature Count Collins (£2) and Percy Pumpkins (£1.65) for incoming trick or treaters, when the whole Halloween range hits the shelves next month.... read more
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An anxious and demanding Villa Park - what to expect from Aston Villa vs Middlesbrough 

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Alex Dicken takes a closer look at what supporters attending Villa vs Boro can expect...... read more
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Disney World honeymooners caught up in Hurricane Irma 

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Newlyweds Matt and Zoe say they're trapped in their hotel room... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:54 Categories: Liverpool Echo logo

Southport Air Show 2017 - where to watch the displays and avoid the crowds 

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Do you want to see Southport Air Show but don't want the hustle and bustle of crowds? Then why not try these locations instead... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:53 Categories: Liverpool Echo logo

Thug back in jail for carrying this huge blade TWO DAYS after being released 

Liverpool Echo logo
Drunk Daniel Gandy was carrying half a pair of garden shears when police caught up with him... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:51 Categories: Liverpool Echo logo

Police seize £160k Lamborghini Huracan spotted speeding through Bolton 

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The rented supercar was seen speeding down 30mph roads in the Bolton area before it was seized... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:50 Categories: Manchester Evening News logo

9/11 memorial: Poignant rarely-seen photos show immediate aftermath of attacks 

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A rare collection of never before seen photographs taken in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 has been released by the US Government on the anniversary of the tragedy. To mark 16 years since the harrowing Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks which killed nearly 3,000 people, the US Department of Defence published the series of images showing the moments America tried to come to terms with what had happened. Among the scenes captured on camera is the frenzy as then-President George W Bush turns to watch the television coverage and a Pentagon clock frozen in time which stopped working when the plane crashed. "The day was 16 years ago, but it's one that changed life for everyone in America, as well as many across the globe," said Katie Lange, who works for the Department of Defence. (Eric Draper, courtesy of the George W. Bush Presidential Library) "It's what propelled many to join the military, go into civil service or just be inspired to do more for their country." Solemn: The former president with his vice president Dick Cheney. (George W Bush Presidential Library) The rarely-seen images also include a photograph of George W. Bush speaking on the telephone aboard Air Force One while senior staff huddle nearby. Read more 9/11 victim identified 16 years after attack Another captures the moment Mr Bush grasps his father's hand after speaking at a memorial service just three days after the disaster and again listening intently during a conversation with his vice president Dick Cheney. "We've all seen photos of the devastation from that day, but here are a few lesser-seen images," Ms Lange said. "While some aren't as iconic as others you've seen over the years, they're impactful just the same."... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:48 Categories: Evening Standard logo

Why Frankfurt's biggest story just happened in China 

Autocar logo
China's plan to ban production and sales of petrol and diesel cars might not sound relevant, but it's bigger news than any car at Frankfurt... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:46 Categories: Autocar logo

London remains world No 1 for finance 

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London remains the world's most attractive financial centre, though some European rivals are gaining ground in the wake of the Brexit vote, according to a survey.... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:45 Categories: Sky News logo

Paedophile, 102, sentenced for abusing five-year-old in the 1970s 

The Independent logo
A 102-year-old man has been sentenced for sexually abusing a young girl from the age of five in the 1970s.... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:42 Categories: The Independent logo

Lorde Defends Silent VMA Dance Performance: 'It's Sort of Embarrassing to Watch Someone Experience Intense Joy' 

Billboard logo
Speaking on the Sept. 7 episode of "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast this week, Lorde defended her dancing at the MTV VMAs last month, saying, "It's sort of embarrassing to watch someone experience intense joy."... read more
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Military planes evacuate hurricane-hit tourists to Europe 

AFP logo
<p>France and the Netherlands on Monday evacuated tourists from Caribbean holiday islands hit by hurricane Irma in the face of criticism about how long it took for the operation to get underway.</p>... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:52:38 Categories: AFP logo

Climate change did not "cause" Harvey or Irma, but it's a huge part of the story 

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9 things we can say about hurricanes and climate.&nbsp;... read more
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5 US troops wounded in Afghanistan suicide attack on 9/11 anniversary 

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Five U.S. troops were wounded Monday when a suicide bomber drove a car bomb into an armored convoy outside Bagram Air Base in northern Afghanistan, officials told Fox News.... read more
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2018 Subaru WRX STI Test: Scores when challenged 

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Graded on the curves.... read more
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Romney Prepping Senate Run in Utah if Hatch Retires: Report 

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Former presidential nominee Mitt Romney is prepared to run for Senate in Utah if the state's senior GOP senator Orrin G. Hatch decides to retire, Utah Policy reported Monday.... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:35:57 Categories: Roll Call logo

Jacksonville storm surge sets record 

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The storm surge flooding in downtown Jacksonville, Fla. has set a new record, according to the National Weather Service. ... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:35:55 Categories: The Hill logo

Richard Branson blames humans for Hurricane Irma 

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Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson has revealed photos of the devastation wreaked by Hurricane Irma on his private island in the Caribbean.... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:22:19 Categories: CNBC logo

Never mind same-sex marriage, should we keep marriage at all? 

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<p>With same-sex marriage about to be put to a postal survey of the electorate, Q&amp;A raised the much more basic question of whether marriage has any place in society at all, or is a sexist, dangerous institution we should get rid of.</p>... read more
11. syyskuuta 2017 20:22:17 Categories: ABC News logo
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