These retro interior designs are reducing the value of your home 

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And how to fix them.... read more
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Why Queen has been wearing the same nail polish for almost 30 years 

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It's her favourite shade for a reason.... read more
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Five missed opportunities that could have stopped bomber 

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The Manchester suicide bomber was repeatedly flagged to the authorities over his extremist views, but was not stopped by officers, it emerged Wednesday night.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 13:04:46 Categories: The Telegraph logo

UK to stop sharing info after US leaks 

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Police hunting the terror network behind the Manchester Arena bombing have stopped passing information to the US on the investigation as a major transatlantic row erupted over leaks of key evidence in the US, according to a report.... read more
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Wisconsin seeks to be first to drug test Medicaid applicants 

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Gov. Scott Walker wants to make Wisconsin the first state in the country to require childless adults applying for Medicaid to undergo drug screening, a move that could serve as a national model.... read more
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Taiwan war games simulate China invasion 

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Taiwan forces simulated an invasion by China Thursday as part of live-fire war games against a backdrop of rising tensions with Beijing.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 13:04:40 Categories: AFP logo

Soldiers try to restore order in besieged Philippine city 

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Army tanks packed with soldiers rolled into a southern Philippine city Thursday to try to restore control after ISIS-linked militants launched a violent siege that sent thousands of people fleeing for their lives and raised fears of extremists gaining traction in the country.... read more
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Bethenny Frankel's mom calls her 'a moron' and 'liar' 

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Bethenny Frankel and her mom have been feuding for 16 years.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 13:04:37 Categories: Wonderwall logo

Is it time to sell the Australian Dollar (A$)? 

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The Australian Dollar (A$) (AUDUSD) has fallen around 2.7% in the past fortnight. It could be time to invest in the US Dollar (USD).... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:41 Categories: The Motley Fool logo

West Bromwich Albion: 2017/2018 Premier League kit is released - take a look 

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This is the kit that West Brom will be wearing next season... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:39 Categories: Birmingham Mail logo

Manchester attack: Theresa May to confront Donald Trump over 'unacceptable' leaking of intelligence to US press 

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Theresa May is set to confront Donald Trump over the "completely unacceptable" leaking of intelligence on the Manchester bomb attack to the US press. Whitehall officials are said to be "furious" after details and pictures connected to the probe continued to appear in the American media against the Home Secretary's instructions. It also emerged today that police are to stop sharing information with US authorities. UK Government ministers hit out at their US counterparts on Wednesday evening after the New York Times published crime scene photographs showing bloodstained fragments of Salman Abedi's bomb. The graphic pictures appeared a day after the bomber's name was briefed to the US media against the wishes of Greater Manchester Police, hours after Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed she had told US authorities not to leak material about the atrocity. In a statement released by the National Police Chiefs' Council, a spokesman for National Counter Terrorism Policing said: "We greatly value the important relationships we have with our trusted intelligence, law enforcement and security partners around the world. "These relationships enable us to collaborate and share privileged and sensitive information that allows us to defeat terrorism and protect the public at home and abroad. Read more Minute's silence to be held for Manchester terror attack victims "When that trust is breached it undermines these relationships, and undermines our investigations and the confidence of victims, witnesses and their families. "This damage is even greater when it involves unauthorised disclosure of potential evidence in the middle of a major counter-terrorism investigation." The disclosure is regarded as "completely unacceptable" by Britain, because of the distress it may cause families of those killed or injured and because of the risk it could complicate investigations. Video not available for syndication Theresa May raises terror threat rating to 'critical' The row - which goes to the heart of the close intelligence-sharing relationship between the transatlantic allies - provides an awkward backdrop to the Prime Minister's meeting with President Trump at the Nato summit in Brussels. A Whitehall source said: "We are furious. This is completely unacceptable. "These images leaked from inside the US system will be distressing for victims, their families and the wider public. "The issue is being raised at every relevant level by the British authorities with their US counterparts." Donald Trump condemned the Manchester bomber as an 'evil loser' (Reuters) The new pictures show torn scraps from a blue rucksack as well as screws and nuts used as shrapnel and a metal item which the newspaper suggests could have been part of the bomb's detonator. The NYT described them as "law enforcement images" but did not make clear how they had been obtained. The nature of the photographs - one of which includes a ruler placed alongside the detonator - left no doubt that they were taken as part of the forensic investigation of the scene, and were not snapshots taken by members of the public. The paper also published a map showing the location of the victims of the bombing, positioned in a circle around the site of the explosion in the arena foyer, as well as what is thought to be Abedi's torso some distance away. Speaking on Wednesday morning, before the publication of the photos, the Home Secretary said she did not believe the Americans had compromised the investigation with the early release of information including the numbers of casualties, the name of the bomber and suspicions he was not acting alone. But she added: "Quite frankly, the British police have been very clear that they want to control the flow of information in order to protect operational integrity, the element of surprise, so it is irritating if it gets released from other sources and I have been very clear with our friends that that should not happen again." Greater Manchester metro mayor Andy Burnham said that a decision had been taken early in the investigation to be cautious about putting information into the public domain. He tweeted: "Complained to acting US Ambassador about leaks out of US and was assured they would stop. They haven't. Arrogant, wrong and disrespectful to GM (Greater Manchester)." Congressman Adam Schiff, a senior member of the House Intelligence Committee, said: "If we gave up information that has interfered in any way with their investigation because it tipped off people in Britain - perhaps associates of this person that we identified as the bomber - then that's a real problem and they have every right to be furious." Britain's intelligence links with the US are among the closest in the world, and information is routinely shared by security and intelligence agencies as part of the special relationship between the transatlantic allies.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:37 Categories: Evening Standard logo

Somalis flee famine, but find death in a place of refuge 

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People seeking refuge from a killer drought are facing awful choices.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:36 Categories: The Washington Post logo

How Prosecco knocked champagne off its pedestal 

The Independent logo
The transformation of "bringing a bottle" equating to "bring a prosecco" began about four years ago, for me. ... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:34 Categories: The Independent logo

Are Long Island Iced Teas really that bad? 

Refinery29 logo
When's the last time you ordered a Long Island Iced Tea? We'd be seriously hard pressed to remember any specific occasion when we slugged down one of these potent cocktails. ... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:32 Categories: Refinery29 logo

House OKs bill making nude photo sharing in military a crime 

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<p>The House has unanimously approved legislation that makes it a crime for U.S. service members to distribute intimate photos or videos of people without first getting their consent.</p>... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:48:30 Categories: Associated Press logo

Air Force WR, NFL hopeful blocked from graduation 

<p>Former Air Force Academy wide receiver Jalen Robinette did not graduate with his classmates Wednesday while the Air Force investigates his credentials for graduation and commission.</p>... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:33:49 Categories: USA TODAY SPORTS logo

Two arrested over Melbourne shooting 

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Two people have been arrested after a firearms incident near the Crown Casino in Melbourne but no charges have been laid as yet.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:20:39 Categories: AAP logo

Wallaby Beale rested for June tests, Genia back 

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Australia utility back Kurtley Beale will miss the Wallabies' June tests against Fiji, Scotland and Italy but France-based scrumhalf Will Genia will be available for selection, coach Michael Cheika said on Thursday.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:20:37 Categories: Reuters logo

Aussie couple diagnosed with cancer months apart 

NowToLove logo
What should have been an exciting time in this Melbourne couple's life turned into a nightmare when a routine blood test found heartbreaking results.... read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:20:34 Categories: NowToLove logo

Twelfth Night, theatre review: The theatrical equivalent of a scorched-earth policy 

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Emma Rice was never going to go quietly. And why should she, the innovative artistic director whose distinctly non-traditional practices fell foul of the Globe's purists? This is her second and last season at the helm and the final new production she herself will direct for the main space. It's exuberant, anarchic, accessible and quite, quite maddening. It is, in fact, the theatrical equivalent of a scorched-earth policy - and a mischievous part of me hopes that it breaks all the venue's previous box office records. Shakespearean traditionalists - and presumably the majority of the Globe's board - will be having conniptions within two minutes flat. The action starts on the SS Unity, a ship where it's all white-clad sailors, 1970s disco, sequins and a rendition of We are Family. The inventions and irritations keep coming thick and fast in a show in which music is accorded high importance. The text has been sharply cut, many old-fashioned words have been altered and some things appear to have been jiggered about with just for the hell of it. What's lost, quite simply, is any sense of depth in the narrative itself, not to mention the rich, swirling ambiguity, often concerning matters sexual, that prevails in Illyria. Nonetheless, the audience, so different to one at the august RSC, were visibly delighted and queues for returns for a Shakespeare production that is not star-led should never be under-estimated. Drag performer Le Gateau Chocolat plays Feste and singularly fails to capture any of the character's unique and melancholy wisdom. Unlike Tamsin Greig up the river at the National, Katy Owen is a non-gender-altered Malvolio - the way forward in the equal access for actresses stakes, for sure - who loses pathos by hectic over-emphasis. Far better is Anita-Joy Uwajeh as an emotionally open Viola. I sincerely hope that audiences won't have this production as their only point of reference for this most beguiling of plays, but I confidently predict that it's going to be a huge popular favourite. In rep until Aug 5, Shakespeare's Globe; read more
25. toukokuuta 2017 12:20:32 Categories: Evening Standard logo
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