What's Next for Comey? Probably Not 'a Normal Job' 

The New York Times logo
James B. Comey, the fired F.B.I. director, has held positions at a hedge fund and a large corporation, as well as in academia. His next act may call for a big stage.... read more
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'School is our revenge on Isis' 

The Independent logo
"When I had to leave school it felt like the last day of my life," 12-year-old Ayesha says, sitting in a adult-sized chair from which her feet just about touch the ground.... read more
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Nepal's high hopes for first local polls in 20 years 

AFP logo
Nepal holds its first local elections in two decades on Sunday hoping to cement a fraught transition to democracy and fill an institutional void that has seen corruption flourish.... read more
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New Mexico's tribal groups gear up to fight for their home 

The Guardian logo
President Trump's decision to review the designations of 27 national monuments has raised fears of a corporate giveaway - and the pueblos of the Rio Grande valley are worried... read more
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Birmingham City quiz: How well do you know the players from the Noughties? 

Birmingham Mail logo
Test your Blues knowledge by identifying 15 faces from the 2000s... read more
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QUIZ: Aston Villa in the 1990s: How many faces do you remember? 

Birmingham Mail logo
We're taking you on a journey back to the 1990s to see how many Aston Villa players you can remember... read more
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Toyota flips onto its roof after collision on Valley Road in Kirkby 

Liverpool Echo logo
"God knows how they ended up toppled over"... read more
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'Mega swarm' of thousands of giant jellyfish invades the UK coastline 

Mirror logo
The swarm of barrel jellyfish washed in at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire on Friday afternoon... read more
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Scientists readying 'nerve center' for James Webb Space Telescope's operations at Baltimore institute 

Baltimore Sun logo
As the James Webb Space Telescope looks toward the farthest reaches of the universe, it will take direction from a glass-encased room of computer monitors that looks out on Baltimore's leafy Wyman Park. The images the observatory beams back will...... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:30:38 Categories: Baltimore Sun logo

Researchers spot never-before-seen lava waves on Jupiter's moon Io 

San Francisco Chronicle logo
The planets have aligned for researchers from UC Berkeley - quite literally. A rare cosmic alignment enabled scientists to observe, for the first time, waves of lava bubbling across a giant molten lake on Jupiter's moon Io. ... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:30:36 Categories: San Francisco Chronicle logo

Stephen Hawking and Fellow Scientists Dismiss 'Big Bounce' Theory in Letter 

Time logo
Stephen Hawking and 32 fellow scientists have written a critical letter in response to an article published in Scientific American that details an alternative theory on how the universe began. Hawking and his colleagues firmly believe in the widely-accepted theory of inflation, which describes how the universe rapidly expanded following the Big Bang. ... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:30:35 Categories: Time logo

So we now know why narwhals have tusks, and it's pretty violent 

Hello Giggles logo
We all know and love narwhals as the unicorn of the sea, but now scientists have discovered the mystery of why narwhals.... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:30:33 Categories: Hello Giggles logo

Police dog heading home after taking bullet for partner 

CBS News logo
Casper the K-9 officer is credited with "saving his partner's life" during a firefight in Florida... read more
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This Dreamer Works For Politicians Who Will Decide Her Fate In The U.S. 

HuffPost logo
One day earlier this year, then-Sen. Jeff Sessions passed through the cafeteria in a Senate office building to buy lunch. The Alabama Republican was slated to become the attorney general under President Donald Trump and help lead an immigration crackdown. Having railed for years against undocumented immigrants, Sessions signaled a new hard-line approach to deportations in the Trump era.... read more
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Harper, Nationals agree to record deal for 2018 

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Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals have reached a $21,625,000 deal for the 2018 season, a contact that covers the slugging outfielder through his last year before he can become a free agent.... read more
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He stole Mom's car to get Dad from jail. Now they're both there 

Miami Herald logo
Vladimir Sanchez spent more than four years in prison for a slew of insurance-fraud charges. He was released on Thursday, but his freedom was short-lived. ... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:14:54 Categories: Miami Herald logo

Bennett accuses Cherry-Evans of diving 

AAP logo
Wayne Bennett will seek a "please explain" from NRL referees boss Tony Archer after accusing Daly Cherry-Evans of diving after Brisbane's 24-14 win over Manly.... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:01:43 Categories: AAP logo

'Just a disgraceful performance' 

Wide World of Sports logo
Milestone man James Kelly was among Essendon's best players in their 17-point AFL win over Geelong.... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:01:39 Categories: Wide World of Sports logo

'She's a fighter. Always has been' 

Cover Media logo
Olivia Newton-John's daughter has thanked fans for supporting her mother after the singer had to cancel a series of concerts. ... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:01:38 Categories: Cover Media logo

The top Twitter spats and cheeky tweets involving West Brom, Aston Villa, Birmingham City and Wolves 

Birmingham Mail logo
We take a look back at some of the best (and worst) Midland football tweets from... read more
14. toukokuuta 2017 2:01:34 Categories: Birmingham Mail logo
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