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Alexa, make my kid polite: Echo to get child-friendly update 

Associated Press
Alexa has a new mission: trying to get kids to ask questions more politely.&nbsp;... read more
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Details of Toronto victims, most of whom were women, begin to emerge 

The Washington Post
Officials said that the victims of the van attack were "predominantly female."... read more
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Bars are allowed to throw out Donald Trump supporters, judge rules 

Evening Standard
A US judge has ruled that bars are allowed to refuse service to Donald Trump supporters because the law does not protect against political discrimination. It comes after a man took legal action against a Philadelphia pub for being thrown out while wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, the New York Post reported. Greg Piatek, 30, claimed he was shown the door by the bar's manager as he was told: "Anyone who supports Trump - or believes what you believe - is not welcome here. And you need to leave right now because we won't serve you". But at a hearing on Wednesday Manhattan judge David Cohen ruled that there is nothing "outrageous" about throwing out supporters of the US President, according to the Post. "Plaintiff does not state any faith-based principle to which the hat relates," said Judge Cohen as Mr Piatek's case for unspecified emotional damages was dismissed. Mr Piatek and his lawyer are reviewing the decision to determine whether or not to appeal.... read more
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Twelve domestic flights delayed due to Sydney fog
About a dozen domestic flights arriving into Sydney have been delayed by up to 30 minutes due to the fog.... read more
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Whistleblower: Cambridge Analytica's Campaign of Discontent Tied to Bannon 

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie told House Democrats that Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump's former adviser, was behind much of the company's early focus on promoting public discontent to influence U.S. elections.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:54:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Nicole Kidman shows off PDA with 'my love' Keith Urban 

&nbsp;There's no Big Little Lie about it: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are one of the cutest couples around. One night after toasting her honor at the TIME 100 gala in New York City, the Oscar-winning actress, 50, shared a cute photo of the pair, who wed in 2006, on Instagram Wednesday. "Great night last night, loved sharing it with my love. Thank you #time100," Kidman captioned a picture of her and Urban, 50, in the car holding hands as she laid her head on his shoulder. RELATED: Adam Rippon Sniffed Keith Urban at Nicole Kidman's Urging - and Confirmed He Smells 'Really Good!' Great night last night, loved sharing it with my love. Thank you #time100 A post shared by Nicole Kidman (@nicolekidman) on Apr 25, 2018 at 10:07am PDT Want to keep up on the latest from PEOPLE? Sign up for our daily newsletter to get our best stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox. The Big Little Lies star's PDA-filled photo follows Urban's sweet gesture at a music event on Tuesday. The country star and his wife hit the stage together at the Spotify Fans First event while promoting his upcoming album, Graffiti U, to sing the Ed Sheeran-penned song, "Parallel Line." Kidman tapped her feet, swayed and sang the sweet, sentimental chorus, "Baby be mine now, maybe it's time we put our hearts in a parallel line," before shaking her head and burying her face in her hands. After accepting a warm kiss and embrace from her husband, she told the crowd: "I'm so embarrassed!" RELATED: Nicole Kidman &amp; Keith Urban's Secrets to a Healthy, Long-lasting Relationship #ParallelLine . @nicolekidman . #SpotifyFansFirst . #GraffitiU A post shared by Keith Urban (@keithurban) on Apr 23, 2018 at 8:17pm PDT While fans eagerly anticipate the release of Graffiti U on Friday, Urban teased that one of the songs on the 13-track album is written for Kidman. Named after Kidman's astrological sign, the ninth song titled "Gemini" is a sexy song Urban co-wrote that features the chorus, "She's a maniac in the bed, but a brainiac in her head." Urban launches his Graffiti U concert tour on June 15 in St. Louis.... read more
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Golden State Killer suspect lived suburban California life 

Associated Press
The man authorities say is among the worst serial killers and rapists in U.S. history is a 72-year-old Vietnam War veteran, former police officer and grandfather who lived quietly in a tidy suburban California home. Joseph James DeAngelo was described as an odd but decent neighbor in suburban Sacramento. Neighbors said he mostly kept to himself, but was quick to anger and could often be heard loudly cussing in frustration over a landscaping issue or other minor annoyance.... read more
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Plane Makes Emergency Landing in England After Windshield Cracks 

"No fuss was made, no drama, all very professional," a passenger said of the emergency landing.... read more
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Pompeo set to be confirmed on Thursday 

The Hill
The Senate will take a final vote on CIA Director Mike Pompeo's Secretary of State nomination on Thursday. Senators locked in an initial vote for Pompeo on Thursday at noon, followed immediately by a final vote on his nomination. The agreement speeds up the timeline for Pompeo's nomination, where opponents could have delayed a final vote until Friday. Pompeo now has the votes to be confirmed.In addition...... read more
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Kanye West calls Trump 'my brother' 

Rapper and designer Kanye West says he still supports President Donald Trump - calling him "my brother" as part of a days-long Twitter rant about life, philosophy, music and politics.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:30:00 Categories: Time

Why you shouldn't be afraid of your plane losing an engine 

Lifehacker Australia
The terrifying story of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 near-crash is still fresh in flyers' minds, but a commercial jet losing an engine isn't usually something to be afraid of.&nbsp;... read more
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Nasty flashback for Bayern as Real masters make them suffer again 

The Guardian
Real Madrid did as Real Madrid tend to do, leaving Germany's champions with a tall order in the second leg at the Bernabéu on Tuesday... read more
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Is Prince William hinting at this Royal baby name? 

The Telegraph
The Duke of Cambridge has fuelled speculation about the name of his new baby boy.... read more
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Poll: Mueller likely to find Trump offenses, Trump likely to fire him 

FOX News
Most voters think it is important to continue investigating whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia -- but more believe President Trump will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller before he's done.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:30:00 Categories: FOX News

Harvey swears at reporters when asked about his 1st bullpen outing 

Matt Harvey still wasn't ready to speak with the media the day after making his bullpen debut for the New York Mets, and he didn't have much trouble getting that point across.... read more
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Emmanuel Macron tells US to reject isolationism in pointed address to Congress 

Evening Standard
French President Emmanuel Macron urged the US to reject fear and isolationism in an apparent rebuke to Donald Trump. He urged the US President to continue his country's tradition of playing an active role on the world stage. Addressing the US Congress at the end of his visit to the country, Mr Macron quickly turned to topics where he and Mr Trump disagree, including Syria, the Iran nuclear deal, free trade and the Paris accord on climate change. He urged the United States not to retreat from its historic and military role in world affairs. "We are living in a time of anger and fear" because of "global threats", Mr Macron said. "You can play with fears and angers for a time, but they do not construct anything." Macron addressed US politicians in Congress, and won repeated standing ovations With a nod to great American leaders, including former president Franklin Roosevelt, he warned against withdrawing from the world in fear. "We have two possible ways ahead. "We can choose isolationism, withdrawal and nationalism. It can be tempting to us as a temporary remedy to our fears," he said. "But closing the door to the world will not stop the evolution of the world." He proposed a "new breed of militarism" that was more effective, accountable and results-oriented. "This requires more than ever the United States involvement," he said. In a near hour-long speech, he reiterated French support for US sanctions on Pyongyang toward the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, and said as for Iran: "our objective is clear: Iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons". But he warned against simply abandoning the multi-nation Iran nuclear deal, as Mr Trump has considered, promoting a "more comprehensive deal" he has been discussing with White House officials during his US visit. Mr Macron also warned that lies disseminated online are threatening freedoms worldwide, and in a play on Mr Trump's famous campaign slogan, he said he was confident the US will re-join the Paris climate agreement. Read more Kim slaps down Kanye after rapper tweets: 'Trump is my brother' "Let us work together in order to make our planet great again and create new jobs and new opportunities while safeguarding our earth". If Earth's climate continues to warm, "there is no Planet B," he added. The independent centrist president, who does not always receive such a robust welcome at home, was greeted with repeated standing ovations from members of Congress, including Republicans, who have not always aligned with French leaders on policy. In recounting common bonds from the earliest days of the United States, Mr Macron talked about a meeting between Ben Franklin and the French philosopher Voltaire, "kissing each other's cheeks". In an apparent reference to his friendly meetings this week with Mr Trump, he said: "It can remind you of something." Mr Macron was speaking as part of his visit to the United States. It is the first time a president from France has addressed Congress in more than a decade, but follows a tradition of foreign leaders appearing at the US Capitol.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:25:16 Categories: Evening Standard

Trump lawyer Cohen says will take 5th in Stormy Daniels case 

<p>Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says will assert 5th Amendment right in all proceeding of Stormy Daniels case - filing</p>... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:24:00 Categories: Reuters

Donald Trump's travel ban 'likely to be upheld' by US Supreme Court 

Evening Standard
Donald Trump's travel ban is likely to be upheld by the US Supreme Court after conservative judges showed support for the president's controversial plans. Those challenging the ban will most likely need the support of Chief justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy if the court is to strike down the policy. But neither appeared receptive to arguments made by lawyer Neal Katyal, representing the ban's opponents, that Trump's rule stems from his campaign pledge to keep Muslims out of the country. It comes after the justices in December allowed the ban, which Mr Trump first imposed by executive order as one his first moves as leader, to take full effect despite an on-going legal fight. Protesters rally outside the US Supreme Court while the court justices consider the case (REUTERS) The US leader's plans, which Mr Trump will hope survive the ongoing Supreme Court review, were heard for the first time in open court on Wednesday. The court is now considering the third version of the travel ban, which bars or limits entry to citizens of five Muslim-majority countries - Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen - as well as North Korea. Read more Trump travel ban sparked alarm in Foreign Office, internal files show Human rights groups and other critics have branded Mr Trump's proposals as an unmistakable attempt to make good on his campaign pledge to ban all Muslims from entering the US. Since then, lower courts have struck down three version of the travel ban, declaring it discriminatory on the basis of nationality and religion.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:22:00 Categories: Evening Standard

Cramer: Market volatility is a chance to re-evaluate portfolio 

... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:20:00 Categories: CNBC

China's Ambitious New Rain-Making System Would Be as Big as Alaska 

China's state-owned aerospace corporation is embarking on a plan that would see tens of thousands of fuel-burning, cloud-seeding chambers dispersed across the Tibetan Plateau in an attempt to increase rainfall in the region. It sounds impressive, but it's an open question as to whether this extensive rain-making system will even work, or how it may impact neighboring communities.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2018 4:12:00 Categories: Gizmodo
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