Grenfell Tower survivors receiving less than 15 per cent of multi-million disaster fund 

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Grenfell campaigners today demanded faster action as it emerged less than 15 per cent of a multi-million pound disaster fund has been distributed to survivors of the catastrophe. Traumatised victims are having to beg for information about how to claim nearly two months on from the June 14 tragedy which claimed at least 80 lives, campaign group Justice for Grenfell said. Data released by the Charity Commission, which has been helping co-ordinate the response, shows £7.25 million of the £18.9 million raised has been handed to distributing organisations on the ground. But so far only £2.8 million has reached survivors. Yvette Williams, a spokeswoman for Justice 4 Grenfell, said: "It's definitely not been fast enough. Emergency response: Charity workers sort through donations made in the aftermath of the tragedy, which sparked a huge fundraising effort (Getty Images) "The survivors are raising it more and more - where's the money, who's distributing it, why aren't they distributing it, how have they been chosen to distribute it, what's the criteria for distribution, and how are you communicating with the people who should be receiving that money? Read more Four more tower blocks to be evacuated in wake of Grenfell Tower fire "Information isn't transparent. They have to beg for information and it's still not clear the background of it, or how they're going forward with it." She said authorities need to make it easier for survivors to apply for funds, explaining some find it difficult, particularly when information is not communicated in their first languages. "Some of these people are still heavily traumatised," she continued. "So they're supposed to leave their hotel rooms, get down to wherever, fill in this application - they already feel like they have been put in a position where they're begging for money." Red Cross and the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation both raised £5.75 million, while the Evening Standard fund collected more than £6.7 million to help victims of the tragedy, with smaller sums from other organisations making a total of £18,856,206. The Charity Commission said organisations had experienced initial difficulties in identifying and contacting people who need help, but these issues were being overcome. Chief operating officer David Holdsworth said: "We have been working to help charities coordinate their response so that those affected know where to go to get access to the funds that have been raised for them. "As the regulator, we also ensure that funds are protected for those they are intended for." Additional reporting by the Press Association... read more
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Oxford Circus fire alert: Smoke fills carriages in rush hour drama 

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Commuters have been dramatically evacuated from Oxford Circus station after smoke filled carriages of a Bakerloo line train. Firefighters were called to the fire alert shortly before 9am. Transport for London said it was investigating and urged passengers to find alternative routes. This page is being updated.... read more
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'Rat hotels' on streets as bin crisis deepens 

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Mountains of rubbish - dubbed "rat hotels" - are festering on Birmingham's streets despite council promises to clear every part of the city.... read more
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Panic on the underground as Tube carriage fills with smoke forcing evacuation 

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We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story... read more
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China pledges neutrality - unless U.S. strikes N. Korea first 

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China's government says it would remain neutral if North Korea attacks the United States, but warned it would defend its Asian neighbor if the U.S. strikes first and tries to overthrow Kim Jong Un's regime, Chinese state media said Friday.... read more
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Sajad Hussain murder: Heartbroken family in tribute to 'devoted dad' as man charged over fatal stabbing 

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Haroon Rafiq, from Tenby Road, will appear before Birmingham magistrates this morning... read more
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Gemma Atkinson signs for Strictly and admits: "I think I'm Britney on the dancefloor after a few drinks" 

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Statuesque soap star says spray tans, heels and sparkly dresses are out of her comfort zone... read more
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Top stories from Britain and around the world: Political correctness must never impede child sex probes - Home Secretary 

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Top stories from Britain and around the world... read more
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Man City winger Patrick Roberts transfer update 

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Manchester City youngster Patrick Roberts is wanted by Celtic and Southampton.... read more
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Manchester United player Timothy Fosu-Mensah's Crystal Palace role revealed 

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Man Utd news includes an update from Timothy Fosu-Mensah after he joined Crystal Palace on loan for the season.... read more
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Ancient sites turned refugee camps as millions fled Partition 

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The Partition of India sparked one of the greatest mass migrations in modern history, with millions seeking sanctuary from the violence inside ancient tombs and forts -- transforming them into sprawling refugee camps.... read more
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North Korea missile crisis seen pushing South Korea to gun up 

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<p>The escalating threat arising from nuclear-armed North Korea's recent series of missile tests is prompting South Korea to beef up its military muscle and experts warn it could spur an arms buildup elsewhere in Northeast Asia.</p>... read more
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Customers shocked by how much Rick Stein charges for ketchup at posh chippy 

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There's some anger... read more
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Craig David opens up about incredible body transformation 

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Singer Craig David has opened up about his incredible body transformation. The British star confessed he was an 'overweight' kid...... read more
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Police officer receives £12k payout after being bitten by fleas at work 

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A police officer has been awarded £12,000 after being bitten by fleas while at work.&nbsp;... read more
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New Orleans on edge as city scrambles to fix pumping system 

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<p>Schools closed for the week, and the mayor of New Orleans urged residents to park their cars on high ground. It's a familiar routine for the city during hurricane season, but this time the threat wasn't churning in the Gulf of Mexico.</p>... read more
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This is America's favorite ice cream flavor 

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Sure, vanilla and chocolate are crowd-pleasing ice cream flavors, but they probably won't thrill anyone.&nbsp;... read more
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Gatwick Airport has longest average delays in UK during summer months, figures reveal 

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Gatwick has been named the UK's worst airport for flight delays during the busy summer months. Figures from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) show, out of all major UK airports, flights leaving Gatwick had the most delays from June to August. Those leaving the airport experienced an average delay of 27 minutes over the last two summers, analysis by the BBC revealed. Data also revealed, out of the 10 busiest airlines, those travelling to and from the UK on easyJet flights waited the longest, with an average delay of 24 minutes. This took all summer flights into consideration, whether delayed or not, for the busiest airlines in June to August over the last two years. Gatwick experienced average delays of 27 minutes over the last two summers Gatwick said the issue was partly beyond its control, claiming strike action by airport staff in mainland Europe, bad weather and the volume of flights across the continent all had an affect. A spokesman told the BBC: "We recognise the inconvenience that delays cause to our passengers, and we will continue to do everything possible to prevent them from occurring," he said. "We operate the world's busiest and most efficient single runway airport, but, over recent years, Gatwick has been disproportionately affected by issues beyond our control. "These include repeated strike action by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian air traffic controllers and airport employees, prolonged bad weather, and heavily congested airspace above parts of Europe and London. "Gatwick has made it a priority to address punctuality and, in partnership with our airlines and ground handlers, we are already seeing the benefits of a new wide range of measures that have been implemented to improve punctuality." An easyJet spokeswoman added: "easyJet operates the largest number of flights of any UK airline, flying over 78 million passengers per year. In 2017, easyJet will operate 33 per cent more flights than in 2011, with less than 0.8 per cent delayed by more than three hours. "In fact, despite a number of adverse external factors like increasingly congested airspace, particularly in the London area, and record numbers of air traffic control strikes, over the last year, easyJet has actually reduced the proportion of flights delayed by more than three hours. "We work hard to minimise disruption and fully comply with all relevant regulations."... read more
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Century-old fruitcake found perfectly preserved in abandoned Antarctic hut 

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A century-old fruitcake has been found perfectly preserved in an abandoned Antarctic hut. Conservation workers from the Antarctic Heritage Trust discovered the cake, still stuffed inside a decaying tin, while scouring a long-deserted base camp. The cake itself was described as in "excellent condition". It reportedly still appeared edible and did not smell rotten. It is believed to date back to Robert Falcon Scott's ill-fated expedition in 1911, when the northern party took shelter in the hut in Cape Adare. The cake was found in a decaying tin (Antarctic Heritage Trust) The cake, made by the now-defunct Huntley and Palmers, based in Reading, was known to be a favourite of legendary British explorer Scott. Programme Manager Lizzie Meek said: "With just two weeks to go on the conservation of the Cape Adare artefacts, finding such a perfectly preserved fruitcake in amongst the last handful of unidentified and severely corroded tins was quite a surprise. The huts were located in Cape Adare in Antarctica (AFP/Getty Images) "It's an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions, and is still a favourite item on modern trips to the Ice." Read more Shackleton's great grandson completes his epic Antarctic trip in a car The Cape Adare huts, built by Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink's expedition in 1899, were the first in the continent. Scott's team later used them in the Terra Nova expedition from which they never returned. Huntley and Palmers, founded in Reading in 1822, was once home to the world's largest biscuit factory. It exported biscuits across the globe, preserved in elaborately decorated collectible tins. The firm resumed operations in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 2006.... read more
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Gaming out the North Korea crisis: How the conflict might escalate 

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Trump has four options, experts say: Status quo. Tougher sanctions. Talks. War.... read more
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