Stranger slaps two-year-old girl because 'she should've been in a pram' 

Evening Standard logo
... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:29:58 Categories: Evening Standard logo

Salt Lake City tourism bureau fires back at Warriors, claims Utah is actually fun 

The Comeback logo
On Monday, some members of the Golden State Warriors made headlines for compaining about how they wanted to face the Los Angeles Clippers instead of the Utah Jazz due to the lack of nightlife in Salt Lake City. ... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:29:56 Categories: The Comeback logo

Spicer: White House 'Shares' Kimmel's health care views 

Billboard logo
"That's frankly why the president fought so hard to improve the bill like he did," the press secretary said two days after the late night host's tearful monologue went viral."... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:33 Categories: Billboard logo

Nicola Evans has surgery to remove breast implants 

Mamamia logo
Nicola Robinson Evans has had her breast implants removed. ... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:31 Categories: Mamamia logo

Tesla's Model 3 on track but it still loves its Model S 

Reuters logo
<p>Electric-car maker Tesla has reported first-quarter revenue that more than doubled and said its upcoming Model 3 was on schedule for July, but it downplayed the mass-market vehicle and gave a sales pitch for its more expensive Model S.</p>... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:30 Categories: Reuters logo

Football player cries like a baby after red card 

Wide World of Sports logo
During the latter stages of the Serbian football clash between FK Vojvodina and Red Star Belgrade one player needed a tissue for this issue.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:28 Categories: Wide World of Sports logo

Adriano Zumbo's girlfriend breaks silence 

Mamamia logo
Just one month after fellow celebrity chef George Colambaris was found to have underpaid staff by a whopping $2.6 million, dessert mogul Adriano Zumbo.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:26 Categories: Mamamia logo

Aussie in drug saga 'owed thousands' 

NowToLove logo
If Cassie maintains her innocence, she faces a sentence of up to 20 years in a Colombian jail.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:25 Categories: NowToLove logo

Tillerson: 'America first' means divorcing our policy from our values 

The Guardian logo
Secretary of state spoke of a separation between American values and policies that support its interests, a distinction that alarmed former diplomats... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:23 Categories: The Guardian logo

Teen Has the Best Response to Being Fat-Shamed Over Prom Photos 

Hello Giggles logo
Prom is a magical time. That's why it's a total bummer that one teen was fat-shamed after posting her prom photos online..... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:15:21 Categories: Hello Giggles logo

Born to kill? How to spot a psychopath 

The Telegraph logo
We think of psychopaths as killers, alien, outside society.&nbsp;... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:47 Categories: The Telegraph logo

Spam campaign targets Google users 

Reuters logo
<p>Alphabet Inc warned its users to beware of emails from known contacts asking them to click on a link to Google Docs after a large number of people turned to social media to complain that their accounts had been hacked.</p>... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:45 Categories: Reuters logo

Peats' $1.5 million dilemma at Gold Coast 

Sporting News logo
Parra or Titans? The choice gets tougher.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:44 Categories: Sporting News logo

Taylor may have a new NRL coaching job shortly 

Sporting News logo
There's one club looking for a new coach.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:42 Categories: Sporting News logo

What drove a mother to kill eight kids? 

ABC News logo
<p>Just hours before Raina Thaiday violently killed her seven children and niece she was ranting in the streets, gripped by an acute schizophrenic breakdown.</p>... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:41 Categories: ABC News logo

'Evaporated people' could be fleeing from Japanese society by thousands 

Business Insider logo
In Japanese, the word is johatsu, or "evaporated people." Tormented by the shame of a lost job, failed marriage, or mounting debt, thousands of Japanese citizens have reportedly started leaving behind their...... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:39 Categories: Business Insider logo

White supremacist activity on the rise on college campuses 

CBS News logo
Since last year's election, at least 140 instances of racist posters and fliers have been reported on college campuses in 33 states... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:37 Categories: CBS News logo

San Francisco police shoot, kill man on Market Street 

Associated Press logo
SAN FRANCISCO - San Francisco police shot and killed a man who officers say was stabbing another man on the city's busy downtown Market Street on Wednesday.Police Chief Bill Scott told reporters the shooting happened shortly before 11:30 a.m. when officers walking their usual beat in a neighborhood crowded with shoppers and tourists enjoying a warm day came upon the stabbing.He said a white man was stabbing an Asian man. The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital."Loss of life is always tragic no matter how it happens," Scott said. "We try to avoid it when we can, but we have an obligation to protect the public."The shooting...... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:35 Categories: Associated Press logo

The most common punishment for killing a journalist in Mexico: Nothing 

The Washington Post logo
A report says the indifference of 'corrupt officials' lets cartels kill reporters with impunity.... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:33 Categories: The Washington Post logo

The Problem With Retail Mannequins Is Worse Than You Thought 

Refinery29 logo
A new study from the University of Liverpool found that the average female mannequin used to display clothing at British fast fashion stores closely mirrors the body type of a severely underweight woman,...... read more
4. toukokuuta 2017 5:00:32 Categories: Refinery29 logo
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