Julia Roberts and James Corden recreate her career in 9 minutes 

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They acted out scenes from 'Erin Brockovich,' 'Notting Hill,' 'Pretty Woman,' and more!... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:15 Categories: ETOnline

Vegas victims return to the scene of terror 

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... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:13 Categories: The Washington Post

Former Ipswich council CEO charged by CCC 

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A former Ipswich City Council chief executive will face court later this month over allegations of corruption.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:11 Categories: AAP

Wanted: Outdoor dunnies and thunderboxes for museum 

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Any outdoor dunnies still standing in Brisbane backyards are being sought for an unusual museum being created by Queensland Urban Utilities.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:09 Categories: ABC News

Woman branded 'disgrace' for behaviour on First Dates - eating her date's food, downing tequila and leaving without paying 

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Jade, 23, didn't exactly endear herself to those watching on... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:05 Categories: Birmingham Mail

Second carjacking victim threatened with knife after posting Auto Trader advert - police probe links 

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Matthew Hamula robbed by bogus buyer after placing an advert for his Audi A4 worth £35,000... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:04 Categories: Birmingham Mail

2017 Grand National hero One For Arthur ruled out for season 

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Tendon problem means Lucinda Russell star won't defend his Grand National at Aintree in 2018... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:02 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Funding for top students in London boosts cancer battle 

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Some of London's most promising students have been given funding for groundbreaking research into projects including how to kill cancer cells using a patient's own immune system. Five PhD students from University College London, Imperial and King's College will each get up to £80,000 to continue their cutting-edge work. The money is from The 1851 Commission, set up in the 19th century by Prince Albert with the proceeds of the Great Exhibition. \ It has previously funded scientists including Peter Higgs, the physicist who gave his name to the Higgs boson, or "God Particle". Today it announced the recipients of its industrial fellowships, which are given to the UK's most promising science and engineering PhD students. Elsa Noaks from University College London was awarded £61,500 to help her develop a way to purify T-cells (white blood cells) taken from the cancer patients, which will then be genetically modified to more effectively target and potentially kill cancer cells. PDH student Laurence Devesse of King's College was awarded funds for her research into DNA She currently works at Autolus Limited while carrying out her PhD at UCL. Her project could make cellular immunotherapy - which has the potential to cure some of the most devastating and untreatable types of cancer - more effective. Describing T-cell treatment, she said: "This type of transformative therapy has achieved unparalleled success in the treatment and, in some patients, cure of refractory cancer. "However, there is still a challenge associated with making consistent products, as starting material can be highly variable between patients." Her project aims to make the process more effective and affordable. Laurence Devesse of King's College London was awarded funds for her research into using DNA to recreate what a person's face might have looked like. Read more Human embryos edited to halt disease for the first time Her DNA analysis technique could help experts in criminal forensics make a digital e-fit and recreate a person's physical features from trace samples, including hair colour and eye colour. Her research aims to gather more information from less genetic material. She works at sequencing company Verogen while completing her PhD. Each three-year fellowship is worth up to £80,000. Recipients must work to develop a patented and profitable technology alongside their studies. In total, 14 students received the awards this year, including the five from London universities. Bernard Taylor, chairman of the 1851 Commission, said: "Ensuring Britain's young scientists and engineers are supported is crucial to ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of innovation in the years to come."... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:47:01 Categories: Evening Standard

New IVF treatment will halve cost, says expert bringing it to London 

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A new form of IVF treatment is launching in London which will make the capital the cheapest place in the UK for users, it was claimed today. It is the first time the "ground-breaking" technology is available on a commercial basis in the UK and is set to cut IVF costs by at least 50 per cent, its developers say. Pioneered by fertility doctor Professor Geeta Nargund, the treatment will be available at a new clinic in Harley Street, with users saving up to £2,250 per cycle. Professor Nargund said she wanted to improve access to IVF treatment as increasing cuts to NHS funding were leaving many families unable to afford treatment. The amount of free IVF on the NHS for childless people varies across the country, with some areas offering up to three rounds of treatment, and others zero. Research has shown that private IVF can cost £7,175 for a full treatment cycle. The new clinic, called ABC IVF, uses a technology called the Simplified Culture System (SCS), pioneered by US scientist Professor Jonathan Van Blerkom at the University of Colorado, in collaboration with The Walking Egg Foundation, where Professor Nargund is a board director. With standard IVF, the incubator system relies on an expensively equipped laboratory. According to the clinic, the new generation "micro-lab" in the SCS system is smaller than a shoe box. Combined with a reduced amount of drugs, more "woman-friendly" medication, and a "far simplified" patient pathway, it has resulted in 90 healthy babies born globally and at least 47 ongoing pregnancies. Professor Nargund said: "This is a transformative moment for IVF treatment and we are delighted to bring this technology to UK patients. We have pioneered this in an attempt to help those who are priced out of the private IVF market. We believe that this treatment has the potential to end the IVF postcode lottery and significantly increase accessibility, innovation and price transparency." About one in four couples have unexplained fertility problems, leading many to turn to IVF. The chances of success vary hugely according to the age of the woman and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority says there is a 32 per cent chance of a live birth from one cycle for women under 40. This falls to 12 per cent for those aged 40-42 and four per cent for those over 42. Some fertility doctors remain sceptical about the IVF industry, saying the best way to get pregnant is to have regular unprotected sex. Professor Van Blerkom, the inventor of SCS, added: "It is my hope that its successful utilisation will provide infertile couples, who either have no access to treatment or cannot afford it, a new opportunity to fulfil their dream for a much-wanted family."... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:59 Categories: Evening Standard

Spanish government insists it will not be 'blackmailed' over Catalonia independence bid 

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The Spanish government has insisted it will not be "blackmailed" by Catalonia's leaders as tensions continue to rise over the region's push for independence. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont was also told he must "return to the path of law" before any negotions could take place. The strongly-worded statement followed a blistering attack by Mr Puigdemont on King Felipe last night, accusing him on TV of "deliberately ignoring millions of Catalans" and siding with Madrid. Spain has been plunged into its biggest constitutional crisis in months following an independence refendum poll on Sunday that was marred by violence as police tried to enforce a Spanish court ban on the vote. Catalan officials say 90 per cent of those who voted backed independence, although offical results have yet to be announced. Protests: Thousands of people demonstrate at University square, in downtown Barcelona, on October 3 (EPA) Mr Puigdemont told the BBC he would declare independence "at the end of this week or the beginning of next". The Catalan government has said there will be an extraordinary meeting of parliament on Monday to discuss the next move. King Felipe VI made a TV address on Tuesday night, calling Sunday's vote illegal and undemocratic. That prompted the rare public attack on the monarch from Mr Puigdemont who accused the king of adopting the Spanish government's position. Without specifically mentioning plans for an independence declaration, he added: "I am sure that in the next few days we will show the best of our country when the institutions of Catalonia will have to apply the results of the referendum. "Today we are closer than yesterday to our historic wish." Switching to Spanish from Catalan, he thanked Spanish citizens who had sent their "solidarity" to Catalonia. Video not available for syndication Catalonia referendum: Hundreds injured as police fire rubber bullets at protesters Mr Puigdament added: "The moment calls for mediation." But the Spanish government showed little sign of wanting to seek compromise. "The government will not negotiate over anything illegal and will not accept blackmail," Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said in a statement. Nearly 900 people were hurt on Sunday as police violently tried to enforce a Spanish court order suspending the vote, which the government had declared illegal. Some police officers were seen firing rubber bullets, storming into polling stations and pulling women by their hair. Some 33 police officers were also injured. Opinion polls conducted before the vote suggested a minority of around 40 percent of residents in Catalonia backed independence. But a majority wanted a referendum to be held, and the violent police crackdown angered Catalans across the divide, appearing to boost support for independence.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:57 Categories: Evening Standard

Prince Charles: decisive action must be taken to save marine life 

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Prince Charles today said "decisive" action much be taken now to save the world's marine life and our oceans. "We may be able to turn the tide," he said but we must act now act now to stop the "elephant in the room" - climate change. "How will future generations ever forgive us," the prince told the "Our Oceans" conference held in Malta. Highlighting the huge problem of dumped plastic at sea, Charles said plastics must be "recovered, recycled and re-used instead of created, used and thrown away." And he said the Paris Climate Change Agreement created an integrated approach to tackling the problem. "I wonder if the oceans fragility is yet totally truly grasped," he said pointing out 8 million tonnes of plastic enter the sea every year is almost. "Plastic is indeed on the menu," saying whatever wild fish eat contains particles of plastic. He said it is "utterly crucial" that the world adopts a 'circular economy' of re-using such products as plastics But the prince added, "The sense of urgency is still lacking." He added unless we appreciate that recent serious hurricanes in the world were 'wake up call' - "we can no-longer consider ourselves part of a rational civilisation." Charles also insisted countries must take a "global look" at over fishing, over capacity and illegal fishing.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:55 Categories: Evening Standard

Combat knife and machete found in car after women flee crash 

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Police recovered a cache of knives after a group of women fled the scene of a car crash in west London. A combat knife and a machete were discovered in the car which hit a bollard in St Stephen's Gardens, Bayswater. Another knife was found in the street. A group of three women ran from the car as police on patrol came across the crash at 11.35pm on Tuesday. Two men fled another vehicle. A balaclava and gloves were also recovered during the search of the women's car. Police seized both vehicles and Westminster CID are investigating. There have not been any arrests.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:53 Categories: Evening Standard

Think Hamilton has the title sewn up? Beware of the charging Red Bull 

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What do you do with your drivers when you have just finished a grand prix one weekend and are heading to the next only days later?... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:51 Categories: The Independent

Seven way-too-early sweeping generalisations about the Premier League season 

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We are all currently enjoying/enduring (delete as applicable) the second international break of this fledgling Premier League season with stars from home and abroad taking some time out from all matters domestic for a spell on their travels with their respective national teams.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:48 Categories: The Independent

Arsenal CEO handed huge bonus despite club's top four failure 

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Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis received a bonus of nearly £1million this year despite the club's failure to qualify for the Champions League. ... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:46 Categories: Evening Standard

Declassified documents say US knew Sputnik was soon to orbit 

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News bulletin in 1957: Sputnik stuns the world. CIA in 2017: Not really.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:42 Categories: Associated Press

Trump suggests Senate Intelligence Committee investigate media companies 

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The president's suggestion comes one day after the committee concluded that Russia did try to interfere in the 2016 election.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:40 Categories: The Washington Post

TS Nate expected to drench Nicaragua, threaten Gulf Coast 

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Tropical Storm Nate formed off the coast of Nicaragua on Thursday.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:39 Categories: Associated Press

18 Crazy Facts About the Royals' Eating Habits 

Marie Claire logo
The royal chef tells MarieClaire.com all his secrets.... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:37 Categories: Marie Claire

The many places Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos calls home 

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The Amazon chief owns multiple properties, including a more than 300,000-acre Texas ranch. In choosing a site for the company's second headquarters, known as HQ2, will he seek a spot close to home?... read more
26. maaliskuuta 2018 16:46:35 Categories: The Wall Street Journal
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