Data row: CA worked for JD(U) 

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... read more
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Boeing hit by cyberattack, says jetliner production not affected 

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Boeing Co. said it was hit by a cyberattack, following a Seattle Times report that some manufacturing equipment used to build its 787 Dreamliner and newest 777 wide-body jets could be crippled.... read more
29. maaliskuuta 2018 8:30:00 Categories: Bloomberg

Magellan tears up Cricket Australia sponsorship deal 

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<p>Wealth-management company Magellan has terminated its three-year sponsorship agreement with Cricket Australia in response to the ball-tampering scandal.</p>... read more
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Red Wings, Sabres surveying the future 

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With neither the Detroit Red Wings nor the Buffalo Sabres playing postseason hockey next month, both teams are focusing on younger players who can help them down the road.... read more
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Good Friday Agreement: Historic deal reached in N Ireland 20 years ago 

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of The Belfast Agreement, more commonly known as The Good Friday Agreement, which was signed in Northern Ireland on 10th April 1998.&nbsp;... read more
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Girl wins $1000 every week for the rest of her life 

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Canadian teenager Charlie Lagarde won $1,000 per week for life, lottery officials say.... read more
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H&M sits on billions of unsold clothes as profits dive logo
The retail behemoth has posted is lowest numbers in over a decade. The news comes amidst an increase in online shopping, as well as as series of human rights scandals.... read more
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TV Review: 'Alex, Inc.' Starring Zach Braff 

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A sitcom about a guy who podcasts seems like a randomly generated punchline to a joke about media in 2018 - perhaps like one of the white cards in the game Cards Against Humanity, a phrase just waiting to fit the blank space of a setup. In this case, the white card is "Alex, Inc.," and the setup is something snarky about increasingly Balkanized media demographics. No one laughs. "Alex, Inc." is an adaptation of Alex Blumberg's popular 2014 ...... read more
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Iraqi monument destroyed by IS recreated in London 

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A reconstruction, made from date syrup cans, of an ancient Iraqi statue destroyed by Islamic State jihadists was unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square on Wednesday.... read more
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Walker sets all-time Hornets scoring record 

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Walker's latest franchise mark further solidifies him as arguably the greatest player in Charlotte basketball history - Bobcats or Hornets.... read more
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12 fitness myths that are doing more harm than good 

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Exercise is the closest thing to a miracle drug that we have, but much of the public wisdom surrounding fitness has been either too vague or conflicting to be helpful.... read more
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Seven newsreader avoids court charge 

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A Seven Network newsreader has avoided being charged with contempt in the Supreme Court of Victoria.... read more
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The couple who helped keep Prince Harry and Markle's love a secret 

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&nbsp;Royal expert Katie Nicholl sheds some light on how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kept their relationship lowkey.... read more
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Golden Knights' Reaves opens up about trash talk and goal celebrations 

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Ryan Reaves talks trash at world-class levels. He does not lob insults so much as pelt triple-digit fastballs that paint the black, swing away if you dare. It probably helps that these barbs are backed by 225 pounds of tattooed, pork-powered muscle (more on that later), but the Golden Knights winger can hurl some creative verbal uppercuts too. "Being able to chirp back and forth is one of my favorite things in hockey, especially if somebody is talking s--- after a fight," Reaves says, though his absolute favorite move involves saying nothing at all. "My big thing is laughing in guys' faces. I think that drives people crazy. In my eyes, anyway." All of which leads to a burning question: How would Ryan Reaves go after Ryan Reaves? "I'd go straight for the hands, first of all," he says. "I look like I'm stickhandling cinder blocks. I'd probably start with that. Oh, where else would I go? Probably tell myself that I'm dragging around at least two pianos out there, that I should probably mix in a hard stride. I'd start with the hands, though. You got to go with the hands." Clearly self-awareness and humor are strengths. So is, well, strength. It was surprising enough when Reaves learned he had been from St. Louis traded to Pittsburgh last June, effectively hired as personal protection for the likes of Sidney Crosby. But then he was shipped west toward Sin City, whereupon Vegas general manager George McPhee lauded acquiring "a big strong guy that brings some grit" in a three-team trade on Feb. 23. "It's been fun," says Reaves, who had two assists in 15 games on the Pacific Division-leading Golden Knights' fourth line through Tuesday. "It's a bunch of players all in the same boat. They all have something to prove. They all have been let go by their teams and picked up here, and everybody has a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. Everybody's out here proving that they should've been protected by their team or they made a mistake." To a degree, this includes Reaves. His stint with the two-time defending Stanley Cup champions lasted all of six months, but he left behind a trail of meme-worthy moments: answering questions while wearing a Steelers helmet; conducting a Reddit AMA in which he contemplated fighting 100 duck-sized Cody McLeods or one Cody McLeod-sized duck; whooping winger Phil Kessel in basketball; startling the bejesus out of Kessel with a clown mask; customizing a Thriller-themed Kessel T-shirt that someone else now sells on Amazon . We're sensing a theme here. In a wide-ranging-and mostly ridiculous-Q&amp;A with, Reaves discusses his friendship with Kessel, his football background (his father Willard was a standout CFL running back), planning goal celebrations, imitating goal horns and more. SI: What's the most Vegas thing that's happened to you so far? RR: I haven't really done too much yet. I went to see my buddy Alonzo Bodden, he's a comedian here, I went to see his comedy show. He had me on the floor laughing the whole time. I haven't seen too many shows. We went to Absinthe when I was with Pittsburgh, and that show was hilarious. Probably the funniest show I've ever seen. The craziest time was we were playing soccer before the game and one of the loading dock gates opened right next to where we were playing. You could just see the Strip right there. I stopped and was like, "I can't believe I'm playing hockey here." SI: Are you happy to be in the Western Conference? RR: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. When you play in the West, if you go out East, you don't really realize the difference. But when you play in the East, then playing against the Eastern teams, you see the difference. It's more quickness and pace and not a lot of big bodies out there. And out West there's definitely some bigger teams to play a little more physical game. I definitely like the West better. I think it's tailor-made for my game. SI: But Vegas didn't really have a player like you. They were the opposite of that model. RR: They still are, I think. It's a quick team. I remember when we played them with Pittsburgh, they were flying around all over the ice and we couldn't handle their speed. Maybe it was just that day, but they surprised us and I think they've surprised a lot of teams with how fast they are throughout the season. I think we're a dangerous team because we have that much speed. The fans are into it the whole game. It's loud. They put on a good show. They've got the drumline. I used to play a little drums when I was younger. I think that's so cool they have that during the game. Just everything they do, the production, how loud they play the music, everything . you just feel like you're in Vegas. SI: Tell me about your drum days. RR: In my school you had to be in band for three years. They put me at clarinet, and I don't know if I look like I belonged playing the clarinet, but I didn't think so. So I switched over to drums. I used to have a drum kit. I wasn't anything special but I used to play around a little bit. Once I left that school to play hockey in Brandon, I wasn't in band anymore. I didn't bring my drum kit with me. That was it. I never really picked it up again. SI: They should ask you to go up there in the castle at T-Mobile Arena. RR: I'd need some practice. Couldn't be messing up the drumline in front of 20,000 people. SI: Have you done the what-if math in your mind, if you had stuck to football? RR: I did it a little bit in the minors. My first year in Brandon was my first year not playing football and I really missed it. I thought about going back. I remember I was talking to my parents, I think I want to play football again. I just never really pulled the trigger on it. I guess I run through it in my head once or twice, but you never know. I was good when I was young, but I could've been bottom of the barrel or I could've been really good. It's tough to say. SI: Okay, hypothetically, you're an NHL tight end right now. You catch a touchdown. What's the celebration? RR: You know what, it would probably be something to do with the stadium we were playing in. I have so many good ones that I want to do on the ice in different arenas. I just don't score enough. SI: Can you share any, or are they surprises? RR: I mean, it's going to be a big surprise if I score, so . I know in Columbus, I wanted to scrape the ice and do the LeBron James, throw the baby powder. See, I've got good ones coming up. But I just don't score, so you'll never see them. I had one for Detroit where I was going to put my glove on my stick and slam it down and do the Little Caesars pizza-pizza thing. I don't know if people would've understood what it was. SI: Do you think hockey players should be more creative with their celebrations? RR: Absolutely. I think things like that sell the game. You need a little bit of flare in sports. People talk about football celebrations. They brought it back for a reason. People talk about it. People want to see it. It doesn't have to be anything crazy, but I think guys should do something. I'd be doing something every day if I was a goal-scorer. I'd have 100 different ones. SI: Did you really eat pork chops with applesauce during intermission in juniors? RR: Yeah, I would do either three pork chops with applesauce, or three burgers. And it'd be two before warmups, then one after the first period. I went through food like a garbage disposal. It was out of control how much I ate. I would be absolutely starving by the second period. I couldn't deal with it anymore, so I just started eating. I think I stopped in [AHL's] Peoria, my first [pro] year, because I didn't want to hear the heat about it. At home, my billets would make it. On the road, I'd usually ask someone in the arena to go grab me a couple burgers. Usually it was burgers on the road, pork chops at home. I ... read more
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Boris just somehow compared deadly Novichok to lightsaber 

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The mop-haired Foreign Secretary made the torturous analogy in the opulent surroundings of the Lord Mayor of London's Easter Banquet... read more
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Paralympian 'told to prove disability' 

Daily Mail logo
Sophia Warner, 43, who has cerebral palsy and ran in world championships and at London 2012, said she 'cried all the way home' after the flight from Milan to Gatwick yesterday.... read more
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Man who killed wife in front of children jailed for life 

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<p>The man will be eligible for parole in 30 years.</p>... read more
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Gun heist again puts Compton under scrutiny 

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The guns were kept in a 1920s-era vault in a municipal building on North Alameda Street. Compton officials struggled for months to say where they came from, and now where a load of them have gone. The city dismantled its police force 18 years ago. Were they left over from the old department? Were they sidearms removed four years ago from code enforcement officers who had ...... read more
29. maaliskuuta 2018 7:35:00 Categories: Los Angeles Times

Gun heist again puts Compton under scrutiny 

Los Angeles Times logo
The guns were kept in a 1920s-era vault in a municipal building on North Alameda Street. Compton officials struggled for months to say where they came from, and now where a load of them have gone. The city dismantled its police force 18 years ago. Were they left over from the old department? Were they sidearms removed four years ago from code enforcement officers who had ...... read more
29. maaliskuuta 2018 7:35:00 Categories: Los Angeles Times

Rugby pair now set to sue BBC logo
Ulster and Ireland rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding are to pursue a privacy lawsuit against the BBC following their acquittal at Belfast Crown Court.... read more
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