See how 100 years has changed some of Manchester city centre's best-known places 

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Pictures taken more than a century apart from the same angle give a fascinating insight into the changing face of the city... read more
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'Godspeed sweet prince' Gareth Barry is leaving and Everton fans are sad 

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The midfielder has won over the Blues faithful during his time at Goodison... read more
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Why Champions League qualifiers spell good news for Liverpool FC 

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Reds qualifying record suggests the knockout stages are beckoning!... read more
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Supermarket prices are soaring 

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A report across 62,000 products found food inflation has hit a new record this month and families are feeling the pinch... read more
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Archaeologists discover ruined remains of Henry VIII's birthplace 

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Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of Greenwich Palace, the birthplace of Henry VIII and his daughters Mary and Elizabeth I.... read more
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Feinstein: Keep Iran deal, apply lessons to North Korea 

Diplomacy is the only path to stop Kim Jong Un from obtaining a nuclear weapon capable of striking the United States. Unfortunately, as President Trump grapples with the North Korean threat, he seems to have forgotten that same lesson we learned with Iran. After pursuing an atomic bomb for decades, the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran was finally blocked when the world's major powers secured the historic P5+1 agreement with Tehran two years ago. Trump is now attempting to unravel it. The White House must certify to Congress whether Iran is in compliance with the agreement every 90 days. By every account, Iran has done so. But prior to the latest recertification, the president's top national security advisers had to walk him back from unilaterally abandoning the agreement just to fulfill his campaign promise. Such an irrational decision would have isolated the United States and allowed Iran to resume its nuclear activities. It would also severely undermine diplomacy with North Korea. Why would North Korea trust the United States if we abandon the Iran agreement with no justification? Why would our negotiating partners place faith in American leadership if we cannot be trusted to keep our word? Under the P5+1 accord, the United Nations Security Council's five permanent members (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) plus Germany agreed to ease economic sanctions against Iran if it ended its nuclear weapons programs. To be clear, the United States can unilaterally withdraw from the agreement and "snap-back," or re-impose, all nuclear sanctions against Iran. However, absent a significant violation by the Iranians, a unilateral withdrawal would isolate the United States - not Iran. That is because our negotiating partners have lived up to their end of the bargain by resuming business with Tehran. For example, the European conglomerate Airbus has begun delivering new aircraft to Iran Air and the French energy giant Total recently signed a major investment deal to develop one of Iran's largest gas fields. This new business is now legitimate and is the very reason the Iranians were willing to negotiate limits on their nuclear activities in the first place. Absent Iran blatantly violating the agreement, our negotiating partners are not going to sacrifice the economic benefits from the new business simply because Trump wants to undo his predecessor's legacy. If Trump unilaterally withdraws from the nuclear agreement, Iran could stay in it and continue to benefit from expanding trade with our negotiating partners. Or, it could withdraw from the agreement and resume its nuclear activities and force us to respond. More: 4 reasons Trump shouldn't scrap the Iran nuclear deal or goad Iran to pull out More: The art of unmaking the Iran deal: James Robbins Having voluntarily walked away from an agreement for no reason, it is difficult to imagine the president would be able to lead the international community in pressuring Iran back to the negotiating table, let alone retain any credibility as we push for negotiations with North Korea. The benefit of the nuclear agreement is clear: it prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. It blocks every path to a nuclear device by strictly limiting Iran's nuclear activities and imposing the world's most intrusive International Atomic Energy Agency inspection program. As long as the agreement is in place, it's impossible for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon without our knowledge, giving us the ability to quickly react. While the IAEA has repeatedly verified Iran's compliance with the nuclear agreement, the country continues to support terrorist groups, violate its people's human rights and threaten its neighbors with ballistic missiles. Both the Obama and Trump administrations have appropriately responded by sanctioning Iran for these activities and working to improve the security of our regional allies. But scrapping the nuclear agreement doesn't make us or our allies any safer. Nor would it halt Tehran's support for Hezbollah and other terror groups. In fact, confronting Iran would only be more difficult if it was once again on the cusp of a nuclear weapon. In May, Iran's moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, was re-elected by an almost 20-point margin. His pledges to continue improving the economy through more engagement with the rest of the world and to ease many of the country's oppressive social restrictions clearly have resonated with the Iranian public. POLICING THE USA: A look at race, justice, media More: How Trump's celebrity might solve the North Korea problem: Column According to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump lobbied foreign leaders at the G20 summit to refuse to do business with Iran. Given that most trade and investment with Iran is now legal, the president's actions violate the spirit of the agreement and are designed to deny Iran the economic benefits to which it is legally entitled. Undermining the nuclear agreement directly weakens Rouhani by giving Iran's hardliners an easy line of attack: the United States cannot be trusted and Rouhani is foolish to deal with them. Rather than playing into the hardliners' hands, we should work to empower the more moderate Iranians who wish to reform their own government. While we cannot turn a blind eye toward many of Iran's policies, especially its support for Hezbollah, it would be foolish to unilaterally abandon a diplomatic agreement that prevents Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. That's especially true as we pursue similar diplomacy with North Korea toward a similar goal. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., is a member and former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Follow her on Twitter: @SenFeinstein You can read diverse opinions from our Board of Contributors and other writers on the Opinion front page, on Twitter @USATOpinion and in our daily Opinion newsletter. To respond to a column, submit a comment to read more
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Don't Let Politics Turn America Into Another Charlottesville 

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Allowing corrosive political discourse to infect our lives any more than it has would be a tragedy.... read more
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Trump's America is not mine 

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The president has put my relationship with my own country on the rocks. Some days I think I don't know it anymore.... read more
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Protesters tear down Confederate statue in N.C. 

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Activists toppled statue of Confederate soldier during rally against racism on Monday... read more
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Bodybuilding mom of 2 reportedly dies of protein overdose 

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A bodybuilding competitor and mom of two reportedly died June 22 from a protein overdose, according to Perth Now. ... read more
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Air Berlin files for bankruptcy after shareholder pulls plug 

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<p>Germany's second largest airline, Air Berlin, is filing for bankruptcy protection after its main shareholder, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad, said it will make no more financing available after years of unsuccessful turnaround attempts.</p>... read more
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Retail sales jump by largest amount in 7 months 

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Consumers went out shopping in a big way in July, pushing up retail sales by the largest amount in seven months... read more
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Homebuilder sentiment soars on strong sales 

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U.S. homebuilders bounced back from recent funk, as current sales and sales expectations leaped forward.... read more
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Tom Cruise 'out of action for months' afters stunt accident 

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<p>Production on the new film could be halted for up to four months as the A-lister recovers from his severe ankle injury, sustained in London earlier this week.</p>... read more
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Being angry and hateful can actually make you happier, study finds 

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For most of us, happiness means love, money and career success. But the secret to happiness may be none of these things, at least according to a new study by international researchers. The results of the study of 2,300 participants found people are actually happier when they feel and accept the emotions they desire, even if these emotions are negative. Researchers asked university students from the USA, Brazil, China, Germany, Ghana, Israel, Poland and Singapore what emotions they desired and felt. This was then compared to how they rated their overall life satisfaction or happiness. Those with the greatest life satisfaction experienced emotions that matched those they desired, even if these were unpleasant. Read more Money actually can buy happiness... in the shape of time, study finds In that case, can feeling bad actually be good? Lead researcher Dr Maya Tamir from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem told the BBC: "If you feel emotions you want to feel, even if they're unpleasant, then you're better off." Dr Tamir explained: "Someone who feels no anger when reading about child abuse might think they should be angrier about the plight of abused children, so want to feel more anger than they actually do in that moment." She added that a woman who is unwilling to leave an abusive partner may be happier if she loved him less, for example. The study also found that 11 per cent of people wanted to feel less of positive emotions like love and empathy, while 10 per cent of people wanted to feel more negative emotions. Dr Tamir said: "People want to feel very good all the time in Western cultures. Even if they feel good most of the time, they may still think that they should feel even better, which might make them less happy overall."... read more
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Kate Moss fronts Reserved campaign ahead of the Polish high-street brand's debut UK store launch 

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If there's a perfect muse for any brand to enlist ahead of its debut UK launch, it would be Kate Moss. Polish brand Reserved have therefore hit the jackpot, releasing its autumn/winter 17 campaign featuring Moss today ahead of its first ever UK store launch next month. The leading Polish fashion brand - part of the LPP Group, a large European clothing retail company - officially opens its doors to London at 11am on September 6 with the 43-year-old British supermodel poised to host proceedings. The campaign - which was shot this summer by fashion photographer Daniel Jackson - consists of fifteen black and white images and sees Moss give the collection her signature rock 'n' roll edge. Read more How 16 of the top supermodels were discovered "It was important for us to portray the personal, private and authentic attitude of Kate in this imagery" admitted Monika Kaplan, Global Marketing Director for the brand. "This is what the Reserved brand embodies, both style and individuality." With over 450 stores aross 18 countries and collections refreshed every two weeks, Reserved looks set to make a big impact on the British high street. Speaking of the brand's UK launch, Reserved co-founcer and CEO Marek Piechocki said: "The opening of Reserved Oxford Street is an important move for us." "London is a fashion capital and having a presence in this prestigious location will be another step towards building global recognition of Reserved as a brand and LPP as a company." We'll see you on Oxford Street on the 6th.... read more
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Husband jailed after wife's mobile phone footage of rape used by police 

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The 35-year-old defendant, who cannot be identified to preserve his victim's anonymity, has been jailed for 10 years... read more
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Property developer Nigel Russell in court over alleged £3.6m investment fraud 

Liverpool Echo logo
Russell, 55, entered no pleas to nine charges relating to four developments across the city... read more
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British Musical Fireworks Championship is coming back to Merseyside 

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Amazing bangs and flashes will light up the seaside sky... read more
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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is heading to the The Brindley 

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The play was recently featured in the West End... read more
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