ACLU: Police could force open your iPhone X using FaceID 

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Civil rights group warns that cops will likely be able to force you to unlock your $999 phone and expose all of your secrets unless you switch of FaceID.... read more
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Trump to travel to Florida to tour hurricane damage 

President Trump will visit the Naples area Thursday as part of his tour of Hurricane Irma damage in Florida, the White House said Wednesday. Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said details about specific stops will be made public later. First lady Melania Trump will accompany the president to southwestern Florida, as will Vice President Mike Pence. Air Force One is scheduled to land at the Southwestern Florida International Area in Fort Myers and will visit Naples. Trump, eager to be seen as in charge of disaster response, also traveled twice to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. White House officials have cast both the Florida and Texas trips as part of his overall effort to build national unity in the wake of natural disasters. "The president's action during these times demonstrate why he's a true leader who can bring the country together and get things done for the American people," Sanders said on Tuesday.... read more
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Order is returning, but services remain scarce in Florida Keys 

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Determining how badly Hurricane Irma wrecked the Florida Keys may lie in what constitutes good news coming from the island chain.... read more
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Brazil's Lula undergoes new grilling by anti-corruption judge 

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Brazil's once hugely popular president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva underwent a new grilling Wednesday by the country's chief anti-corruption judge, Sergio Moro, in a case that could decide whether Lula can return to power.... read more
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US, Russia Make Little Headway After Latest Talks Over Dispute 

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<p>The U.S. used a round of talks with Russia this week to argue it was time to move past a diplomatic spat that's resulted in consular closures and expulsions of diplomats, but so far neither side is ready to commit to ending their dispute, according to a senior State Department official.</p>... read more
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When You Want Homemade Soup Fast, Grab This Out of Your Freezer 

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With this meal-prep freezer hack, you could be dipping bread into a hot bowl of soup in less than 30 minutes!... read more
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The purpose behind the little circle in your Glad To Go container lid 

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We're all busy people, so we totally understand if this particular bonus in your food storage product has gone unnoticed until now.... read more
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The PMS symptoms a doctor says you should never ignore 

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<p>A renowned women's health expert says there are a few PMS symptoms you should never ignore.</p>... read more
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A lot more diseases could be sexually transmitted than we thought 

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After a team of British researchers found bits of Zika virus lingering in the semen of men whose symptoms had cleared months before, they began to wonder: What other viruses hide out in unsuspecting parts...... read more
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Kim K. and Kanye West look miserable on date night 

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The couple struggled to crack a smile as they hit the town.... read more
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Six dead at Florida nursing home in Irma's sweltering aftermath 

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Six patients at a sweltering nursing home died in Hurricane Irma's aftermath, raising fears Wednesday about the safety of Florida's 4 million senior citizens&nbsp;... read more
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Day has a 'friendly' caddie change at BMW Championship 

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Jason Day will experiment with high school friend Luke Reardon as his caddie at the BMW Championship in Chicago.... read more
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Ben Woodburn sparkles as Liverpool get UEFA Youth League off to flying start 

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Liverpool U19s 4 Sevilla 0... read more
14. syyskuuta 2017 0:22:08 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Freeman High School shooting: Student dead and four injured in US high school shooting 

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One student was killed and four people injured after a gunman opened fire in a US high school. More follows.... read more
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Citizens Rally: Trafalgar Square protesters call on MPs to guarantee post-Brexit rights 

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Protesters descended on Trafalgar Square on Wednesday evening calling on the Government to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit. The Citizens' Rally group, which is also supporting British citizens living abroad in Europe, gathered at the central London landmark just after 6pm. Many waved EU and Union Jack flags and some held placards saying: "You can't send me home, this is my home." Mayor of London Sadiq Khan addressed the crowd via video link supporting the rally, describing EU citizens living in London as "our friends and our people, we need to fight for them". Rally: Protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square (PA) The event, organised by the3million and British in Europe, was part of a wider day of action for #citizensrights which included a lobby of the UK Parliament at 2pm. Rally: They called on MPs to guarantee post-Brexit rights (PA) A spokesman for the group said: "They are our friends, our colleagues, our spouses or our neighbours and they deserves better than being treated like bargaining chips in the Brexit negotiations. I can genuinely feel the love here. Personal stories of social and economic contribution to the UK from EU citizens. - Siân Green (@SianKathrynG) September 13, 2017... read more
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Sling TV is now giving away digital antennas to those who prepay 

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Dish's streaming service for cord cutters, Sling TV, is now offering consumers without access to local broadcasts channels the ability to add an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to their existing setup - in some cases, for free. The company announced today...... read more
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Justice declines Senate request to interview FBI officials 

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The Justice Department is preventing Senate investigators from interviewing two top FBI officials who could provide first-hand testimony over the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, the latest sign that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be investigating the circumstances around the firing, officials tell CNN.... read more
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Watch: Spieth throws out first pitch at Cubs game 

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Jordan Spieth throws out first pitch at Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field.... read more
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Jones' win over Cormier ruled no-contest in wake of failed test 

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The California State Athletic Commission has overturned Jon Jones' victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 to a no-contest, CSAC executive officer Andy Foster told MMA Fighting's Marc Raimondi on Wednesday.... read more
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Six shot at Washington high school 

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Six people were shot at a high school near Spokane, Washington, on Wednesday, police and local media said.... read more
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