Businessman who imported dangerous counterfeit toys 'put profits before safety of children' 

Manchester Evening News
Abdul Rasheed Khan, whose warehouse in Salford was raided three times, imported seven shipping containers full of goods... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:27:08 Categories: Manchester Evening News

US author Lizzie Velasquez praised for hitting back at trolls who used picture for body-shaming memes 

Evening Standard
A woman whose rare condition was mocked in a series of memes has received an outpouring of support after she called on people to stop sharing the images. US motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez, 27, spoke out after trolls poked fun at her rare congenital disease, which leaves her body unable to store fat. She is also diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, which affects the length of a person's limbs and their body shape. Thousands of people posted messages of support after Ms Velasquez hit back at bullies when memes using her photo emerged on Facebook. Some of the images had been used to target plus-size women, older people and the severely disabled. I've seen a ton of memes like this all over @facebook recently. I'm writing this post not as someone who is a victim but as someone who is using their voice. Yes, it's very late at night as I type this but I do so as a reminder that the innocent people that are being put in these memes are probably up just as late scrolling through Facebook and feeling something that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. No matter what we look like or what size we are, at the end of the day we are all human. I ask that you keep that in mind the next time you see a viral meme of a random stranger. At the time you might find it hilarious but the human in the photo is probably feeling the exact opposite. Spread love not hurtful words via a screen. Xoxo Lizzie A photo posted by Lizzie Velasquez (@littlelizziev) on Dec 11, 2016 at 12:07am PST... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:27:07 Categories: Evening Standard

Christmas card addressed 'somewhere near the sea in Suffolk' reaches couple 

Evening Standard
A couple have praised their "amazing" local postman after a Christmas card addressed "somewhere near the sea in Suffolk" managed to find its way through their letter box. Anthony and Sarah Wren were sent the card by a friend who did not have their new address. The envelope only contained the couples' names and the county, with a note at the bottom reading: "Good luck with that postie." But Mr Wren told the BBC that the letter reached them in just four days. @BBCSuffolk @RoyalMail @PostOffice Thanks so much for taking the trouble to deliver this. No idea how you managed to!! - Antony Wren (@MrSpillage) December 11, 2016... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:27:05 Categories: Evening Standard

Police hunt thief who snatched MG convertible from Wandsworth luxury flats 

Evening Standard
Police are hunting a thief who stole a MG convertible from the private car park of a luxury south-west London development. Detectives in Wandsworth have released CCTV of a man they want to identify following the theft at Beacon Tower in Buckhold Road. Footage captured the moment a man drove into the secure car park when he tailgated another vehicle, before driving off in the convertible. The car was then loaded onto a pick-up truck in Heathfield Road before it was driven off in the early hours on Sunday, September 18. Appeal: Police have released CCTV footage of a man they want to speak to following a burglary in Wandsworth (Met Police) Police want to trace a man, described as white, in his 20s with light brown hair, wearing a black zip-up top, blue jeans and black trousers. Beacon Tower is one of five buildings in The Filaments development close to Wandsworth High Street. Penthouse apartments in the building are marketed at up to £1.4 million. Anyone with information about the burglary can contact police via 101... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:27:03 Categories: Evening Standard

The world is ignoring one of cheap oil's biggest victims 

On cable news, the oil market is presented as a great game. When the price of oil plummets, TV pundits shout about "winners and losers" as stock prices flash below their chins. The winners? American commuters. The...... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:13:32 Categories: PRI

Kelly Osbourne reveals her fears 

Cover Media
Kelly Osbourne is terrified her 2017 memoir will upset family members and friends, because everything she writes about is the truth. ... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:13:30 Categories: Cover Media

Airlines' on-time rates slip in latest DOT report 

WASHINGTON - Airlines were as punctual in October as they were in September, but their performance numbers lagged when compared to the same month a year earlier, the Transportation Department said Tuesday.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 11:13:25 Categories: USA TODAY

Watch: Porzingis, Suns' Chriss get into a nasty scuffle 

Sports Illustrated
Kristaps Porzingis and Marquese Chriss may have some bad blood in the works as the Knicks and Suns faced off on Tuesday night. ... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:57:25 Categories: Sports Illustrated

Holm to face de Randamie for inaugural women's featherweight title at UFC 208 

Holly Holm will square off against Germaine de Randamie for the inaugural UFC women's featherweight title during UFC 208, the promotion announced Tuesday. ... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:57:23 Categories: theScore

Teen hospitalised after theme park injury 

Brisbane Times
A teenage girl has been taken to hospital with possible spinal injuries after getting off a ride at Wet'n'Wild.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:46:05 Categories: Brisbane Times

The Liverpool Premier League 25 - 12 Dirk Kuyt 

Liverpool Echo
We continue our countdown to the best Liverpool player of the last 25 years... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:46:01 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Man dies after car crashes into tree in Rusholme 

Manchester Evening News
Police were called to the scene of the collision on Birchfields Road early on Wednesday... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:55 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho DESTROYS Michael Owen 

Manchester Evening News
Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho has hit back over Michael Owen's comments about striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:54 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle 'spotted buying Christmas tree in Battersea Park' 

Evening Standard
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly spotted buying a Christmas tree together in Battersea Park. The couple were said to have been given a free bunch of mistletoe after buying a £65 6ft Nordmann Fir at the Pines and Needles store on Monday. Witnesses told how Harry and his American actress girlfriend spent half an hour in the pop-up store before they paid by card and walked hand-in-hand back to a people carrier. Tree-seller Zaqia Crawford, 30, from New York, served the pair but did not realise who they were until her colleague Ollie Wilkinson, 22, told her. Pop-up: The couple bought the Nordmann Fir at Pines and Needles in Battersea (PA Wire) She said: "They came in to buy a tree, they were looking at trees and I went over to help them pick the tree. "They knew exactly which tree they wanted - it wasn't exactly a long process. They were really friendly, really nice. I didn't know it was them at all." Mr Wilkinson said he was "shocked" after he clocked the famous couple who he believed were trying to be "discreet". He then offered them a complimentary bunch of mistletoe. He said: "I knew exactly what it was so I thought I had to. I said 'would you like this mistletoe' and she [Meghan] said 'yes that would be great'. He [Harry] then squeezed one of the berries on it and was like 'I find this stuff weird' and then she was like 'oh, I really like it'. "Then he walked off with the tree on his shoulder, holding her hand, and she was holding in her other hand a bunch of mistletoe." Pines and Needles was launched 20 years ago by two brothers who cut trees down from their family's land in Perthshire, Scotland. Celebrity customers include Mick Jagger, Noel Gallagher and Madonna while singer Adele has also visited the Battersea store to buy a tree. Kensington Palace said it would not comment on the matter.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:50 Categories: Evening Standard

Southern Rail strike: Union boss 'backed driver-only trains' that sparked strike chaos 

Evening Standard
A union boss has faced claims he backed the introduction of driver-only trains which Southern staff are now striking about on safety grounds. Mick Whelan, general secretary of Aslef, supported the services on Thameslink routes in 2011, according to the Daily Mail. The paper claimed a document signed by Mr Whelan confirmed Aslef agreed to "drive and operate" 12 driver-only trains in 2011. The news came as strikers brought chaos to the railways as part of a 72-hour walkout over the introduction of driver-only services. Mr Whelan told the Mail the strikes had been forced upon his members in the interests of the travelling public. Wimbledon: Commuters huddled into a doorway as they queue to get onto a tram (Nigel Howard) He said: "The risks are we are going to kill somebody and we value people's lives obviously far more than the Department for Transport." As the strike continued, Wimbledon station was in meltdown last night with thousands of commuters hit by the Southern strike seeking the same escape route out of the capital. The Zone 3 station, which has an interchange with train and tram services as well as several local bus routes, experienced "worse crowds than Men's Final day", according to one frustrated passenger. Staff were forced to repeatedly close the station through rush hour and into the evening as huge queues built up on platforms, spilling out into tunnels and concourses. Read more Wimbledon station 'in complete meltdown' amid Southern strike chaos Meanwhile, typical hubs like Victoria, Blackfriars, London Bridge were virtually deserted after the first of three days of industrial action brought Southern services to a halt. Adam Brooks, 47, director of housing at a charity, said "practically the whole of south London" had tried to get home via Wimbledon. He said: "Everyone had the same idea but the station and platforms just aren't big enough and were absolutely packed out. "People managed to stay in good spirits but it was a stressful situation especially as there was no information about when the next tram was coming." Video not available for syndication Wimbledon Delays He described how security helped one elderly man onto a packed tram after he began to feel faint, and people around him "piled in" to get a seat. He added: "With Southern, even when there were no strikes it was bad. Maybe something like this needed to happen as this corporate mess can't go on like this - it's at breaking point." IT teacher Juli Macarthur, 30, from Crawley, said she has been forced to "sofa surf" with friends during a crucial exam period. She said: "I pay £4,300 for my ticket and it's useless most days. I teach so I'm constantly worried I'll miss a class, especially as I'm running assessments before Christmas holidays. "I can't even stay in my own home, so have had to sofa surf. I'm lucky I have supportive friends and family in London to stay with. "The trains have been horrendous since May but these past few weeks have been worse due to continuous strikes and cancellations. Crush: Commuters try to get home during the strike (Nigel Howard) "I'm having to work more at home, when I ever get there, and it's had a serious impact on my sleep which in turn affects my productivity at work. "I'm constantly worried about travel and trying new routes, but today's was a very bad choice it took me four hours from a friend's house in Coulsdon." Priscilla Owusu, 39, a marketing executive, became trapped trying to leave Wimbledon station as others trying to board trams battled their way inside. She said: "One of the station staff started asking the coffee stalls to close and then another shouted out that they were closing the station. "At this point people were understandably upset especially when the staff started to close the gate and we're all stuck in the middle of the station. "He was also telling some passengers who had managed to get to into the station to leave, so that he could let us leave too. "They didn't seem to want to listen, but eventually complied. After about ten minutes or so they opened the gate and let us through, and out of the station. "It's not just Southern passengers caught up in this hot mess, but as inconvenient and dramatic as it all was, I got off very lightly, some people were and are still trying to get home." Eric Easton, 40, had been waiting for nearly an hour at the platform for two cancelled Thameslink trains home in West Sutton. He said: "There is no way of telling what is actually going on. Trains just disappear of all the systems. "I get in late every day and lose precious minutes with my family. "I think we should send the independent body that reviewed MPs wages in to find out how hard it is to actually run a train. Compare that to nurses and then pay them that much. "It sounds harsh but they are getting paid a ludicrous amount so they should just get on with it. "With Brexit, the unions will find out a lot of their favourite employment laws are EU laws. "So when you have millions of people saying we don't think these strikes are justified within three years Parliament can just ban them." The Standard has approached Aslef for a comment.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:48 Categories: Evening Standard

A Saudi woman tweeted a photo of herself without a hijab. Police have now arrested her. 

The Washington Post
Some are now referring to her as the "Saudi Rosa Parks."... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:44 Categories: The Washington Post

This hack will forever change the way you peel potatoes 

When I saw a trick for removing potato skins by slipping them off without using the dreaded vegetable peeler, I knew I had to try it immediately to see if it worked.... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:42 Categories: PopSugar

The sinister reason your barista misspells your name on your cup 

It's time to wake up sheeple, and a hot cup of coffee is not going to cut it this time. Have you ever wondered why, time and time again your 'coffee guy' misspells your name? ... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:40 Categories: Mamamia

We have been pronouncing turmeric wrong this whole time 

The Huffington Post
The age-old debate: ter-meric or too-meric?... read more
14. joulukuuta 2016 10:45:35 Categories: The Huffington Post
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