Aston Villa sack Roberto Di Matteo: 7 damning statistics about his reign 

Birmingham Mail
Roberto Di Matteo was brought in to turn round a sinking ship - but left with the statistics still looking startling... read more
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'Why Aston Villa next manager won't be Huddersfield Town's David Wagner' 

Birmingham Mail
Huddersfield Examiner writer Doug Thomson has warned Aston Villa off David Wagner... read more
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A police official in Paris said five assailants, who are still at large, stole a jewellery box containing valuables worth six million euros as well as a ring worth four million euros. Kim Kardashian West flies out of Paris after being robbed at gunpoint 

Birmingham Mail
TV Reality star Kim Kardashian West has left Paris on a private jet after she was robbed at gunpoint of £8 million-worth of jewellery. The reality star was photographed boarding a private plane at Le Bourget airport alongside her bodyguard and personal assistant hours after the raid at an exclusive private apartment building in the French capital. A police official in Paris said five assailants, who are still at large, stole a jewellery ...... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:21 Categories: Birmingham Mail

It's a Euromillions rollover tomorrow - this is how Scouse lotto winners are most likely to celebrate 

Liverpool Echo
Survey finds most Scousers would celebrate a jackpot win with a family meal... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:19 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Charlotte Crosby parties with Freshers and visits Liverpool ONE 

Liverpool Echo
The Geordie Shore star stepped out with her new boyfriend... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:18 Categories: Liverpool Echo

34 people ordered to leave Central Park in Wallasey during crackdown on yob behaviour 

Liverpool Echo
Special police powers covered the area after reports of anti-social activity... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:16 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Watch Everton fan Molly McCann wins via devastating knockout 

Liverpool Echo
'Meatball' retained ShockNAwe title in Portsmouth on Saturday evening... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:15 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Liverpool's best and worst penalty takers: Where is ice-cool Milner? 

Liverpool Echo
Reds new spot-kick king features high on the list... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:13 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Soccerex founder Duncan Revie dies aged 62 

Manchester Evening News
The son of former England manager Don passed away peacefully after a brief illness.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:11 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Tube passengers stuck in a lift for 90 minutes at Elephant and Castle 

Evening Standard
More than 20 people were trapped in a packed Tube station lift for an hour and a half on Sunday night after the emergency door failed to open. Marusca Cirulli, who was one of the passengers locked in, has described her terror and called the lift "a mortal trap and tragedy waiting to happen". One of the passengers, a little girl, had to urinate in a plastic bag while another woman suffered a panic attack, she said. The lift, at Elephant and Castle Tube station, cut out just before it reached the ground on the Tube level on Sunday evening. Crowded: Over 20 people were inside the faulty lift. (Marusca Cirulli) "There was some kind of bump," Ms Cirulli, from Eltham, told the Standard as she described the moment the lift broke at around 6pm. Staff arrived and tried to open the emergency door on the side of the lift - but it was completely jammed. "Their emergency door did not open as it was faulty and stuck," she said. Agitated: The emergency door on the side of the lift failed to open. (Marusca Cirulli) "The lift was about two metres by two metres, it was quite packed in there and everybody was standing. "It was stressful, one girl started to cry and had a panic attack. There was a doctor in the lift with us and they tried to calm her down. The rest of us, we got agitated." London Fire Brigade were called and at around 7.30pm the lift was fixed, freeing the anxious Tube passengers and allowing them to continue their journey. But 41-year-old Ms Cirulli said she is worried about the condition of the lifts because of the emergency exit's failure to open. "It is obvious that they do not regularly care of maintaining the emergency exit," she said. "That lift is a mortal trap and a tragedy waiting to happen. "If there would have been a fire or any other issue on the outside, we would have died like rats as nobody was able to free us." Another woman who was one of the 21 trapped, Emma Parker, said on Twitter: "It took an hour and 20 minutes and the 'emergency door' wouldn't open. Bloody useless." The London Ambulance Service's HART team said: "Tonight we attended a faulty lift full of people at Elephant and Castle." They said all passengers were safe and well. The Standard has contacted Transport for London for comment.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:10 Categories: Evening Standard

HIV charity chief warns against 'false hope' of scientific breakthrough and calls for more support for patients 

Evening Standard
The chief of a leading HIV charity has praised a potential cure for the virus but warned it should be treated with "cautious optimism" to avoid giving false hope to patients. Scientists today revealed that a London man may have become the world's first person to be cured of HIV in a potential groundbreaking step towards a cure for the disease. The CEO of the Terrence Higgins Trust hailed the development, saying it would change the lives of people who live with the disease and are forced to have regular medication and treatment. Ian Green said: "This would have a huge impact because the virus would be totally cured rather than treated. London man could be the first person cured of HIV "Any research is a good thing and it is great this is coming from the UK. "But there has been false hope in the past for people living with HIV so we are approaching this with cautious optimism." Promising: Doctors hopeful of a breakthrough in fully curing HIV. (Shutterstock) With current treatment patients have to take a combination of medication each day, usually around the same time. If taken correctly, this leaves the virus "undetectable" meaning it is not attacking the immune system and cannot be transmitted. Mr Green, who was himself diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago, said: "It used to be that we had to take the medication religiously, but the treatment that people are offered now is different and there are not as many side effects." Read more London man could be first person cured of HIV in UK breakthrough But he said that some living with HIV become "anxious" about taking their medication correctly and that many suffer from other mental repercussions following a diagnosis. As a result, Mr Green believes that, alongside working on a cure, charities and organisations should be working to reduce stigma and increase support for patients. He said: "Statistics show that 20 per cent of those who have been recently diagnosed with HIV have contemplated committing suicide. And there is still a huge amount of stigma facing people who are HIV positive. "People are reluctant to talk to their employers or to medical professionals about their diagnosis because of the risk of persecution. "And some are not even getting tested because they are afraid and then they are diagnosed late and don't have treatment or support. "I am confident and comfortable talking about my diagnosis but not everyone is. "Over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK and it should be treated in the same way other long term illnesses are, like cancer, with the same support and lack of persecution." The new two-part treatment involves a vaccine which helps the body recognise the HIV-infected cells and also a drug which activates the dormant cells so they can be spotted. A 44-year-old man, who was previously HIV positive, is one of 50 people trialling the new treatment. If the disease remains undetectable in the man's blood, he will become the first person completely cured of HIV. The "cure" differs from existing treatment because current antiretroviral therapy does not rid the body of the virus or spot dormant infected cells. For more information about living with HIV and to find out how you can access support visit the Terrence Higgins Trust website.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:08 Categories: Evening Standard

Hillfort Primary School bans children from running in the playground 

Evening Standard
A primary school has banned all pupils from running in the playground for health and safety reasons. Hillfort Primary School in Cornwall has banned children from running from one end of the playground to the other after children kept getting injured. The school has put on other activities for children including a choir, lego, and a sand pit so they have alternatives to running about. Angry parents started a petition to remove the rule which they see as "health and safety gone mad". A statement on the petition website states: "Enable and empower children's right and freedom to run freely through spontaneous, child led play, in the playground during lunch time break. "Do not allow "health and safety" to remove the liberty to spontaneously run in the playground during imaginative and child-led play." The petition has since been removed after the organiser spoke with head teacher Tim Cook. Dr Cook has defended the ban and said it had led to an 80 per cent drop in first aid incidents at the school. He wrote on the school website: "Some parents are concerned that we have banned all running from lunchtimes, this really is not the case. "What we have done is to stop running directly across the playground where some children had been hurt by others running into one another."... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:06 Categories: Evening Standard

Wanted: Facebook users to buy and sell stuff on new Marketplace 

If Facebook were to place an ad, it would read something like this. Wanted: Facebook users to buy and sell stuff.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:04 Categories: USA TODAY

Supreme Court rejects to reopen Gov. Walker investigation 

Associated Press
The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal to reopen an investigation into whether Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's...... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:02 Categories: Associated Press

Gary Johnson, Ross Perot, and what could have been in 2016 

The Boston Globe
With five weeks until Election Day, it is increasingly looking like the wild card of the presidential election may have nothing to do with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Instead, the race could be decided by what happens with the third-party candidates, namely Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and, to a lesser degree, Green Party nominee Jill Stein.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:03:01 Categories: The Boston Globe

Clinton heads to Ohio for first visit in weeks 

The Hill
"She will condemn an in-it-for-yourself approach that celebrates the abuse of workers and consumers as 'good business.'"... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:02:59 Categories: The Hill

North, South Korea trade threats over pre-emptive strike 

Associated Press
Since North Korea's latest nuclear test, Pyongyang and Seoul have been openly trading threats of decapitation strikes and annihilating capitals populated by millions of civilians.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:02:57 Categories: Associated Press

Check out these amazing Ford GT prototype spy shots 

Road & Track
Duct tape, cardboard, exposed wires. These Ford GT test vehicles spied in Colorado have seen some stuff.... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:02:56 Categories: Road & Track

Illinois expected to suspend business with Wells Fargo 

Wells Fargo (WFC) stands to lose another big business customer: the state of Illinois. ... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 20:02:53 Categories: USA TODAY

Photographer creates a working oversized camera costume 

Mental Floss
<p>If you're one of those people that spends a lot of time crafting the perfect Halloween costume, you're going to want to properly document the finished product-or have the finished product document things for you.</p>... read more
3. lokakuuta 2016 19:49:19 Categories: Mental Floss
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