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Our slavery panel to present findings at Vatican conference where Pope Francis will speak on fight against scourge 

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The Evening Standard's round table on modern slavery has been invited to present its findings to a key international conference at the Vatican which will be addressed by Pope Francis. The round table, comprising leading figures from business, law, philanthropy and the media, will compile a report and devise recommendations for the prestigious Santa Marta conference early next year. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, chairman of the Standard's group, said: "I have been happy to chair this round table on modern slavery. "I look forward to presenting our recommendations at the Vatican in February. Pope Francis takes a special interest in combating this evil crime, which strips victims of their innate humanity by taking away their freedom. It has no place in today's world." Cardinal Nichols, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, added: "Through the work of the Santa Marta Group, the Catholic Church has taken a lead in developing partnerships with police forces to ensure the safety and well-being of every victim of human trafficking, the breaking up of criminal networks and the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of this terrible crime." The Santa Marta conference, formed two years ago, is a leading anti-slavery event that draws together police forces and other authorities from around the world to help provide global solutions to the issue of modern slavery. The round table also includes Kevin Hyland, the independent anti-slavery commissioner; newsreader and TV presenter Julie Etchingham; Monique Villa, chief executive of the Thomson Reuters Foundation; Jean Baderschneider of the Global Fund to End Slavery; Yasmin Waljee from law firm Hogan Lovells; Unilever chief executive Paul Polman; Sir Matt Baggott, former chief constable of Northern Ireland, and John Studzinski, vice-chairman of investment giant Blackstone. Read more Evening Standard comment: Modern slavery is a scourge we can tackle "I am delighted to have been part of this initiative," said Mr Studzinski, who is also vice-chairman of Human Rights Watch and has been an anti-modern slavery campaigner for many years. He added: "The Evening Standard has played an important role in the movement. Investigations such as this are vital for helping to raise awareness and inspire concrete change. As the paper has shown, being an apostle against modern slavery is not only powerful and necessary, but also so urgent. I look forward to presenting our recommendations in Rome." The Standard's special investigation has exposed the scale of modern slavery in London, showing how it goes far beyond the horrors of sex trafficking. Nail bars, car washes, cannabis farms and building sites are centres of abuse and exploitation, while domestic workers are also vulnerable. The investigation will now pause while the panel considers its findings.... read more
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Leading businesses sign up to help end the scandal of modern slavery after Evening Standard's call to action 

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Leading international and UK corporations today backed the Standard's battle against modern slavery. Unilever, Intel, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and law firms Clifford Chance, Linklaters and Norton Rose Fulbright were among the businesses that joined the City of London Corporation and the Confederation of British Industry in signing up to the ES Stop Slavery Pledge. The pledge, advocated by former Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, emphasises the importance of corporations eradicating slavery from supply chains. Over the past two months this paper's investigation has exposed the scale of the crime in London, from sex trafficking to those forced to work in car washes and on building sites. Catherine McGuinness, policy chairman at the City of London Corporation, said: "Tackling human trafficking is not solely an issue for the police. Businesses, local authorities, charities, funders and voluntary organisations all have an important role to play. "The City of London Corporation and City Bridge Trust, our charitable arm, are fully committed to stamping out modern slavery in London." The Thomson Reuters Foundation, an initial campaign supporter, awarded its 2017 Stop Slavery Award to Intel for its work to tackle the problem. Jackie Sturm, Intel's global supply management general manager, told the Standard: "We are pleased to sign the Evening Standard pledge. "We are proud of our efforts to address this serious issue, but we recognise eradicating forced labour requires collective commitment." Grant Thornton's UK chief executive, Sacha Romanovitch, said the accounting and consulting giant supported the paper's pledge because tackling modern slavery is "a key foundation to helping shape a vibrant economy where everyone can thrive". The company joined law firms in highlighting its work advising international companies how best to avoid suppliers using slaves. This year, Norton Rose Fulbright hosted the Second Global Modern Slavery and Supply Chain Summit. Read more Standard hailed for shining light on plight of London slavery victims Global chair Stephen Parish said: "As a global law firm, we recognise our role in disseminating human rights best practice. "We are committed to building capacity in our clients' organisations as well as continuing to strengthen our own systems with the sole goal in mind - to help substantially change the plight of human beings affected by modern slavery across the world." British businesses lending support to the campaign include M&S, which this year was ranked first in the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark for Food and Fashion, and London-based Neal's Yard Remedies. It is the first British brand to achieve "For Life" corporate social responsibility accreditation from Ecocert, which assesses employment conditions across companies. Louise Nicholls, head of human rights at M&S, said: "There is no place for modern slavery in any business. However, there's more to do and we applaud the Evening Standard for campaigning on the subject." Businesses that signed the pledge Leading firms saying no to slavery Waitrose Linklaters Blackstone Hewlett Packard Enterprise Hogan Lovells Thomson Reuters CBI Neal's Yard Remedies Chime Wates Marks and Spencer City of London Corporation Grant Thornton, Omnia Subway Sport for Freedom Clifford Chance The Co Operative Group Intel ITN Lidl Unilever Norton Rose Fulbright... read more
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We ask the children to draw a picture of their life. It's a man beating them: Special report on modern slavery 

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The entrance to Lydia House, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, is marked by two red buckets filled with flowers. A metal gate opens onto a courtyard, where girls, some as young as eight, are waiting happily for a turn on the ping pong table that sits in the shade of a tall tree. There is no hint of the miseries these brave children have endured. Yet this is one of the centres run by the charity Retrak, which provides support for trafficked children. Here, with the help of British funding and expertise and with the backing of the Evening Standard's anti-modern slavery initiative, some of Ethiopia's most vulnerable children are being given a fresh chance. As our special investigation comes to an end, I wanted to see their work for myself. When these young girls are picked up, from houses where they are working or on smuggling routes, often by the police, they can be referred here, where they will be safe from traffickers and taught the skills they need to reintegrate into society. Evening Standard proprietor EvgenyLebedev poses for a selfie with children (Evening Standard) "When we ask the children to draw a picture of their life, the first one they draw is nearly always of them cowering while a man beats them with a stick," Lynnette Kay, the Australian who manages Retrak's operations in Ethiopia, told me. "Most have been brought from rural communities by extended family, with the promise of work in Addis Ababa. Then they are sold to another family, and trapped in the house, not allowed to leave, harassed by male bosses and working 10-12 hours a day." From there they can be trafficked on further: to the Middle East, Europe, and even the UK. The latest research says 46 per cent of trafficked Ethiopians originate in rural areas. Despite the remarkable economic strides the country has made in recent years, parts of rural Ethiopia remain among the world's poorest, and for many families the lure of money from more prosperous cities or countries is a powerful incentive. Yet too often, I learnt, children end up in the hands of exploitative and abusive criminals. Over the past two months the Evening Standard's special investigation into modern slavery has shown how the UK, and London in particular, is a hub for trafficking from all over the world. We have encouraged corporate leaders to pledge diligence over their supply chains, and highlighted the challenges facing support providers and law enforcement agencies. I'm delighted that in the new year our think tank will present recommendations at the Santa Marta conference in Rome, one of the world's leading forums on this terrible crime. Any effort to support victims and improve law enforcement in the UK counts for little without an equal effort in source countries to prevent these young people from being trafficked in the first place. Impressively, Retrak's work is being funded in part by the Modern Slavery Innovation Fund originally established by Theresa May when she was at the Home Office, which is providing £780,000. It's not the only assistance provided. The Ethiopian government, led by the First Lady, has been seeking to help abused children. Furthermore, every year a delegation of volunteers from Greater Manchester Police comes out to help the charity. British officers visiting last week found the local law admirably rigorous at clamping down on trafficking. Domestic work is another matter. The use of children is so widespread that, despite the government seeking to crack down, often no prosecutions are brought. Read more The Standard's slavery panel to present findings at Vatican conference Emenet Tadesse, one of the counsellors, who's from Addis Ababa and has worked here since 2011, tells me that despite Retrak's efforts the situation is deteriorating, mainly due to the poverty in the Ethiopian countryside. "The UK people are doing their best to support the life of these children to improve their lives as this problem is getting worse. We appreciate it - and long may it continue - but while it's a significant help it's not enough. In just one district of Addis Ababa, there are 1,000 children living as domestic workers." Yet from what I saw at this wonderful centre, I am more committed than ever to our cause. Modern slavery, in all its forms, is a horrendous crime which has no place in our world. Wherever we see it, we must stamp it out, and do what we can to support the victims. Hopefully the work this paper has done over the past few months will help that process. While at the centre I saw a picture drawn by a girl who had been helped there. It showed her life before and after her arrival at Retrak. "The old life" drawing shows a figure cowering under a beating, sweeping floors, cooking and washing and in tears. In the picture of her life at Retrak, she is playing with her friends, reading a book, and walking to school. This time there's a smile on her face. I am proud that Britain, and all of us here in London, have been able to support such work. Praise for the Evening Standard's reports Leading lights of the anti-slavery movement pay tribute to the Evening Standard's Slaves On Our Streets investigation: Norree Webb First responder co-ordinator, Anti-Human Trafficking Team, The Salvation Army "The campaign has helped raise awareness about modern slavery. For me it has opened up conversations with people who have read the articles and are shocked by how rampant and serious the problem is. They find it hard to believe the inhumanity with which one human being can behave to another." Marissa Begonia Founder, The Voice of Domestic Workers "I am so grateful to the Evening Standard for highlighting the abuse and exploitation of migrant domestic workers. The Slaves On Our Streets campaign has given a voice to the voiceless, those workers hidden behind closed doors in private houses who cannot escape. The paper's support is vital towards policy change, to improve the plight of domestic workers in the UK." Abigail Victim of modern slavery whose story has been highlighted by the Standard. "I am very happy that awareness is being raised about modern slavery in London. The investigation by the Evening Standard has allowed many people across London to understand the reality of the issue. I hope that now more people will want to volunteer in specialist organisations such as Hestia so they can support other women just like me." Luis C. deBaca Former US Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons "Knowing that the Evening Standard and Independent are spending the time to do this is really heartening, because we have seen it in other countries where it becomes a race to the top. Multi-part series like this make the difference. If you do a trafficking story once a year nothing happens. But if you do a good, multi-part story with in-depth reporting, that has an impact."... read more
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New Infiniti QX50 unveiled 

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First full image of new QX50 SUV released... read more
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TripAdvisor allegedly deleted reports of rape from hotel reviews 

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<p>The travel firm could be facing an investigation</p>... read more
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Black Friday: 10 items people most REGRET buying 

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A new study by Gumtree has revealed that almost a quarter feel under pressure to buy something on November 24... read more
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Don't get ripped off on Black Friday 

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The most hyped retail event of the year is under way - and shoppers are being bombarded by promises of once-in-a-lifetime deals.... read more
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Great British Bake Off's Prue Leith comes under fire for 'suicidal' comment 

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For flippant "suicidal" comments.... read more
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Government to consider forcing all cyclists to wear a helmet 

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Compulsory helmets for cyclists in the UK may be brought in following a Government review on bike safety.&nbsp;... read more
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Ronaldo will step up when needed for Madrid - Alonso 

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Cristiano Ronaldo will step up when he is needed for Real Madrid, according to Xabi Alonso.... read more
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Lyon doesn't regret pre-game sledging 

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The Australian spinner said his comments were part of a calculated plan while Anderson has been left less than impressed with the slow Gabba wicket.... read more
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Find out why there will be a 300-car protest drive near Tamworth 

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People living in the village are 'flabbergasted' at proposals for a huge housing development... read more
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Ex-Everton star Marouane Fellaini wants £2m from New Balance for 'defective' boots 

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New Balance boots were so uncomfortable he had to have a pedicure says midfielder... read more
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Met Office predict ice and SNOW as temperatures plummet to minus 3 

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Sub-zero temperatures, wintery showers and widespread frost hits busy shopping weekend... read more
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Man City carry two warnings into Huddersfield game 

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Manchester City are looking to keep their astonishing winning run going when they take on Huddersfield... read more
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Tory threatens to resign whip after Disability Commissioner post is scrapped 

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A Tory peer today threatened to resign the Conservative whip in protest at the post of Disability Commissioner being scrapped. In an exclusive interview with the Evening Standard, Lord Shinkwin said the Conservatives risked being branded the "nasty party". He said the loss of a national champion had appalled many of the 11 million Britons with disabilities. "This is not about me, this is about the downgrading of disability," said Lord Shinkwin, 46, a leading campaigner on disability equality. "It is also about government transparency... there are an awful lot of serious questions that the Government needs to answer - and these answers need to come from the Prime Minister." The peer, who is disabled himself, was in line to succeed the last Disability Commissioner, Paralympic swimmer Lord Chris Holmes. But days before his appointment was announced he was told that the post was being scrapped and he would only be a general commissioner on the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). During a debate in the Lords today on disabled access, Lord Shinkwin plans to accuse Education Secretary Justine Greening - who is also minister for women and equalities - of being "involved" in the decision. Ms Greening is understood to reject the charge. Lord Shinkwin said he will quit the Tory whip unless the Prime Minister calls on the EHRC to restore the post and rebuts his fear that ministers were "complicit". He added: "On the basis of those answers, I will consider my position. I love my party but I have to stay true to what I believe on such a major issue of social justice. "I want so much to help rebut unfair charges of our being 'the nasty party', but the rug has been pulled from under the wheels of my chair." Lord Shinkwin, who uses a wheelchair and a walking stick, was born with brittle bones and spent much of his childhood in hospital. In 2015 he was made a peer in recognition of his campaigning. He also attracted controversy by leading a Bill that sought to ban late abortions of disabled foetuses. He has assembled a paper trail of official documents that suggest moves to scrap the post were only rushed through in March when Ms Greening told the EHRC who she had picked. He is convinced that senior EHRC figures objected to a Conservative. An EHRC spokesman said that was "complete nonsense", and pointed out Lord Holmes was also a Tory. "Lord Shinkwin clearly finds it hard to accept the findings of the Government's appointment panel that he should only be offered a role as a general commissioner," the spokesman added. "There was no political motivation in this decision. We are delivering an ambitious programme with rights for disabled people at the heart of everything we do." A No 10 spokesman said it was committed to furthering the rights of the disabled.... read more
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McDonald's mercilessly mocked for Black Friday tweet 'fail' 

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McDonald's has been mocked for a "social media fail" after appearing to accidentally post an unfinished tweet promoting Black Friday. The fast food giant tweeted a message to its 160,000 followers on Friday morning, as shoppers around the world were in the midst of snapping up deals on products from washing machines to alcohol. "Black Friday **** Need copy and link ****" the McDonald's tweet read, prompting many to suggest the post might have been unwittingly published prematurely. Scores of internet users poked fun at the restaurant chain, joking it is a "nightmare" for the company's social media team. Black Friday **** Need copy and link**** - McDonald's (@McDonaldsCorp) November 24, 2017... read more
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Why a romantic retreat to Majorca should be on your travel list right now 

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Majorca is the perfect city break destination in autumn. Our review on where to stay, where to go and what to visit in the Balearic island.... read more
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Tesla burns through $8,000 a MINUTE 

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Elon Musk said last week that Tesla Inc. is designing a new sports car that could go from zero to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Not bad, but here's a speed number that investors might want to focus on instead:... read more
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Hurricane victims are headed for homelessness 

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Hurricane victims are sleeping on friends couches, in cars or damaged, mold-infested homes or in tents.... read more
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