Zimbabwe's incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa: assassins are trying to 'eliminate' me 

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Zimbabwe's incoming leader has revealed he was subject to an assassination attempt as he hailed a "new and unfolding democracy" in the country. President-designate Emmerson Mnangagwa claimed he left Zimbabwe after being informed of plans to "eliminate me", adding that he was "subjected to poisoning" in August. Addressing supporters hours after returning to cheering crowds in Harare, he pledged to create jobs and kickstart the faltering Zimbabwean economy. The 75-year-old will be sworn in as president tomorrow - two weeks after he was sacked as vice president by Robert Mugabe and fled to South Africa. Follow the latest on Zimbabwe LIVE here Mr Mnangagwa said: "I pledge myself to be your servant. I appeal to all genuine patriotic Zimbabweans to come together. We work together. No-one is more important than the other - we are all Zimbabweans. "We want to grow our economy. We want peace in our country. We want jobs, jobs, jobs in our country." He also praised the military and General Constantino Chiwenga, commander of Zimbabwe Defence Forces, for "managing this process very peacefully". Mr Mnangagwa's dismissal on 6 October plunged the country into a political crisis and prompted military chiefs to take control of the capital and place Mr Mugabe under house arrest. Nicknamed the "crocodile" because of his political cunning, Mr Mnangagwa met South African President Jacob Zuma before leaving for Zimbabwe. The future of 93-year-old Mugabe, who resigned on Tuesday as lawmakers began impeaching him, is unclear. He was said to remain in the capital, Harare, with former first lady Grace. Some have questioned whether the former president had secured guarantees of protection, including immunity from prosecution.... read more
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How Manchester United can win their Champions League group by losing vs CSKA Moscow 

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Man Utd lost to Basel but Champions League qualification remains likely ahead of the final fixture vs CSKA Moscow.... read more
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Everton's Marco Silva hopes fade as Watford hold firm 

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David Unsworth continues as caretaker boss against Atalanta tonight... read more
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Nick Carter denies rape allegation from Dream singer Melissa Schuman 

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Nick Carter has denied rape, following a blog post from singer Melissa Schuman, in which she alleges the Backstreet Boys star forced himself on her 15 years ago. ... read more
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Donald & Melania Trump's 12-year-old wedding cake auction off for a whopping £1804 

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Let them eat (stale) cake.... read more
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Paramedics go out of way to fulfill patient's final wish 

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... read more
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Mary-Ellen McTague launches crowdfunding campaign to bring Chorlton's The Creameries back to life 

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The stunning Edwardian building is set to become a bakery, bar and kitchen... read more
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Uber probed by global regulators over huge data breach and cover up 

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Uber could face punishments in several key markets which could include fines.... read more
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Everybody's Talking About Jamie review: A big-hearted and joyous crowd-pleaser 

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This feelgood musical is also a timely one - speaking boldly about changing ideas of what it means to be a man. Arriving in London from Sheffield, where it played for just nineteen performances but achieved ecstatic word-of-mouth, it owes something to Kinky Boots and La Cage aux Folles, as well as explicitly drawing inspiration from a 2011 BBC documentary about Jamie Campbell, a teenage drag queen in a former mining village in County Durham. Yet it has a fresh, exuberant confidence that's very much its own. At its heart is tall and gangly schoolboy Jamie New, a charming and extravagantly camp 16-year-old. An aptitude test suggests he should become a fork-lift truck driver after his GCSEs, but he dreams of a wildly different career as a drag performer. First, though, there's the challenge of his school prom - can he source the right dress, and will he actually be allowed to wear it? Buy tickets for Everybody's Talking About Jamie with Evening Standard Tickets Read more Dan Gillespie Sells: I'm always terrified that I haven't pulled it off John McCrea anchors Jonathan Butterell's lively production, sassily charismatic as the passionate and occasionally naive Jamie. He has to confront a starchy careers teacher, bigoted absentee father and swaggering classroom bully, but this is not so much a drama about coming out or facing intolerance as a portrait of a teenager growing into his identity. The highlight of a strong supporting cast is Josie Walker as Jamie's doting mother, glorious in her introspective solos. Lucie Shorthouse is richly amusing as his earnestly diligent friend Pritti and Phil Nichol delights as his bear-like mentor Hugo, who reminisces eagerly about a past life as diva Loco Chanelle. The score is by Dan Gillespie Sells of chart-toppers The Feeling. A songwriter with an easy sincerity, he combines poppy verve and a craving for the bittersweet. The book and lyrics are the work of TV writer Tom MacRae, and what they lack in blazingly original storytelling they more than make up for with warmth and wit. The result is a true crowd-pleaser - big-hearted and joyous. Until April 21, Apollo Theatre... read more
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Zimbabwe latest news live: Developments as Zimbabwe prepares to swear in new President Emmerson Mnangagwa after Robert Mugabe resigned 

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Zimbabwe's recently fired vice president has returned to the country to be sworn in as leader after a week of turmoil saw the resignation of despot Robert Mugabe. Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed huge crowds outside the ruling party's headquarters on Wednesday in a triumphant return to the country. He had fled the country earlier this month, claiming to have received threats on his life. Mugabe, 93, announced his resignation in the middle of impeachment proceedings against him on Tuesday. The country erupted into scenes of joy, with cheering and dancing in the streets going on late into the night. Follow the latest developments in our blog below:... read more
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Mate 10 Pro: a high-end alternative to Samsung, Apple 

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The Mate 10 Pro could be a game changer for Huawei as it looks to break Samsung and Apple's hold in the smartphone market.... read more
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YouTube to block predatory comment sections on videos of minors 

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After a Verge story detailed glaring examples of predatory comments on videos of children, YouTube announced today that it will turn off comments entirely on videos where it detects predatory behavior.  ... read more
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Youth referee quits, telling parents 'I despise you' 

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A youth football referee has quit in a letter to fellow parents, saying he holds them in contempt.... read more
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Ralf Rangnick on Everton's managerial radar, say reports 

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While Louis van Gaal opens up on Everton links... read more
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Man drowns neighbour's dog over chicken coop raid 

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<p>A Brisbane man is sentenced to six months' probation for drowning his neighbour's dog Thunder after finding the animal in his backyard chicken coop.</p>... read more
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There's no such thing as dark matter: astronomer 

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These two mysterious entities are together thought to account for over 95 percent of all energy in the observable universe, and are largely accepted as real in the astronomy community.... read more
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Review: BMW R1200RS Sport SE 

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What's a rider to do after a day learning new techniques? Head to Brittany for four days of touring to put it all into practice. The £14,065 BMW's R1200RS Sport SE couldn't be a better companion. Impressively nimble for filtering in London traffic despite wide-looking twin cylinders, 1,200cc liquid-cooled engine and 236kgs, it's in its element on tours, providing power and comfort. Kitted with BMW's expanding tank bag, streamlined panniers and top box, I headed for Portsmouth, enjoying a night on Brittany Ferries' Bretagne in my own cabin, docking at St Malo at dawn. That extra i2i training has undoubtedly given me extra confidence and sharpened my skills - delivering a more enjoyable, swifter, safer ride. The bodywork provides just the right level of wind and rain protection, heated grips did their thing when it cooled at night and the spacious, comfy seating position lets you ride all day - which is exactly what we did. It's the consummate all-rounder. brittanyferries.com... read more
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For Franken, a rising trajectory, and then the accusations 

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"Many of you have jobs, many of you have families," Sen. Al Franken told Virginia Democratic leaders gathered on the eve of what seemed an uncomfortably close...... read more
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Men whose wives do not take their surname 'viewed as less masculine' 

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Men whose wives do not take their surname are viewed as less masculine by their peers, a new study has found. Husbands are seen as disempowered and "higher in traits related to femininity" if their wife chooses not follow the marital tradition, according to research from the University of Nevada. Meanwhile women who defy the surname tradition are perceived as powerful, ambitious and assertive. The authors of the study carried out a series of online surveys on UK and US-based undergraduates who were asked to imagine a hypothetical scenario in which a heterosexual women had decided to keep her own surname after marrying. Fourteen per cent of women want to keep their own surname, according to YouGov (Shutterstock) The participants then had to answer questions on their opinion of the husband's personality. The first two studies showed that husbands whose wives keep their own surnames are seen as less powerful in the relationship, a contrast to gender-typical personality traits. "A woman's marital surname choice therefore has implications for perceptions of her husband's instrumentality, expressivity, and the distribution of power in the relationship," said lead author Rachael Robnett. "This study joins several others in alluding to a link between traditions in heterosexual romantic relationships and power structures favouring men," she added. "The marital surname tradition is more than just a tradition. It reflects subtle gender-role norms and ideologies that often remain unquestioned despite privileging men." The practice of a woman taking her husband's name was widely adopted in the 17th century. Prior to this, a married woman was considered to lose her surname upon marriage and have no surname whatsoever. The majority of women (59 per cent) would still "like to take their spouses surname upon marriage", a YouGov poll found, while 61 per cent of men still want them to do so. Read more How I got in shape for my wedding day Fourteen per cent of women would want to keep their own surname, while just two per cent of women would have their spouse adopt their surname. According to Robnett, people "high in hostile sexism" are more likely to respond negatively to women who "violate traditional gender roles". "Our findings show that they also apply stereotypes to non-traditional women's husbands," she added.... read more
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'Child marriage' bill stirs outrage in Iraq 

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A proposal in Iraq's parliament to scrap the minimum age for Muslim girls to marry has stirred outrage among critics who view it as a licence "to rape children".... read more
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