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Celine Dookhran 'honour' killing: Family pay tribute to 'talented and loving' daughter 

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The family of a young woman who was allegedly raped and murdered in a suspected "honour killing" have paid tribute to her as an "amazingly talented and loving daughter". Celine Dookhran, 20, was found dead at an address in Kingston, south-west London, on July 19. A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as an incised wound to the neck. Her family paid tribute to her on Wednesday and said she brought "happiness, joy and laughter to her relatives and friends." A statement released by Met Police on behalf of her family, said: "Celine Dookhran was an amazingly talented and loving daughter who brought happiness, joy and laughter to her family and friends. "We are proud of Celine for everything she had achieved and were looking forward to seeing a loving, caring and innocent young girl fulfil her potential in life and carry on making us proud." The family, who thanked those who have offered support and asked for their privacy to be respected, added: "We have sincere belief and full confidence that the perpetrators will face the full force of the law. "We would like to reiterate our thanks to all that have offered their support and ask everyone to pray for both victims and their immediate families, and that the vile individuals involved face the full weight of justice upon them." Two men will face trial at the Old Bailey in connection with the murder, rape and kidnap of Ms Dookhran, and the kidnap, rape and attempted murder of a second victim. Mujahid Arshid, 33, of no fixed address, who is also known as Mujahid Hussain, is charged with the murder, rape and kidnap of Miss Dookhran. He is also charged with the rape, kidnap and attempted murder of a second victim. Vincent Tappu, 28, of Spencer Road, Ealing, is charged with the kidnap of Miss Dookhran and the second victim. The pair appeared at the Old Bailey for a brief hearing on Wednesday, and are due to appear at the same court on October 11. A provisional trial date has been set for January 17 next year.... read more
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2017 789bhp McLaren P15 will eclipse performance of P1 

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New hypercar will prioritise track prowess with serious aero, power and weight loss... read more
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Paddy McGuinness' wife fears daughter might have autism after twins' diagnosis 

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Christine McGuinness has revealed her 10-month-old daughter has showed signs that she may have autism. The model recently opened up about her twins' diagnosis... read more
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SPFL has 'no power' to reopen case surrounding Rangers tax 

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It was announced the decision not to pursue further disciplinary proceedings had been taken following extensive legal advice... read more
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'He's staying with us': Arsenal dealt transfer blow logo
Monaco vice president Vadim Vasilyev has told Arsenal that midfielder Thomas Lemar is not for sale. The Gunners were chasing the France international but the Ligue 1 champions have outright rejected speculation he could leave before the end of the summer transfer window.&nbsp;... read more
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'When they've finished I'll clean up': Eubank Sr weighs in on Benn v Collins 

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Chris Eubank Sr is happy to fight the winner of Nigel Benn and Steve Collins, if the pair fight for a third time.... read more
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'Her dream was to be famous': Family remembers youngest Manchester victim 

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Friends and family of the youngest victim of the Manchester attack have put out a montage of pictures and videos of the eight-year-old so she can be remembered by the whole country.&nbsp;... read more
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Dodge Charger Pursuit has cops' backs 

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Dodge Charger Pursuit Has Cops' Backs... read more
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Donald Trump: I'm the most 'presidential' President since Abraham Lincoln 

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Donald Trump has declared he is the most "presidential" President since Abraham Lincoln. Speaking at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio, he defended his unconventional approach as necessary to change the country for the better. Mr Trump said on Tuesday night: "With the exception of the late, great, Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that's ever held this office." He also criticised those who claim his behaviour - for example his late night tweets - are not befitting of a leader, adding: "It's much easier, by the way, to act presidential than what we're doing here tonight. Believe me. Donald Trump speaks in Ohio "That I can tell you. It's real easy." Defending his record, he said: "I think that with few exceptions, no president has done anywhere near what we've done in his first six months. Not even close." The speech came after The Boy Scouts of America were forced to deny endorsing Mr Trump when he turned a jamboree speech in West Virginia into a campaign-style rally. Speaking to more than 35,000 people, bragged about his election victory, blasted "fake news," bemoaned the lack of loyalty in Washington DC's "cesspool" and encouraged the crowd to boo both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He also caused a storm on Wednesday by banning transgender people from serving in the US military, blaming "disruption" and "medical costs".... read more
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Minneapolis police to change officer body camera policy 

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Minneapolis officials are planning changes to the police department's policy on body cameras following the shooting by an officer of an unarmed Australian woman this month.... read more
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Nestle responds to high demand for exotic Kit Kats 

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Wasabi, green tea and sake aren't just foods in Japan, they're also a few of the many versions of Kit Kats offered in the country.... read more
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Director reveals why he keeps covering Tom Hardy's face in his films 

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The filmmaker recently opened up about the handsome star's penchant for taking on roles that obscure his good looks.... read more
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Mid-winter 'energy poverty' grips Australia logo
Power prices have surged again in the middle of winter, leaving huge swathes of Australian suburbs struggling to keep their heaters on.... read more
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Government pledge to pay back employment tribunal fees after court ruling 

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Midlands TUC says there was a 72 per cent cut in tribunal claims as workers were 'priced out of justice' by fee hike... read more
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Leon Osman backs Everton to clinch £50m deal for Gylfi Sigurdsson 

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The former Blues midfielder backed the Toffees to secure the club-record deal before the transfer window shuts... read more
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Knowsley Council reassure adult social care service users over future plans 

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The borough's ruling authority say the provisions they run are being "safeguarded for the future"... read more
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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho gives injury update 

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Man Utd news has the latest on Juan Mata and Ander Herrera's fitness ahead of the pre-season fixture vs Barcelona.... read more
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Metrolink ticket machines are about to stop taking the old pound coins 

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Soon the Metrolink ticket machines will only take the new 12-sided pound coins... read more
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5 ways to harness the positive power of gratitude in your everyday life 

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Gratitude is powerful. It makes us feel happier, healthier and more hopeful. Life flows when we are more grateful. And it's not just us who benefit; imbuing our lives with daily gratitude has the power to ripple outwards to everyone and everything we come into contact with. Today's culture can often feel out of balance. We are bombarded by information and overloaded with stuff. We compare ourselves to others daily - often before we've even got out of bed. And the data is now in. Scientific research has confirmed that after a certain point (once our basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and transportation are covered) the increasing affluence in the West over the last few generations has had no correlation with our happiness or wellbeing. So what does this actually mean? Is our belief in the power of the material waning? Is confusing our human needs with our perpetual wants doing us more harm than good? Perhaps it's time to reassess our patterns of thinking and doing - and create some new ones. We can last roughly three minutes without air, three hours without warmth, three days without water and three weeks without food. How many other things can we not live without - but often fail to appreciate in the daily rush from A to B? Here are five small but significant changes we can make to our everyday routines that will invite more gratitude into our lives. 1. Break the autopilot Read more How to live a more 'friluftsliv' life Four out of five of us check our phones within the first 15 minutes of waking up; 80 per centof us say it's the first thing we do in the morning. Instead of racing straight into your morning routine, next time try taking just a few moments to greet the new day with appreciation. Take several long, deep breaths, appreciate your lungs and the abundance of clean air, notice the light in your room, the smells and the sounds that surround you. It has taken over 4.5 billion years for us to get here - but it only takes a minute to welcome in the wonder of a new day on Earth. 2. Brighten up your commute The average city commuter encounters more than 2,000 adverts a day. Often we're so rushed to get to our destination that we fail to widen our perspective and appreciate the journey. Have you ever stopped to notice the shapes, objects and patterns that come together to make up our daily environment? Maybe they are functional - lines to keep us safe, squares to stack, spots to signal the way; or perhaps they are decorative, adding beautiful touches to things we often overlook. Some will be both. Today, try observing the patterns that have been designed to support you in your day-to-day life. You could even try following a stripe and see where it leads. 3. Embrace simplicity Cultures across the globe, from Indian monks to American neuroscientists, speak of the benefits of switching off in order to fully engage with the present moment. In an overstretched, ever-connected world, it can feel difficult to do just one thing at a time. Today, try breaking the pattern of multitasking and enjoy the experience of focusing on a single thing: eating your dinner without digital distractions, reading a book minus endless notifications, walking in the park and listening to the birds. 4. Reflect on supply cycles Read more 100-year-old woman says drinking wine is the key to long life In a world of abundance it's easy to forget how much time, effort and energy goes into making even the humblest product on the supermarket shelf. Take a moment to think of one of your favourite products that you love and enjoy, from nectarines to newspapers. Imagine the web of people, processes and places involved in making it. Send some gratitude out to the supply chain next time you enjoy it. 5. Notice nature Time spent in nature has countless benefits for the wellbeing of both our body and our mind - from reduced stress to increased self-esteem and emotional balance. In an increasingly complex culture, our basic dependency on the air, sun, earth and the rain has faded into the background, and the tender relationships between plants, animals and all living things lie largely out of view. Consider spending some time out of your schedule to venture into nature for some solitude and reconnection with the system that gently and silently supports us all each day. Anny Murray and Grace Winteringham are the founders of creative studio Patternity and authors of Be Great, Be Gratetful: A Gratitude Journal for Positive Living is available to buy here from July 27 (Pop press, £12.99)... read more
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Nintendo Switch sells another 2 million as company profit surges 

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Still projecting 10 million sold in the first year&nbsp;... read more
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