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Why Illinois is now a battleground for facial recognition protection 

Consumer Reports
One of the country's foremost privacy laws will be put to the test by a new lawsuit involving a facial recognition company that claims to have collected billions of consumer photos without permis...... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:41:00 Categories: Consumer Reports Logotyp för TT Nyhetsbyrån

Live updates: Violent clashes between police and public escalate 

The Washington Post
Violent confrontations between police and the public were reported in cities including St. Louis, Las Vegas, New York, Buffalo and Seattle.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:36:00 Categories: Liberation The Washington Post

Ashland Teen Accused Of Encouraging Rioting In New Hampshire 

Daniel Zeron was arrested Tuesday accused of encouraging others to "take examples from riots in other cities" and bring them to Manchester.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:35:00 Categories: France 24 Patch

How to easily separate your eggs 

The Daily Meal
... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:33:43 Categories: The Daily Meal The Wall Street Journal.

Biden, in speech, to denounce Trump's actions against protesters 

The Washington Post
The former vice president was to speak the morning after Trump had peaceful protesters cleared from a street with force so he could pose in front of a Washington church.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:32:26 Categories: Manchester Evening News The Washington Post

Opinion: What we pray for after Trump's debacle at St. John's church 

The Washington Post
Trump debased the presidency, religion and democracy.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:30:53 Categories: The Washington Post

The GOP doesn't want more stimulus checks. How that could change 

Will Republicans get behind the idea of a second round of stimulus checks? They might, due to pressure from the president and the fact that more Americans are careening toward financial disaster.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:30:00 Categories: CNBC Logotyp för TT Nyhetsbyrån

China 'kept virus details' from world 

Sky News
... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:29:00 Categories: Sky News Sky News

Bridgeport man arrested in stabbing with beer bottle 

Connecticut Post
BRIDGEPORT - A 37-year-old Bridgeport man has been arrested in an assault of of another person with a beer bottle after the two had been drinking, police said. Jony Antonio Valle-Lanuza was charged with first-degree assault with a deadly weapon and reckless endangerment. Shortly after 4 p.m. Monday, police responded to a report of a person stabbed in the area of George Street and Madison Avenue. When officers arrived they found the victim that...... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:25:00 Categories: Connecticut Post Franceinfo

Atlanta residents struggle to heal amid pain and power of protests 

NBC News
"The pepper spray is terrible; it hurts. But I was glad I was there. I wouldn't take any part of it back."... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:22:00 Categories: NBC News Press Association

Jimmy Fallon addresses blackface controversy with emotional apology 

During Monday's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon opened up about why he could not ignore his blackface controversy, saying "silence is the biggest crime."... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:21:51 Categories: AFP E!

Pregnant Jade Roper details 1st trimester symptoms: 'So rough' 

US Weekly
Pregnant Jade Roper Details 1st Trimester Symptoms: 'So Rough'... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:20:51 Categories: Gentside US Weekly

Graham calls out Holmes over Sharks exit 

Wide World of Sports
... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:20:00 Categories: The Hollywood Reporter Wide World of Sports

Kim Kardashian offers to pay medical bills for protester 

The mother of four asked her social media followers to help her find the victim.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:13:56 Categories: ETOnline Logotyp för TT Nyhetsbyrån

Wuhan doctor dies of COVID-19 

... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:11:00 Categories: AFP Houston Chronicle

6 elephants killed by poachers in single day in Ethiopia 

Associated Press
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - At least six elephants were killed in a single day by poachers in Ethiopia last week, wildlife officials said, the largest such slaughter in memory in the East African nation. "The elephants were killed while they ventured out of the Mago National Park to drink water," Ganabul Bulmi, the park's chief warden, told The Associated Press.... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:10:00 Categories: Associated Press Evening Standard

Share your favourite holiday memory of Italy 

The Guardian
... read more
2. kesäkuuta 2020 18:08:33 Categories: Reuters The Guardian
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