British foreign secretary in U.S. to mend fences with Trump 

Bloomberg logo
<p>British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson Sunday flew to New York for meetings with President-elect Donald Trump's advisers as his nation looks to build ties with the incoming administration before it withdraws from the European Union.</p>... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:32:14 Categories: Bloomberg logo

Patriots are third-largest favorite in playoff history vs. Texans 

Sportsnaut logo
With the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory over the Miami Dolphins, the Houston Texans are locked into a divisional round showdown against the New England Patriots. The oddsmakers clearly do not like their chances.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:32:12 Categories: Sportsnaut logo

Watch Rodgers connect for yet another Hail Mary TD 

Sportsnaut logo
By now, Aaron Rodgers is well established as the Hail Mary king.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:32:10 Categories: Sportsnaut logo

Osher Gunsberg got married: Who knew? 

Mamamia logo
Stop what you're doing and get ready for the beautiful news about to hit you right in the heart. Australia's eternal 'bachelor', Osher Gunsberg, is officially a married man. Yep, the ultra-private reality television and radio host tied the knot with his girlfriend Audrey Griffen during a three-day wedding celebration in country NSW. (Click here to . Continued... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:17:06 Categories: Mamamia logo

Mariah Carey: They foiled me 

Associated Press logo
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Mariah Carey is blaming producers for her bungled performance on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," saying, "They foiled me." Carey says on her Twitter page that the show's production team had technical issues and her ear monitors didn't work. Carey stopped singing during her live New Year's Eve set as pre-recorded vocals continued to play behind her. "Thus it turned into an opportunity to humiliate me and all those who were ...... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:17:04 Categories: Associated Press logo

Dramatic video emerges of Florida airport shooter 

It begins like any normal scene on a Friday afternoon at a busy U.S. airport.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:17:02 Categories: USA TODAY logo

'Centrelink would be shut down for fraud' 

Canberra Times logo
Centrelink is either lying or unacceptably incompetent, says former public service digital guru.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:17:00 Categories: Canberra Times logo

Columnist left on trolley in Royal A&E corridor for three hours 

Liverpool Echo logo
Mirror journalist Brian Reade praises staff but hits out at government cuts... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:16:58 Categories: Liverpool Echo logo

E-learning company set to TREBLE turnover 

Manchester Evening News logo
The company, which offers over 150 e-learning modules and more than 1,000 blended learning courses on a wide range of workplace issues, was set up two years ago by Adam Kara with his brother Aaron and friends Ian Darlington and Mike McGann.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:16:57 Categories: Manchester Evening News logo

Republican leaders cast doubt on Trump improving relations with Russia 

The Washington Post logo
"My suspicion is that his hopes will be dashed pretty quickly," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:16:55 Categories: The Washington Post logo

India looms for reinvigorated Aussies 

The Guardian logo
With Pakistan accounted for, Australia can reflect upon many positives but drawing inferences from the series ahead of the next would be ill-advised... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:38 Categories: The Guardian logo

Huge fundraising drive for the family of much-loved soldier Scott Hetherington, who died in Iraq 

Manchester Evening News logo
Bikers will ride out in his memory and a cocktail bar is raising funds for his young daughter... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:36 Categories: Manchester Evening News logo

How to Get Strong, Sexy Arms In Just 15 Minutes 

Redbook logo
All it takes is five simple workout moves.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:34 Categories: Redbook logo

Dallas Stars' plane forced back to airport 

Associated Press logo
A plane carrying the Dallas Stars hockey team was forced to return to a St. Louis-area airport because of smoke in the cockpit.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:33 Categories: Associated Press logo

'The Golden Girls' To Make Streaming Debut On Hulu 

Deadline logo
The Golden Girl are heading to Hulu, said the streaming site's Head Of Content Craig Erich, during his opening remarks at TCA. The complete series will be available to stream February 13. The comedy ran from 1985 to 1992, and starred Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty as four older single women living under one roof in Florida. Erich stressed the importance of the site's continuing efforts to showcase "fan favorite series that have potential.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:31 Categories: Deadline logo

Florida officials investigating TMZ video of airport shooting suspect 

Sun Sentinel logo
<p>Airport officials are investigating how video obtained by purporting to show the first shots fired by Esteban Santiago at the Fort Lauderdale airport has emerged, Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief said Sunday.</p>... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 3:01:28 Categories: Sun Sentinel logo

Teens charged over wild Sydney car chase 

AAP logo
A teenage driver and a 13-year-old boy have been charged over a wild police chase through Sydney's southeast.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 2:47:26 Categories: AAP logo

Ley to stand aside amid travel claims 

ABC News logo
<p>Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has stood aside without ministerial pay pending investigation into travel claims.</p>... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 2:47:24 Categories: ABC News logo

2 POWs, 2 WWII diaries tell a story of friendship, suffering and death 

The Washington Post logo
The Library of Congress got the diary that a soldier entrusted to another in the depths of war.... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 2:47:22 Categories: The Washington Post logo

Why wages have lagged behind the global jobs recovery 

The Wall Street Journal. logo
In a world of sluggish economic growth, two conflicting trends puzzle policy makers: Why are companies hiring so aggressively and why haven't wages until lately risen more rapidly?... read more
9. tammikuuta 2017 2:47:20 Categories: The Wall Street Journal. logo
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