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Ticketmaster releases HUGE Black Friday deals- with 40% off Harry Potter 

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You can make savings on some of your favourite shows... read more
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Couple who lost their boy to cancer welcome baby girl - and say his memory will live on in her name 

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Braiden Prescott's mum says he'll be looking down on his new baby sister... read more
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Compulsory helmets for cyclists are never going to happen, expert says 

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A leading cycling expert has said compulsory helmets for all riders are "never going to happen." Carlton Reid, executive editor of BikeBiz, said he believed enshrining the mass production of helmets into law would lead to the products becoming "shoddy and dangerous". His comments come after The Times reported that Jesse Norman, Minister for Roads, Local Transport and Devolution, is considering plans for helmets and high-visibility jackets to be made mandatory for cyclists. Mr Norman has since said he does not take a position on compulsory helmets for cyclists but that the matter would likely be raised during a review of cycling safety. Mr Reid told the Standard: "This is such a contentious issue and it has been going on for a long time now. Read more West London cycle 'speedway' will cripple trade, say firms "I've had ministers tell me the only way they would ever make cycling helmets compulsory is if usage rates exceeded 70 per cent - at this point we're nowhere near 50. Helmets are currently designed for people who specifically want to buy helmets - enshrining their mass production in law would only make the product more shoddy and more dangerous. "I have no doubt mandatory helmet usage would prove a disservice to the nation's cyclists." The review comes after new figures showed more than 100 cyclists were killed on British roads last year - with another 3,000 being seriously injured. Critics say that helmets give cyclists and motorists a false sense of security and acts as a distraction from other causes of accidents such as dangerous drivers. Although helmet use is high in Britain's largest and most metropolitan cities, Mr Reid says those figure plummets in the rest of the country. Sam Jones, of Cycling UK, told The Times: "Making helmet-wearing compulsory could undermine levels of cycle use ... the effectiveness of helmets is not the black-and-white issue many think it is." But Wiltshire councillor and cyclist Jerry Wickham said: "Compulsory helmets plan for all cyclists - I was knocked off my bike a few years ago and without the helmet I was wearing I would have sustained a dreadful injury. This seems common sense to me." In a statement posted on his Twitter account on Friday morning, Mr Norman said: "To be clear: there is no "plan" re: compulsory helmets or hi-vis for cyclists as suggested in @thetimes. As @BikeBizOnline reported, I don't take a position on this. It's sure to be raised in the consultation, and we will consider it based on the evidence."... read more
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Revealed: how robots have saved lives of 500 men in London battling deadly prostate cancer 

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London surgeons today hailed the pioneering use of robots in saving a record number of men from one of the UK's deadliest cancers. More than 500 men with advanced prostate cancer have had the diseased tissue removed this year by the £1million machines at University College London Hospitals. Surgeons say robot-assisted surgery - which is quicker, safer and carries fewer side effects - has been a "game changer". Professor John Kelly, clinical lead for urology at UCLH at Westmoreland Street hospital, said: "Although [conventional] surgery removes the cancerous tumour, patients are left with life-changing after-effects like incontinence and impotence, which can be devastating. Success: Consultant Greg Shaw with patient David Ferris (Jeremy Selwyn) "Robotic surgery has changed that - it gives us the precision to remove the cancerous tumour, preserving the tissues and functions around it. It gives men their lives back after prostate cancer." Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the second biggest killer in men after lung cancer, causing 11,300 UK deaths a year. The number of operations carried out by UCLH is expected to exceed 600 by the end of the year, the most ever performed by a NHS hospital in a year. It is double the number carried out across north and east London, west Essex and Hertfordshire before UCLH became the specialist uro-oncology centre for the region in 2015. Surgeons say the centralisation of services has enabled to be offered to more men at risk of dying from the disease. Londoner with 'aggressive' cancer in successful op The Evening Standard was invited to watch as a Londoner with "aggressive" prostate cancer underwent robotic surgery. David Ferris, 66, an activist and political researcher, said he was "absolutely comfortable" to undergo the procedure, carried out by UCLH consultant urological surgeon Greg Shaw and his surgical team. Mr Ferris, who lives in Soho, is one of the new generation of prostate cancer patients who was offered an MRI scan ahead of a biopsy. This enables the painful biopsy procedure - which involves repeatedly inserting a needle into the prostate to gather evidence of the tumour - to be targeted at suspicious areas rather than "shooting in the dark" across the entire gland. "I was told the two options were either to have the prostate removed or that I could have radiation and hormone treatment," Mr Ferris said. "The recommendation was that I should go for the former and, having considered it, it seemed to me that made absolute sense. "About two years ago, my PSA was getting higher and various tests were done. We found out, as is commonly the case, I had prostate cancer but it was a very slow-growing thing and the sensible thing was not to do anything about it. "You are then monitored periodically. About six months ago, it was discovered that my prostate cancer was growing rather aggressively." Cancer was found to be "bulging out" on left side of his prostate, towards the nerves - which were likely to have to be severed in the process. "The first priority is always to remove the cancer, said consultant surgeon Prasanna Sooriakumaran. "The second is to preserve continence and potency. The robot allows most surgeons to get great results more easily." Mr Shaw said the operation was a success and Mr Ferris was heading home today. The two Da Vinci robots are in use six days a week. Greg Shaw, a consultant urological surgeon who performs three robotic operations a day, said: "When it comes to specialist treatment, it makes sense for the resource to be concentrated. "I think it can only have positive outcomes for the patients and the level of care that they get." Greg Shaw operates the robot used to treat prostate cancer patients (Jeremy Selwyn) The hospital, formerly the Heart Hospital, performs prostate surgery previously carried out at hospitals such as Whipps Cross, Homerton, North Middlesex, Queen's in Romford and Princess Alexandra in Harlow. The reconfiguration is part of a NHS cancer "vanguard" to promote best practice. Consultant surgeon Prasanna Sooriakumaran said: "No centre in the UK has done 500 robotic prostatectomies in one year before. Patients come from deep dark Essex all the way into UCLH, and from as far north as Stevenage. "We have a catchment of about 14 smaller local hospitals that have stopped doing prostatectomy and they send their cases to us. "Rather than having 50 surgeons doing 500 cases, you have five surgeons doing 500 cases. Both Greg and I do about 150 to 200 a year. As a group we do 550. The average surgeon in the UK does 39." The increase in workload had been driven by the ageing population - men are now dying from prostate cancer because of a reduction in smoking and heart disease - and the capacity to do more, and more complex, surgery. Patients are able to go home the following day, compared with five days in hospital for conventional "open" surgery. The aim is to treat all patients within 18 weeks of a referral from their GP. The latest version of the robot, the Da Vinci Xi, has been in use in several London hospitals, including the Royal Marsden and Guy's, since 2015. The surgeon "drives" the robot with his hands and feet, manipulating its tiny scissors and pliers inside the patient. An internal 3D camera displays instantaneous images to the surgeon's high-definition console. The robot's six arms are inserted through small cuts in the patient's abdomen. Mr Shaw said: "We are at the start of this technology. It's only going to get better."... read more
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Missing Argentine submarine latest news: First pictures emerge of crew members feared dead in 'explosion' 

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The first pictures have emerged of crew members feared dead after an explosion was detected near to where the Argentine submarine disappeared. The ARA San Juan and its crew of 44 have been missing since last Wednesday after vanishing about 300 miles from Argentina's southern coast. Argentina's first woman submarine officer, a naval officer due to be married next month and an experienced commander are among those who were on board. As hopes of finding the missing submarine plummeted on Thursday after Argentina's navy announced a sound thought to be an explosion were detected, the first images of those missing began to emerge. Maria Krawczyk is one of the 44 missing crew members feared dead after the submarine ARA San Juan went missing last week (REUTERS) Lieutenant Eliana Maria Krawczyk, 35, Argentina's first female submarine officer, is among those missing, according to Reuters. Nicknamed "Queen of the Sea", she joined the navy in 2004 and rose to become master-at-arms. She grew up in Misiones province, near the borders with Paraguay and Brazil, around 1,000 kilometres from sea. Renzo Martin Silva is due to be married next year (Youtube) Lieutenant Renzo Martin Silva, 32, who joined the navy when he was 18, is also feared dead, Straits Times reported. He grew up in the foothills of the Andes in the Argentine province of San Juan. He reportedly planned to marry his girlfriend, a soldier, in 2018. Fernando Santilli pictured with his wife, Jessica Gopar, and child (Jessica Gopar) Father Fernando Santilli, 35, who became a submariner seven years ago, was also on board, Straits Times reported. His wife, Jessica Gopar, shared her distress on Facebook on Tuesday. She wrote: "Every day is harder. There are moments of hope, others of great distress. You cannot imagine how many people are praying for you." She added: Mr... Commander, I beg you, I implore you to do the impossible because you go to surface. There are 44 lives in your hands, you decide." Video not available for syndication All 44 crew members feared dead after navy reveals Argentine submarine could have 'exploded' The commander of the San Juan is also missing. Captain Pedro Martin Fernandez, 45, has been commander since 2015. He is married with three teenage children, according to Straits Times. He has reportedly travelled the world in two decades of missions, living for 10 years in Mar del Plata, home port of the navy's two operational submarines. Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said the search will continue until there is full certainty about the fate of the ARA San Juan, despite the evidence of an explosion and with more than a week having passed since the submarine disappeared. It was originally scheduled to arrive Monday at Argentina's Mar del Plata Navy Base. The US Navy and an international nuclear test-ban monitoring organization said a "hydro-acoustic anomaly" was produced just hours after the navy lost contact with the sub on November 15. It was near the submarine's last known location. "According to this report, there was an explosion," Balbi told reporters. "We don't know what caused an explosion of these characteristics at this site on this date." The navy spokesman described the "anomaly" as "singular, short, violent and non-nuclear." Read more Live updates as massive search for missing Argentine sub continues Relatives of the crew who had gathered at the Mar del Plata base broke into tears and hugged each other after they received the news. More than a dozen airplanes and ships have been participating in the multinational search. "They haven't come back and they will never come back," said Ms Gopar. "I had a bad feeling about this and now it has been confirmed."... read more
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An American Spy Base Hidden in Australia's Outback 

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The trials of six Christian antiwar protesters have put a spotlight on a facility that the United States would rather keep in the shadows.... read more
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China is competing with the US for control over the whole Western Pacific 

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China is sending ships and planes past the "first island chain" in Asia to vie with traditional American dominance in the western Pacific Ocean.... read more
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We drive China's BMW 1 Series ahead of its UK debut 

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A brief drive in a China-only front-wheel-drive model... read more
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Why we all need to embrace 'Fika' - the Swedish take on a coffee break 

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If you get your coffee in a to-go cup, you're doing it wrong.... read more
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Your face mist might be making your skin way, way worse 

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Everything we know is a lie... read more
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Slay bells ring: Beyoncé launches winter clothing line 

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Goodbye, money.... read more
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Are we really heading for an 'economic apocalypse'? 

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The economic headlines of the past 48 hours have been thoroughly miserable, if not apocalyptic. "Treasury forecaster delivers worst economic growth forecasts in its history". "UK facing longest fall in living standards for over 60 years"."Britain's debt will not fall to 2008 levels until 2060s". So what's going on?&nbsp;... read more
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I'm A Celeb: Has Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo got a secret boyfriend? 

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Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo is still dating her boyfriend James Middleton - even though she claimed she was single.... read more
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Uma Thurman breaks silence on Harvey Weinstein scandal in chilling Instagram post 

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She worked with the shamed producer on seven films and is now taking pleasure in his downfall.... read more
24. marraskuuta 2017 14:00:46 Categories: International Business Times logo

Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa sworn in 

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Nicknamed "the Crocodile" for his ruthlessness, Emmerson Mnangagwa who took over Friday as Zimbabwe's president, is a hardliner with ties to the military who could prove as authoritarian as his mentor Robert Mugabe.... read more
24. marraskuuta 2017 14:00:45 Categories: AFP logo

I celebrated holidays in a trailer. It was my home. 

The holidays are a time when many of us reflect on the meaning of home.&nbsp;... read more
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Fugitive hit-run driver's extradition hearing delayed 

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A witness who was due to give evidence in a New Delhi court about racism in Australia has fallen ill, delaying the extradition trial of a hit and run driver.... read more
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Energy policy debate to drag on after COAG stalemate 

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The Federal Government has managed to fend off an attempt by some Labor states to derail its new energy policy.&nbsp;... read more
24. marraskuuta 2017 13:32:04 Categories: ABC Business logo

Explosive midfielder picked first in AFL draft 

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Victorian midfielder Cameron Rayner has joined Brisbane with the No.1 pick at the 2017 AFL draft in Sydney.... read more
24. marraskuuta 2017 13:32:02 Categories: AAP logo

'Scum' accountant jailed for stealing $2.3m from clients logo
He was the greedy Sydney accountant who thought he had got away with $2.3 million dollars, but today karma and the law finally caught up with Colin James Oberg.... read more
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