Man sues Uber for US$ 45m, blaming firm for his divorce 

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Uber has reportedly been hit with a £36 million lawsuit from a man in France who claims that a glitch in the app contributed to his divorce. ... read more
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Adorable map drawn by 2 kids helps cops solve hit and run 

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Forget a detective's pipe and magnifying glass-felt-tip pens, a sheet of paper, and keen observational skills were all two young children in Germany needed.... read more
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Why There's So Much to Love About the Instant Pot 

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Everyone has been talking about the Instant Pot ($130 at Walmart), from busy moms to food bloggers to The New York Times. It's currently a top-selling kitchen item on Amazon. Despite its widespread popularity, is the multifunctional cooking device worth it? For a while, I scorned the Instant Pot like a unitasker. I already owned a rice cooker, pressure cooker, and slow cooker, after all. So why would I spend the cash for another appliance?... read more
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Green gets historic triple-double without points 

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Golden State Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green is one of the best all-around players in the NBA.... read more
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Wild Knights prove Tens surprise packets logo
The Panasonic Wild Knights beat two Australian sides on day one of the Brisbane Global Rugby Tens to all but qualify for the semi-finals.... read more
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Philippines quake kills four, damages infrastructure 

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Four people died and more than 100 were injured after a powerful earthquake struck the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines late Friday, damaging some structures and cutting power in many areas, local officials said.... read more
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Sally Pearson third again in Germany 

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Sally Pearson has finished third in the 60m hurdles at an indoor meet in Berlin.... read more
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Pulver: Brisbane Tens is here to stay 

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The Brisbane Global Rugby Tens is the "most powerful launch vehicle" Super Rugby could hope for, according to Australian Rugby Union CEO Bill Pulver.... read more
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Sadiq Khan urged to back national memorial to HIV victims in London 

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Sadiq Khan is being urged to back a national memorial in London to people have died from HIV and Aids. The memorial, which got cross-party backing from the London Assembly this week, would pay tribute to the men, women and children who passed away in the UK and abroad. Campaigners are now urging the mayor and government ministers to back and fund the project. Ash Kotok started campaigning after his partner died from the disease in 1995. In the decades since, he said close friends and family members had also become victims of the epidemic. Alongside the campaign group Gay Men Fighting Aids, Mr Kotok set up a petition which has been signed by more than 3,300 supporters. He told the Standard: "Today, whilst much stigma remains, memories fade and mental health issues continue with some living with HIV. "A fitting immovable memorial stamps a solid mark commemorating a tumultuous time in British, London and World History. London is an international city." Major cities around the world including New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Amsterdam already have a memorial but campaigners are angry that London doesn't. Supporter Sian Berry, who presented the petition to the London Assembly, said: "London was at the heart of this country's Aids epidemic which affected so many people, their loved ones and their friends. Read more London doctors on verge of defeating HIV thanks to new programme "It's also where some of the most pioneering treatment and prevention methods are being carried out today." She added: "A dedicated memorial would pay to the people we lost, as well as recognising those living with HIV now." A spokesman for the Mayor of London said: "Thousands of Londoners from different communities have been affected by HIV and Aids. "In his manifesto, the mayor promised to renew his focus on the prevention of and screenings for HIV." They added: "The mayor believes it is important to commemorate and recognise causes fought for by Londoners of all walks of life." In 2015, it was estimated 101,200 people were living with HIV in the UK. Of these, 46 per cent accessed care in London.... read more
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Daredevil BMX rider slammed for filming himself jumping across Canary Wharf DLR tracks 

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A daredevil bike rider has filmed himself leaping across train tracks at a busy London station in a dangerous BMX stunt. YouTube prankster Ryan Taylor, who lives in Shoreditch, is known for hassling security guards across the capital as he films himself riding his BMX out of bounds. In his latest stunt, the 23-year-old recorded himself riding around the platform at Canary Wharf station before quipping to a DLR staff member: "How you doing boss?" He continues to speed around the platform on his bike before launching across the train tracks just moments after a train pulled away. Run up: The BMX rider speeds around the platform before launching across the tracks. (Ryan Taylor) The bike-mounted camera shows him landing onto the opposite platform before he continues on his journey. Stunned passengers waiting at the station are left open-mouthed after seeing what happened. Police have slammed the video, saying the rider could easily have died. But Mr Taylor, who flies around the world competing in BMX championship competitions, told the Standard: "BMX is a full time operation, I'm fortunate to be doing that as a job. Foolish: The daredevil in mid-air. (Ryan Taylor) "But the videos of my stunts, that's just me getting attention from people. It's what kids like to see and it goes viral." He said: "I did the stunt at Canary Wharf when the Tube strike was on. "It is dangerous and it's playing with security guards, testing them. Read more Daredevil slammed for risking his life with 'bus surfing' video "And it's showing what is possible on a BMX bike. I have done tricks all my life, great tricks, but I never get the same exposure I would than if I did a jump over the train tracks. "It engages the general public a lot more than doing a double back flip on my bike." He added that London has "plenty" of spots for stunts. "It's an opportunity to show BMX to people," he said. "It's good for the sport and for the image." Stunned: Passengers are left open-mouthed. (Ryan Taylor) A spokesman for the British Transport Police told the Standard: "Obviously, we do not condone this behaviour as the bike rider clearly put his life at risk. "A DLR train could have struck him or he could have fallen onto the tracks and received a nasty electric shock. "Whilst we're not in the business of spoiling fun, we are in the business of saving lives. "We do not enjoy delivering death messages to loved ones, please be sensible around the railway." Many people commented on the YouTube video, with one internet user writing: "Still waiting for him to get that massive prison sentence." Another person said: "What a stupid thing to do riding your bike in an extremely busy indoor place?"... read more
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Rhodes steers Owls to victory 

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Jordan Rhodes and Sam Winnall both scored their first goals for Sheffield Wednesday in a 3-0 victory over Birmingham.... read more
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Everton's Ronald Koeman says Roberto Martínez is 'a really good talker' 

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Ronald Koeman has described Roberto Martínez as 'a really good talker' who left him several problems to address at Everton this season... read more
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Jürgen Klopp determined to lift Liverpool out of recent freefall 

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Jürgen Klopp has said he is responsible for Liverpool's mid-season nose-dive but is optimistic they will still gain Champions League qualification... read more
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How do you move a 6-ton painting that is the length of a football field? 

Moving the 6-ton Battle of Atlanta painting across town may be as historic as the painting itself. Atlanta historians began moving the massive cyclorama on Thursday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Unveiled in 1886, the painting is being transferred from the Grant Park, Atlanta, building it has been housed in since 1921, to the Atlanta History Center. "We're confident," said Jackson McQuigg, one of the leaders of the moving team and vice president of properties at the history center. ""We've done the homework and have the right team of contractors, all of whom are very invested in this project. It's in good hands. And we will be hands on to make sure things go well." It's a massive undertaking, taking two days. The history center said the painting is about the length of a football field (359 feet) and 42 feet tall. Here's how it's going to happen. The painting will be separated into two parts and wrapped around two enormous spools, which weigh 3 tons each. The spools will then be lifted through two 7-foot holes cut in the current facility's concrete roof. Two trucks will take it to the history center, about 11 miles north. There they will be lowered through a 10-foot square opening in the roof of the 23,000 square-foot Lloyd and Mary Ann Whitaker Cyclorama Building. The painting, over the course of several months, will be restored, and the exhibition will open again in the fall of 2018. The painting, which depicts the 1864 battle in Fulton County, Georgia, will remain at its new location for 75 years. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed announced the move and the history center's new license agreement in 2014 on the 150th anniversary of the battle. The history center is responsible for the painting's preservation, restoration and maintenance. How much does this whole process cost? The history center said it raised $35 million for the project. The history center said the painting was created by about 20 artists, most of whom are German, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the late 1800s. It cost $40,000 to make. It first opened in Minneapolis in 1886 before moving to Indianapolis, Chattanooga, Tenn. and then Atlanta, where it was donated to the city. "The Cyclorama has much to teach us. It tells a story that extends well beyond the Civil War," said the history center's senior military historian Gordon Jones. "In fact, it is the largest single artifact in existence to best tell the story of how the Civil War has been remembered, used, misused, forgotten and interpreted over time. Literally and figuratively, it's one of the biggest artifacts in the country, and its subject, and home, is Atlanta." Follow Sean Rossman on Twitter: @SeanRossman... read more
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Opponents of Trump's travel ban look to score another win 

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Opponents of President Donald Trump's travel ban sought Friday to rack up another legal victory against the measure, believing they have the administration on the defensive after a federal appeals court refused to reinstate the order.... read more
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Blues survive Giant scare to stay unbeaten 

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Carlton were hot favourites against Greater Western Sydney, but the Blues needed a stirring fight back at Princes Park to remain undefeated in the AFLW.... read more
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Man City manager Pep Guardiola admits it's 'unfair' to leave stars out 

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Manchester City manager has had to make tough calls in recent weeks, but says he's not thinking about individuals... read more
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Revenge porn daytime TV star is back in court again - for harassing her ex's new girlfriend 

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"Looking at previous convictions there is a pattern that suggests she 'gets back' at people."... read more
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What is the 'One China' policy? 

The U.S. recognition of a "One China" policy stems from 1979, when the U.S. switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan's Republic of China to the People's Republic of China (PRC).... read more
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17 dead in football stadium stampede in Angola 

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At least 17 people have died and dozens have been injured in a stampede at an Angolan football stadium.... read more
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