GCSE grade boundaries 2018: What is the new grading system and is it harder to do well this year? 

Evening Standard
Students across the UK are nervously awaiting their GCSE results which will be released on Thursday. This year's pupils are the first cohort to be graded by a numerical system which replaces the traditional A*-C grades. But what do these new grade boundaries mean for students this year and will they make GCSEs harder? Here's everything you need to know: What's new about the GCSE examination system? The new grading system introduced by Michael Gove sees the replacement of the A*-G grades with 1-9 grades. Subjects like chemistry and biology will also be stripped of assessments and students' mark will depend entirely on the final exams. The overhaul of traditional GCSEs in favour of "more demanding, more fulfilling and more stretching" exams was an effort to help the UK better compete academically on an international level. It's also hoped that tougher exams will mean GCSE grades are taken more seriously by employers. What are the GCSE grade boundaries this year? There are five different exam boards used within every school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The list includes; Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA), Council for Curriculum and Examinations Assessment (CCEA), Pearson Edexcel, Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Exams (OCR) and Welsh Joint Examinations Committee (WJEC). Each exam board has its own set of grade boundaries which change annually. You can check these on their websites: AQA CCEA Edexcel OCR WJEC As of last year, GCSE grades now follow a numerical format as opposed to letters. 9, 8 or 7 is equivalent to an A* or A grade 6, 5 or 4 is equivalent to a B or C grade 3, 2 or 1 is equivalent to a D, E or F grade A U mark is judged as ungraded Were GCSEs harder this year? This year, pupils have faced tougher content, no modules and exams after two years of studying. However, exams regulator Ofqual has said that pupils will not suffer because of the changed grade boundaries. Cath Jadhav from Ofqual wrote: "Grade 9 is not the same as the old A* grade. It's a new grade designed to recognise the very best performance. So in every subject, there will be fewer grade 9s awarded than A*s in the old GCSEs."... read more
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Deliciously Ella is taking to the audiowaves with her first podcast 

Evening Standard
You already follow her on Instagram and buy her energy balls. Now you can appreciate Deliciously Ella's interesting food nuggets in a new form: on her podcast. Launching today with Acast and produced by Mags Creative, Deliciously Ella: The Podcast will see food writer and entrepreneur Ella Mills talking about business, health and nutrition with her co-host, her husband and business partner, Matthew Mills. The weekly series will welcome different guests from the business and wellbeing worlds to discuss their own stories and advice. Guests lined up for Deliciously Ella: The Podcast include Jamie Oliver, nutritionist Amelia Freer of Eat, Nourish, Glow fame, and Holly Tucker, founder of notonthehighstreet.com. Speaking about the launch, Mills said: "I'm fascinated by people's stories of building success in the worlds of both business and wellbeing. Podcasts offer the perfect medium to explore these in more detail, and I can't wait for people to hear what we've created." Read more Deliciously Ella's empire blooms in the City Ella Mills began her journey as a food entrepreneur after being diagnosed with postural tachycardia syndrome, which affects heart rate and digestion. She found that her condition became more manageable when she changed her diet, leading her to start her Deliciously Ella blog in 2011. She has since launched her own range of food products, as well as cookbooks, so it makes sense that her next step would be audio. If you want to reach a new audience, podcasts are the way to do it. According to Acast's research, around 23 per cent of the UK population has listened to a podcast in the last month, with around 28 per cent of millennials regularly tuning in. Ella Mills is launching the podcast with her co-host, husband and business partner, Matthew Mills (Deliciously Ella/Acast) Acast itself recently reached 100 million monthly listens and now has an international podcast partnership with the BBC. No matter what you're interested in, there will be a podcast for you, whether it's comedy, love stories, fiction or pop culture you're interested in. Read more Top of the pods: the best podcasts of 2018 With Deliciously Ella: The Podcast, Mills is hoping to break into a growing part of the podcast scene: food and nutrition. Susie Warhurst, Acast's global head of content said: "We are continually looking to bring fresh voices to our platform, to offer an even broader range of content to podcast listeners. "Ella and Matthew's wealth of experience through their careers to date makes for great material and this, combined with a new perspective on storytelling around business and health, will make for compelling listening." Deliciously Ella: The Podcast is available to listen to now on Acast and other podcasting apps.... read more
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Gun violence on Coronation Street as Peter Barlow is SHOT in shock scenes 

Manchester Evening News
Shooting terror on next week's Corrie... read more
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Teenager suffers heart attack during baby shower at busy pub 

Birmingham Mail
Her mum revealed she collapsed just moments after finding out her sister is having a baby boy... read more
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Sarah Jessica Parker on her new Gap kids collection and raising twins in New York 

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Carrie in hand-me-downs? Not on your Manolo Mary Janes. Big didn't shell out for that penthouse wardrobe so that his low-key bae - no need for a ring, "just get me a really big closet" - could run around in cast-offs. (#noughtiesfeminism). But Sarah Jessica Parker has always maintained that she's nothing like her most iconic on-screen alter ego. One of eight children, the star of Divorce rarely wore anything that hadn't been pre-loved by a sibling. "We still rotate bins of clothes for our kids," she admits (Parker has a 15-year-old son, James, and nine-year-old twin daughters, Marion and Tabitha, with the actor Matthew Broderick). "Our mom was so industrious. I wore all my sister's dresses." It's fitting, then, that her second collection for GapKids - a collaboration with one of her sisters - should be inspired by treasured pieces from their childhood. "There's something sentimental about sharing clothes with family. It's a huge part of many people's lives." Sarah Jessica Parker's second collection for Gap Kids (Gap) A cynical soul might point out the irony of buying hand-me-downs but the durable, timeless designs are intended as an antidote to today's throwaway culture, insists Parker. "We easily pass on about 60 per cent of what our kids wear and I try to buy my son vintage clothing. I think it's incumbent on companies and corporations to consider sustainability." Practical yet playful, the autumn range has a distinct nostalgia vibe - all whimsical prints, floral embellishments, polka dots and stripes. Key pieces include a denim jacket with quilted nylon floral sleeves, a pink floral shirt dress, a green and navy striped rugby top and a pullover hoodie with a headphone graphic. Sarah Jessica Parker's GapKids collection lands in stores next Monday, prices start at £13.45 (Gap) Unlike retailers such as John Lewis, which last year became the first major department store to introduce gender-neutral children's clothing, the latest Gap-SJP offering has yet to ditch the "boys" and "girls" labels but the non-binary discussion kept cropping up in design meetings, says Parker. "It was a serious factor. My son is seven years older than my daughters and they were offered his old pants and sweaters. I looked at it as they had an option to leave the house with clothing on and left it up to them. The girls wear a bunch of T-shirts from the boys' range." Surprisingly, not all of the Parker-Broderick brood are sartorial experimentalists. James is "developing a relationship with fashion" while only one of the twins has "specific ideas about how they look". Are there ever any arguments over what they leave the house in? "Typically, it'll be about something that's inappropriate for the occasion. Like we're going to the ballet - you should wear a dress that doesn't have paint all over it. But some battles aren't worth having. I'll battle with them over who they are, not what they wear. It's not like they're walking out the door in a tube top and hot pants." The actress with her twin daughters Marion and Tabitha (Getty Images) I ask Parker how she feels about raising children in the social media age - does she have to bribe them to stop Snapchatting at the dinner table? "My daughters don't have phones but my son has had one for the past two years as he has to travel for school. We've talked about it a lot and try to create boundaries. For the most part, the ground rules remain. There's a huge responsibility that comes with sharing messages and I hope we've been good shepherds to him." Growing up with famous parents has its own set of challenges (especially when a considerable proportion of the world's population has seen your mum ask her friend to remove her diaphragm) but what about the pressures of family life? Does Parker think parenting is tougher than it used to be? "I'm sure my mom and dad thought it was complicated back then. Every parent is confronted with new challenges, whether that's social media or a political climate that's different to what we're used to. We can reflect on our own childhoods and think times were simpler and more innocent. "Like all parents, I try to do my best, ask the right questions and hopefully raise kids who'll become healthy, decent, kind and curious grown-ups. I'm sure I make mistakes all day long, though." Luckily this collection isn't one of them.... read more
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Sukkar, two ministers offer resignation after PM vote 

Three ministers have offered their resignations to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after they voted for his challenger in a leadership spill.... read more
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Coconut oil is 'pure poison,' says Harvard professor 

Most people think coconut oil is a healthy food, but experts beg to differ.... read more
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Coconut oil is 'pure poison,' says Harvard professor 

Most people think coconut oil is a healthy food, but experts beg to differ.... read more
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Flint water crisis: Mich. top official to stand trial for 2 deaths 

Nick Lyon, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services director, will face a full trial.... read more
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Your results are in, so what's next? 

Liverpool Echo
Now you know your GCSE results, what's next for you?... read more
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Captain reveals what really happened when overboard woman spent 10 hours in the sea 

Birmingham Mail
Brit Kay Longstaff fell into the Adriatic Sea while on a cruise on the Norwegian Star... read more
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Desperate Venezuelans escape to Brazil as economic crisis worsens 

Evening Standard
Venezuelans hit by the country's economic collapse are escaping into Brazil in growing numbers despite attacks on migrants. A Brazilian army spokesman said about 900 Venezuelans were expected in the border state of Roraima yesterday, a steep rise in the daily average. Venezuela is suffering one of the worst economic crises in Latin American history with hyperinflation tipped to reach one million per cent this year. In response, the left-wing government led by President Nicolas Maduro has launched new bank notes with five zeros taken off, which became legal tender yesterday. Read more Venezuela's president targeted in drone bomb assassination plot The new sovereign bolivar is anchored to Venezuela's widely discredited cryptocurrency, the petro. Turmoil has driven tens of thousands of Venezuelans across the border, putting strain on small towns in the area. Residents in the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima attacked Venezuelan immigrants after a store owner was stabbed in a robbery blamed on four immigrants. But Brazil's institutional security minister General Sergio Etchegoyen today said it would not close the border to desperate Venezuelans.... read more
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Shocking virtual reality film aims to cut bike deaths by showing risks of riding close to lorries 

Evening Standard
A virtual reality film warning cyclists of the dangers of riding close to lorries is being launched in a bid to cut the number of road deaths in London. Scotland Yard has developed the 360-degree film to highlight the risks for people cycling in the blind spots of lorries. It is part of a safety programme - Exchanging Places - where cyclists can find out what it is like to sit in the cabs of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs?) and see from the driver's perspective. Design students from the Royal College of Art have used a 360-degree camera to film the inside of an HGV cab with a cyclist passing by, to show the driver's restricted view. Police hope to show the film on virtual reality headsets in schools, cycle clubs, youth centres and offices, to point out the dangers. In the past three years lorries have been involved in 20 per cent of pedestrian deaths in London and more than 70 per cent of cyclist fatalities, despite accounting for only four per cent of the road miles driven in London. Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, who is in charge of roads policing, said: "This film shows how these collisions can happen and, more importantly, how they can be avoided." A Met spokesman said the scheme was being run with Transport for London, which is also introducing a "Direct Vision Standard" for HGVs. The initiative, the first of its kind in the world, will grade lorries depending on the level of a driver's direct vision from a cab. TfL plans to launch the scheme in 2020. Vehicles will be given ratings ranging from zero up to five stars for those with the best safety systems. Joshua Harris, director of campaigns at the road safety charity Brake, said: "HGVs are involved in half of all cycling deaths in London and so it is vitally important that steps are taken to improve their safety."... read more
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Microsoft 'thwarts Russian political hackers' 

The New York Times
Microsoft was surprised not that recent "spear phishing" attempts had occurred, but that they targeted traditional conservative think tanks. Those groups have been critical of Russia.... read more
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Is this Britain's most unhealthy takeaway? 

The Independent
A Scottish chip shop is offering Britain's unhealthiest takeaway - a box consisting of fried foods worth nearly 7,000 calories. ... read more
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Boy, 5, dies after mum locks him in car for two hours 

Daily Mail
When Olesya Yeletskova, 35, returned to her car in Stupino, near Moscow, she found her son Oleg Gusev dead.... read more
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Jennifer Lopez sad to say goodbye to television crime drama Shades of Blue 

Cover Media
Jennifer Lopez found it hard to say goodbye to her TV show Shades of Blue during its series finale on Sunday night (19Aug18). The crime drama came to an end after three seasons on Sunday night, and Jennifer, who starred as police detective Harlee Santos and served as a producer, admitted it was hard to say goodbye to the show. ... read more
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Turnbull's 'death warrant has been signed' 

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott's former chief of staff, has delivered a scathing assessment of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's performance after he narrowly won a leadership spill against Peter Dutton.... read more
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Drake surprises 11yo girl awaiting heart transplant 

Daily Mail
Drake visited Sofia Sanchez at Lurie's Children Hospital of Chicago on Monday. He posted a sweet picture of the visit, saying they talked 'Bieber and Basketball'.... read more
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Smith named to play as Storm call in reserves 

Sydney Morning Herald
Melbourne Storm have called up their next-tier players after injuries stripped them of several stars.... read more
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