Made in Manchester: KinKai 

Manchester Evening News
KinKai plays MIF Festival Square on Thursday, July 18... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:42:08 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Opinion: Gronk-Brady workout is clear sign TE will return to Pats 

Sporting News
Gronk will come out of retirement to play for New England this year - former NFL team exec Jeff Diamond is convinced of it now.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:39:40 Categories: Liverpool Echo Sporting News

This is what is replacing gift store Mi Vida on Bold Street 

Liverpool Echo
After the sudden closure of the gift store, another eatery will be added to the busy street... read more

After Kingsbury: What to look for in next wave of NFL coaching hires 

Sports Illustrated
When the top job inevitably opens, owners tend to copy whatever their colleagues/competitors most recently did. So look for 'The Defensive Kingsbury,' 'The 'Personality,' and 'The Lifer' to dominate the next cycle.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:37:10 Categories: Liverpool Echo Sports Illustrated

Greece: Body believed to be American died by 'criminal act' 

Associated Press
A state coroner on the Greek island of Crete says the body of a woman believed to be a missing American scientist died as a result of a "criminal act."... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:36:00 Categories: Associated Press

Changes coming to the Democratic debates 

The candidates in the Democratic debates will not be asked to give one-word answers or just raise their hands in response to complex policy issues.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:35:00 Categories: MTV USA TODAY

This key metric can determine how good you are at dealing with stress 

Men's Fitness
Ensure your body is getting the recovery it needs by checking your heart rate variability One of the most exciting features to arrive on fitness trackers in the past few years has been the daily rating of your stress levels out of 100. Admittedly for a while we found it mystifying, being unsure how to interpret or act on the information. That was until we chatted to an expert at Firstbeat, who explained that the rating is in part a measure of...... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:33:40 Categories: Men's Fitness RTBF sport - basket

Camilla's engagement ring is about as luxe as it gets 

Good Housekeeping
The Duchess of Cornwall's bling doesn't get the attention it deserves.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:32:45 Categories: Good Housekeeping Hockeysverige

Beth Chapman's funeral to be live-streamed 

US Weekly
Honoring her memory. The life of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman's late wife, Beth Chapman, will be celebrated at a memorial service in Aurora, Colorado on Saturday, July 13.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:32:43 Categories: Franceinfo US Weekly

'History on a stick' signs disappearing too fast to keep up 

Associated Press
Hurricanes, thievery and wrecks are taking out North Carolina's popular historical highway markers faster than the state can keep up.... read more

3-year-old dies after he's left in 'excessively hot' car on college campus 

ABC News
A 3-year-old boy died after he being left in a car on University of Southern Indiana campus on a hot day.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:30:00 Categories: ABC News Episodi

Illinois cancels band from fair lineup over Confederate flag 

Associated Press
Country rock band Confederate Railroad has been barred from performing at an Illinois state fair because of its use of the Confederate flag, setting off a firestorm by southern Illinois fans who believe they're under Chicago liberals' thumb of political correctness. ... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:30:00 Categories: Associated Press TT Nyhetsbyrån

Analysis: Trump's relationship with the UK hit a new low this week 

The Washington Post
After UK Ambassador Kim Darroch resigns, here's a look at the ups and downs of Trump's tumultuous relationship with Britain.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:24:00 Categories: STT The Washington Post

Indian teenager declared brain dead 'comes back to life' during funeral prep 

Evening Standard
An Indian teenager declared brain dead by doctors made a remarkable recovery as his family were preparing for his funeral, his mother has said. Gandham Kiran, 18, from Pillalamarri, Telangan, had slipped into a coma after contracting hepatitis and doctors believed he was in a vegetative state with no chance of survival. But the student's mother Saidamma noticed tears flowing from the corners of his eyes as she was mourning his death. "I was...... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:20:18 Categories: Evening Standard Manchester Evening News

Liverpool set to declare climate emergency and set zero carbon deadline 

Liverpool Echo
The rare move will see all four parties in the council back the motion... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:18:54 Categories: Digitoday Ilta Sanoma Liverpool Echo

Beyoncé dons breathtaking braids for 'Lion King' premiere 

The singer showed up in full force for the film's L.A. premiere last night wearing a gorgeous style that is sure to serve as summer hair inspiration.<br>... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:16:02 Categories: Refinery29

Power ranking all 30 NBA teams after crazy offseason 

For The Win
The debate for No. 1 is on.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:15:12 Categories: For The Win Reuters

Hobbit homes in Italy? Not quite, but just as charming 

National Geographic
Head to Puglia to tour trulli, traditional dwellings with a fascinating history.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:14:44 Categories: Länsiväylä National Geographic Puheenaihe

US Soccer boss mispronounced Rapinoe's name at parade 

Business Insider
Megan Rapinoe shrugged off the head of U.S. Soccer mispronouncing her name by dancing on stage and firing up her teammates.... read more
10. heinäkuuta 2019 22:14:29 Categories: BFMTV Business Insider
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