Workers forced to chase millions in unpaid super 

ABC News
The culture of cash payments in the hospitality business means long-term workers are often left with little or no superannuation - and the scale of the problem is hard to gauge, particularly because so many employers pay some, or all, wages in cash.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 3:00:00 Categories: ABC News

GOP congressman explains sea-level rise: it's rocks falling into ocean 

The Guardian
Mo Brooks rejects notion that global warming is causing sea levels to increase, and says: 'What about the White Cliffs of Dover?'... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 3:00:00 Categories: The Guardian

Police find no evidence of Meghan's sister car crash 

Daily Mail
The Florida Highway Patrol spent three hours trawling their database for details after Samantha Grant, 53, told TMZ the car she was travelling in struck a concrete barrier - but found nothing.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 3:00:00 Categories: Daily Mail

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Battle Royale Mode Revealed 

After weeks of teases and speculation, Activision finally pulled back the curtain on this year's anticipated Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4. Like previous entries, Black Ops 4 will come with a variety of different game modes, including the ever-popular Zombies, but this year's installment will also feature its own take on the battle royale genre. Dubbed Blackout, the new battle royale-style...... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:58:00 Categories: Gamespot

Bizarre turn in story of DQed high school golfers as official accused of lying 

Golf Digest
Bizarre turn in story of golfers DQ'd from state tournament: players, administrators say rules official told them to hit from wrong tee, then denied it... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:54:56 Categories: Golf Digest

Decades after woman finds baby buried alive, the two reunite 

Los Angeles Times
In 1998, a jogger found a newborn baby buried alive in the foothills of Altadena, his umbilical cord still attached. The baby, not more than a few hours old, hovered near death. ... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:54:00 Categories: Los Angeles Times

Ranking the new fall TV trailers, from best to worst 

Entertainment Weekly
1. I Feel Bad (NBC): KRISTEN: "Here's what every woman knows: We feel bad about something every day." Thank you, TV, for validating my existential crisis! DARREN: Mom Sarayu Blue telling her kid "I am so sorry we can't afford a stranger to take care of you" made me laugh out out. Good sign! KRISTEN: Also a good sign: There are more brown people than white people in this pilot. Good job, NBC! DARREN: Our main character works at a videogame company, which feels like the new architect/art gallerist go-to TV job. KRISTEN: Hey look, it's Paul Adelstein! He's always a good sign. DARREN: Discussing feminism at a videogame company for wry comedy: Also a good sign! KRISTEN: The title also reminds me of Nora Ephron's book I Feel Bad About My Neck, and I'm going to choose to believe it's an homage. DARREN: This looks fun! It seems to be tapping into a similar mom-crisis-comedy vibe as Tully, but without the [incredibly bizarre spoiler], so I'm in. KRISTEN: Ditto. I feel good about I Feel Bad. (DEFINITELY FIRST TO THAT JOKE, DON'T GOOGLE IT.) 2. All-American (CW): KRISTEN: FOOTBALL! I'm having FNL flashbacks, which makes me happy. DARREN: A shooter at a football game! Well, that took a bleak turn. KRISTEN: Taye Diggs is now recruiting the star player, played by Daniel Ezra, to come to his team in Beverly Hills. DARREN: His family is concerned it's not the best thing for him. Will he lose himself when he leaves his neighborhood? KRISTEN: But it's a better, safer school, says Coach Taye Diggs. DARREN: Did someone just describe a character as "my tortured alt-left sister"? KRISTEN: Yes, and now the white kids are asking the star player if he's in the Crips or the Bloods. Not a great intro, white kids. DARREN: He's is suddenly being invited to pool parties in Beverly Hills. I'm into this! Some great Los Angeles cross-cultural race/class drama. KRISTEN: Wow, so this is like FNL meets The OC meets Boyz in the Hood? DARREN: "If you can make something of yourself, maybe I can too." Already crying. KRISTEN: Yes, I am for sure in. Damn you, Greg Berlanti - you've done it again! DARREN: The CW's target demo loves Berlanti for his DC stuff, but the vibe here reminds me vaguely of his wonderful Jack & Bobby, which merrily juggled sensitive teen drama with big political ideas. Great job! 3. The Rookie (ABC): KRISTEN: Nathan Fillion as a 40-year-old police rookie. SOLD. DARREN: "You're about to hit the street with a loaded handgun and no idea what happens next." KRISTEN: Side note: Nathan Fillion doesn't really look 40. His colleagues dismiss him as a "walking midlife crisis," so he's got to prove them wrong. DARREN: This looks like a darker, more emotionally bruised Fillion than we got on Castle. I like emotionally bruised Fillion! KRISTEN: I like Fillion in any form. 4. Murphy Brown (CBS): DARREN: This trailer is done in the style of a mockumentary, and begins with the election of Donald Trump, so the revival seems to be getting back to that topical/"argue with Dan Quayle" sweet spot. KRISTEN: Murphy left FYI but now she's back, because Trump. KRISTEN: Was your roommate Andy from Parks & Rec? DARREN: Similar, but with twice my IQ. KRISTEN: TYNE DALY! Murphy says she's back to "take on this crazy new world of alternative facts" because "it's our civic duty." DARREN: I didn't laugh at all during this trailer except during the clips of the original series. But I am excited by the prospect of a smart multicam sitcom that can react quickly to our crazy political world. KRISTEN: The original creator, Diane English, is back - so I'm optimistic. 5. Grand Hotel (NBC): KRISTEN: "Five-star hotel, five-star secrets"! Now that's a tagline. DARREN: Is this a show about a wacky hotel where people have sex with each other? KRISTEN: Correction, it's a soap opera about a wacky hotel where people have sex with each other. DARREN: Set in "the last family-owned hotel in Miami Beach." Demián Bichir is the patriarch, and he's selling out the family hotel to a higher bidder. KRISTEN: Is his sexy new wife making him do it? His kids think so. DARREN: So it's a modern-day Magic City with a Latino cast. I AM SO GODDAMN IN. KRISTEN: A young woman in a maid's uniform just told someone, "I'm pregnant," so I, too, am SO IN. 6. The Neighborhood (CBS): KRISTEN: Cedric the Entertainer headlines this comedy about a man whose family has lived in a black neighborhood in L.A. for years. Until . WHITE FOLKS MOVE IN. DARREN: Potentially, a comedy of gentrification? Interesting. KRISTEN: Cedric's character, Calvin, is not amused. DARREN: Dreama Walker sighting! She's now "married couple on a sitcom" age, which means I am also that age. KRISTEN: Cedric does a good "white guy" voice. DARREN: Him imitating a white guy saying "I really find Rihanna attractive" made this white guy laugh. KRISTEN: Now the white neighbor is hugging all his black neighbors and saying, "I'm sorry if I seem racist." For CBS, this qualifies as edgy. I'll admit it, Darren, that looked kind of funny. You really can't go wrong with Cedric. DARREN: I wish the Midwestern guy didn't seem so bland. But I like the basic setup here. 7. Whiskey Cavalier (ABC): KRISTEN: Scott Foley IS Whiskey Cavalier, one of the Bureau's best agents. DARREN: And he just parted ways with his fiancée! I remember that J.J. Abrams pitched Alias as, basically, a show about Felicity from Felicity becoming a spy. Now we have a show where Noel from Felicity becomes a spy! And then Keri Russell was a spy on The Americans. #CallSpeedman. KRISTEN: Hey, it's The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan as a "relentless" CIA operative. What are the odds that they'll get together? So maybe this is Mr. and Mrs. Smith, on a broadcast TV budget. DARREN: I do like Lauren Cohan and am excited to see her on a show where she can presumably smile more than once every two years. KRISTEN: Hey, it's Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty! This looks fun, not just in a trying-to-look-fun kind of way. DARREN: Yes, and also in a the-pilot-will-look-10-times-more-expensive-than-the-rest-of-the-show way. I'll stick around to see if they have chemistry. 8. Charmed (CW): KRISTEN: "Nothing is stronger than your sisterhood," says a loving mom to her two teen daughters. DARREN: Mom is - unsurprisingly, given that this is a Charmed reboot - a witch. She dies! KRISTEN: Her death leaves her sisters estranged and miserable, and then . a third sister shows up on their doorstep! The power of three! DARREN: The three sisters start noticing strange, magical things happening around them. The magic looks a little more X-Men-y than on the original Charmed, but I like the X-Men. KRISTEN: Freezing time! Moving things with their mind! Hearing everyone's thoughts! DARREN: Oh hey, it's the guy from Hellboy but not Hellboy 2. KRISTEN: He tells them they are the "charmed ones," and that mommy was a witch. And that witch mommy was murdered. DARREN: They are tasked with protecting the innocent and vanquishing demons. It's interesting how Charmed was kind of a supernatural outlier on the WB, and now it fits right into the CW's superhero slate. KRISTEN: Yes, as will the reboot of Roswell, coming next year! This looks like a competent remake, but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary. Though, to your point, it fits well into the schedule and it's been updated with a more diverse cast - so perhaps it'll be a gateway for young'uns to discover the original. DARREN: I think it's harder now for any "superpower team" show to stand out. But I'm intrigued by the presence of Jane the Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urmanand, and it's never a bad time for an ode to kickass sisterhood. 9. Manifest (NBC): DARREN: A group of people on a flight disappear. Quite a concept for a new show in 2004! KRISTEN: Oh no, 20 seconds in and you have two of my worst nightmares: traveling with fa... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:52:46 Categories: Entertainment Weekly

San Diego State to keep Aztec name following charged debate 

Tribune News Service
San Diego State University will keep the word Aztec as its nickname but create a more culturally sensitive version of its mascot in a decision that reflects nearly 20 years of racially charged debate about how the school treats indigenous people. ... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:50:00 Categories: Tribune News Service

New Zealand PM's partner fights off shark with a pole 

Evening Standard
... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:48:00 Categories: Evening Standard

Anthony Martial, Alexandre Lacazette and Dimitri Payet left out of France World Cup squad 

Birmingham Mail
Payet, the former West Ham midfielder now at Marseille, will miss this summer's tournament in Russia... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:46:49 Categories: Birmingham Mail

Queensland school bans mobile phones
A Gold Coast school is enforcing a controversial "no phone policy" in the hopes of getting students to talk to one another.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:45:00 Categories:

Champions League final plans revealed - but where's the public screening of Liverpool vs Real Madrid? 

Liverpool Echo
UEFA announce programme of events including Klitschko, McManaman, Seedorf and Shevchenko... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:44:39 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Jack Wilshere says he should have been in England's World Cup squad 

Birmingham Mail
The Arsenal midfielder failed to make the 23-man party when Southgate announced his squad for Russia on Wednesday... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:44:17 Categories: Birmingham Mail

WH cancels daily communications meeting after McCain joke leaks 

The White House's daily communications staff meeting has not taken place for several days in the wake of someone leaking staffer Kelly Sadler's joke that Sen. John McCain's opinion of Gina Haspel, confirmed Thursday as CIA director, doesn't matter because "he's dying anyway."... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:44:00 Categories: CNN

Windhorst 'cannot see' LeBron leaving Eastern Conference 

Larry Brown Sports
Speculation continues to grow that LeBron James will leave the Cavaliers after the season, but the reporter who may know him best does not see many teams outside of Cleveland that make sense for the three-time NBA champion.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:43:49 Categories: Larry Brown Sports

Former hoops star says he was offered $35K to 'throw a game' 

<p>In light of the Supreme Court's recent decision, sports betting has become a hot topic.</p>... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:42:27 Categories: Sportsnaut

Trump distances himself from key adviser's remark on North Korea 

Tribune News Service
President Donald Trump distanced himself Thursday from a controversial remark made by his national security adviser, John Bolton, that figured in North Korea's threat to cancel the summit meeting planned for June, and said preparations for the meeting were continuing. Trump also implied that China's President Xi Jinping may be trying to influence the North Koreans to take a harder ...... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:42:00 Categories: Tribune News Service

As oil rises, warnings emerge from U.S. retailers 

<p>Worries about rising oil prices have begun to creep into U.S. retailers' earnings calls, and investors are raising concerns that those costs may slow discretionary spending among Americans and push down the performance of the retailers' shares.</p>... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:40:55 Categories: Reuters

The Aston Villa moment that will melt the hearts of all football fans 

Birmingham Mail
AVFC fans - you must watch this!... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:40:26 Categories: Birmingham Mail

Police want to speak to these three men about a robbery at a mobile phone shop 

Manchester Evening News
Men threatened staff before ripping phones from the display at the EE Mobile store in Leigh and left with items worth almost £5,000... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 2:40:23 Categories: Manchester Evening News
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