Let's Address The Real Problem Of Government Financial Waste 

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Then it will be easier for public servants to be more productive and save money... read more
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YouTuber Count Dankula found guilty of hate crime for teaching pet pug 'Nazi salute' 

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A YouTuber who taught his girlfriend's pet dog to give Nazi salutes in response to the phrase "gas the Jews" has been found guilty of a hate crime. Mark Meechan, of Coatbridge in Lanarkshire, was found guilty of communicating a "grossly offensive" video in a Scottish court on Tuesday. The 30-year-old vlogger taught his girlfriend's pet pug to react to the phrase, which he repeated 23 times in a video seen by the court. Meecham, a self-described "professional s*** poster" and free speech advocate, said the video had been taken out of context. The video was watched more than 3 million times on the video sharing platform. Meechan was arrested after sharing the footage in April 2016. He told Airdrie Sheriff Court that he made the video to annoy his girlfriend Suzanne Kelly, 29, and denied any wrongdoing. Speaking after the verdict, he said: "There has been a huge miscarriage of justice. "I think it is a very, very dark day in terms of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Read more Vlogger Logan Paul 'more popular' with children than rival Zoella "One of the primary things that must be considered in cases like this is context and intent and today context and intent were completely disregarded. "For the system to disregard such things means that your actions no longer matter - they decide what your context and intent is. "For any comedians making jokes in Britain, I'd be very, very worried about your future because - the context and intent - apparently they don't matter anymore." Comedian Ricky Gervais rallied to Meecham's defence, writing on Twitter: "A man has been convicted in a UK court of making a joke that was deemed 'grossly offensive'. "If you don't believe in a person's right to say things that you might find 'grossly offensive', then you don't believe in Freedom of Speech." Meecham is due to be sentenced on April 23.... read more
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YouTuber found guilty of hate crime 

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A YouTuber who taught his girlfriend's pet dog to give Nazi salutes in response to the phrase "gas the Jews" has been found guilty of a hate crime. ... read more
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YouTuber found guilty of hate crime 

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A YouTuber who taught his girlfriend's pet dog to give Nazi salutes in response to the phrase "gas the Jews" has been found guilty of a hate crime. ... read more
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Caitlyn Jenner reveals she had skin cancer removed from her nose 

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Caitlyn Jenner is very candid on social media.  ... read more
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Lone resource officer's action stopped Md. school shooter in seconds 

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Blaine Gaskill was instrumental in bringing the tragic incident at Great Mills High School to a quick end.... read more
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Joy-Anna Duggar's baby was breech: Here's what that means 

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<p>What does it mean for a baby to be in the breech position - and does it always result in a C-section? Here's what you need to know.</p>... read more
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Cocaine yob seen waving knife on Slater Street tried to blame his actions on his sister's death 

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Judge jailed Callum Hammond to send a message not to bring a knife on a night out... read more
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Poehler to direct, star in Netflix comedy 

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The comedy, also starring Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer and Maya Rudolph, will be Poehler's feature directorial debut.... read more
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Supreme Court rules out further hearing on plight of Alfie Evans 

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Although judges expressed sympathy for his parents, they ruled that the proposed appeal was 'unarguable'.... read more
20. maaliskuuta 2018 23:30:00 Categories: Press Association

Police officer charged with murder of Justine Damond 

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The policeman who mistakenly fatally shot Justine Damond in July last year has been charged with third-degree murder.... read more
20. maaliskuuta 2018 23:30:00 Categories: WAtoday

Bird on stand-by as Broncos toy with letting star recruit loose 

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The Blues Origin representative could take the field as early as Friday night as he races the clock to beat a long-term shoulder injury.... read more
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Cambridge Analytica suspends CEO amid ongoing investigation 

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Cambridge Analytica announced it has suspended CEO Alexander Nix pending the results of an ongoing investigation that it improperly accessed 50 million Facebook accounts.... read more
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Fatal self-driving-auto accident raises novel legal questions 

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<p>The death of a pedestrian hit by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Arizona this week could offer a test of who can be held legally responsible for accidents when a human is no longer at the wheel, legal experts said.</p>... read more
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'Ordeal by Innocence' director talks reshoots without Ed Westwick 

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Sandra Goldbacher was encouraged by Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World <g class="gr_ gr_16 gr-alert gr_spell gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del" data-gr-id="16" id="16">re shoots</g> when she had to refilm TV drama Ordeal by Innocence without Ed Westwick.... read more
20. maaliskuuta 2018 23:22:00 Categories: Cover Media

A live orchestral rendition of Dr. Dre 2001 is coming to Gorilla in June 

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One of the most iconic hip-hop albums ever will get an orchestral interpretation at Gorilla in June... read more
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I'm in an Open Marriage . . . but We're Not Sleeping With Anyone Else 

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I'm in an open marriage. Well, to be simultaneously more and less specific: I'm in a nonmonogamous marriage. An "open" marriage, in the nontraditional world, means that the couple may be having sex with other people but with no emotion involved. In contrast, in a "polyamorous" relationship, it means the couple is having sex with others and may also be having full-fledged relationships with others. For my husband and I, a nonmonogamous marriage means that we're not subscribing to the traditional notion of sexual monogamy being required in a marriage. It means that we don't believe that the only way to be sexual in a marriage is with each other. It means that we're okay with the idea of sexual exploration. What it doesn't mean, right now, is that we're actually having sex with other people. You see, the importance of an "open" marriage to me has nothing to do with getting to have sex with others, or having sex with others, or planning to have sex with others. Those factors are things that most people think of when they think of an open marriage, but they are secondary to the most important part of an open marriage: the openness. I have never been a big fan of being restricted or constrained in any way. For a long time, I railed against the idea of commitment in any and all forms. It was for this exact reason that while there was no great difficulty in my deciding to get married to the only man I've ever met that made me believe in the idea of "The One," there was some difficulty in adjusting to the idea of "marriage." My husband knew, from the moment he met me, that I wasn't the traditional sort, so neither of us ever thought we'd have anything other than a nonmonogamous marriage. That said, even adapting to the idea of a nonmonogamous "marriage," rather than me hopping from date to hookup to whatever else I felt like without care or consideration for a partner, was difficult. 43553527 My husband and I both had a strong desire to understand each other and make our marriage work. I, of course, wanted to try to open my "commitment" boundaries in order to create a beautiful marriage with my husband. He wanted to try to understand nonmonogamy, so that we could both be open about our desires.Both of these issues came to a head the week before our wedding. One Monday afternoon, I found myself alone in what was soon to be our apartment, having a complete and total panic attack about the idea of getting married. My "freakout," as I called it, had nothing to do with him as a person - it had everything to do with the institution of marriage, open or otherwise.I tried writing in my journal. I tried texting my sister. I tried messaging some friends. Everyone had words of wisdom for me, but the general idea was that I should try to deal with my freakout on my own and not share it with my betrothed, because he might be hurt or start to panic himself.I tried listening to that wisdom and failed. I called my then-fiancé and told him, in no uncertain terms, that I was absolutely panicking and that I needed him.He, though faced with a full calendar of things to do before the wedding, dropped everything on his to-do list and came over. And we sat down and talked. "We talked about what it meant to be in a marriage where we were open to sexual interactions with others and how we would navigate the world of nonmonogamy together."We talked about the fact that I hadn't seen myself as "wife material" for a long time and that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to deal well with it. We talked about the fact that nonmonogamy was really important to me and that it was really new for him. We talked about the fact that being bound to another human in any way - through familial blood or marriage or even friendship - can be scary and feel suffocating to me, and that I would need his help to be understanding and let me explore the world alone when I started to feel that suffocation. We talked about what it meant to be in a marriage where we were open to sexual interactions with others and how we would navigate the world of non-monogamy together.It felt like we talked about everything under the sun.And at the end of it, I was glad that I ignored other people's advice to not let my husband in on my panic. It made me realize that part of why I didn't love "traditional" relationships is because they feel based on the idea of maintaining love through polite fictions. We claim our partners are our "best friends" and that we tell them "everything," but that's only true to a certain point. We may tell them we find an actor or actress on the big screen attractive, but we certainly don't tell them we wouldn't mind getting to know what it's like to have sex with the cute barista at our favorite coffee joint. We might tell them that we feel overwhelmed by work and stress and adulting, but we certainly don't tell them the chains of traditional monogamy are weighing us down. We might even tell them that we need a bit of space from the relationship, but we probably don't tell them when we want that space to go on a first "date" with someone else. 43629759 The importance of my open marriage, to me, then, isn't the sexual openness: it's the emotional openness. It's the idea that because we've removed the normal boundaries that exist in traditional relationships, we can communicate about everything. So yes, I'm in an open marriage, but neither of us is sleeping with anyone else right now. If and when either of us want to, however, we'll talk about it honestly, because it is the very fact that I'm in an open relationship that truly allows me to truly be myself with my husband and build a foundation of trust, communication, and love.... read more
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Minneapolis Officer Charged With Murder in Australian Woman's Death 

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The shooting in July of Justine Damond by Officer Mohamed Noor renewed questions about police conduct and training in the Minneapolis region.... read more
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McConnell: Mueller isn't 'going anywhere' 

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday defended Robert Mueller after President Trump blasted the special counsel's investigation over the weekend as biased.McConnell tried to put to rest speculation that Trump may persuade senior Justice Department officials to fire Mueller, who is investigating possible collusion between Trum...... read more
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Canada unveils slightly stricter gun laws 

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The Canadian government unveiled slightly stricter gun laws on Tuesday that include enhanced background checks and restrictions on who can own firearms, in response to a spike in gang-related gun crimes.... read more
20. maaliskuuta 2018 23:15:00 Categories: AFP
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