Why holidays should be prescribed to patients at risk of heart disease 

The Telegraph
GPs should prescribe holidays to help patients at risk of heart disease live longer, say experts... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: The Telegraph

Where are blacks, women? Living history museums rethink past 

Associated Press
A Massachusetts living history museum that depicts life in the early 19th century is looking to overhaul the way it presents the past in an effort to stay relevant to a 21st century audience. ... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: Associated Press

Putin to speak on pension reform in rare TV address 

Russian President Vladimir Putin will deliver Wednesday a rare televised address on controversial pension reforms, with some expecting him to soften the measures to stem the fall in his approval ratings.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: AFP

Expat exodus from Spain as thousands of Britons quit amid Brexit fears 

Brits are packing their bags and heading home provoked by an uncertain future relationship between the UK and Europe... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: Mirror

Hurricane Maria death toll estimate in Puerto Rico soars to 2,975 

The Independent
The official death toll from the hurricane that struck Puerto Rico in September last year has been increased from 64 to 2,975, a 50-times jump that has sparked a new wave of criticism for the government response to the disaster.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: The Independent

The EU is too white - Brexit is likely to make it worse 

The Guardian
All 28 European commissioners are white and only three of the 751 MEPs are black.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 14:00:00 Categories: The Guardian

Internet safety: How to deal with facing abuse on Google, Facebook, Instagram and more 

Evening Standard
The internet is a wonderful place, full of interesting information and things to do. But for many, it can be a dark and scary place, with known and anonymous trolls using the many social media platforms to reign down their abuse. A survey by the Pew Research Centre last year found that 73 per cent of adults had seen someone harassed in some way online, with 40 per cent personally experiencing abuse on the internet. In recent years, celebrities and actors, including Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones and Star Wars' Kelly Marie Tran have deleted their social media accounts after receiving abuse. Read more John Boyega slams Star Wars trolls for harassing Kelly Marie Tran The director of Public Prosecutions in the UK, Alison Saunders, said online abuse can fuel "dangerous hostility" and has called for online hate crimes to be treated as seriously as attacks that take place offline. When you're facing abuse online, it can feel overwhelming and you may not be sure how to report an issue such as this. Here's a handy guide on how to deal with abuse on the main social media platforms and how to report incidents. Facebook Of all the social networks, Facebook is the one that has gone all in on offering advice for reporting online abuse. Read more Fabric: new social app that could solve social media's problems It says it has been working to "strengthen the reporting of abuse over the past few years". "If you receive nudity, hate speech or threats on Facebook you can go to the Report link near the post or comment to report it to us," it says. Messenger is a bit of a different ball game. If you're receiving uncomfortable messages on Facebook Messenger, you can block the messages using the settings cog in the top right of the chat block. However, this doesn't mean they are blocked on Facebook completely: they are only blocked from contacting you on Messenger. To block them from Facebook entirely, you would have to do that separately. As well, you can report the messages, ignore the conversation and delete the conversation. This won't delete the conversation from their inbox, only yours, so you don't have to see it. However, if you want to report the chat, you will need to take a screenshot before you delete it. The Zuckerberg-owned platform has been doing a lot to tacle revenge porn or 'non-consensual sharing of intimate images' (NCII) as the company calls it. Love, lies and nudes - revenge porn documentary trailer If you fear you will be a victim of revenge porn or NCII, you can actually upload the intimate images of yourself to Facebook Messenger, which is secure and encrypted. Facebook then hashes these images (turns them into a numerical fingerprint), stores the code in its library, and deletes the images. In the eventuality that one of these images is uploaded to Facebook, the company uses artificial intelligence (AI) for photo matching technology so it can cross-reference this to the numerical code and remove it straight away. This is currently in a pilot stage around the globe but it's a smart and secure way to tackle an issue that predominantly affects women on the internet. Google - YouTube Google says to use its reporting feature on YouTube with 'extreme caution' (Shutterstock ) Google warns that you should use their report tool with "extreme caution". "If you misuse it, you may be prohibited from using YouTube," they say. However, it is important to flag abusive content on the platform, and the company says this tool is the best way to do so if you're being targeted. To report a comment on a video, tap "More" below the comment, click report, and leave the reason for reporting. A few accounts need to report a comment before it will be hidden under a 'Marked as Spam' link. Reporting comments in a live stream requires a similar process: click the "More" feature below the comment, select report, and write the reporting reason. Instagram When reporting messages on Instagram, it's a little bit trickier than the other platforms, something that has been highlighted in the past. If you want to file a report, you need to do it through Instagram's online help centre, via a form that requires you to input your email address. Read more Instagram will now tell you how much time you spend scrolling If you don't have an Instagram account but see something that is abusive or defies the network's community guidelines, you can do it through an online form. For instance, if you discover someone is impersonating you with a false Instagram account, you can report it to Instagram through a form and make sure you have a photo of your government-issued ID to prove you are real. What is good about Instagram's offering is that it offers a lot of advice on how to block people so they can't see your photos or videos, as well as how to report messages and accounts. To block someone on Instagram, tap their username and go to their profile, before tapping the three dots that denote settings and hitting 'Block'. As well as blocking, you can report an account by clicking settings and tap report. If it's an individual message you want to report, then open up the conversation. Tap and hold the individual message and select report. In general, with Instagram, you can report abuse and spam within the app using these methods. Snapchat Given that Snapchat's predominant users are Generation Z and below, this platform needs to be hotter than most when it comes to reporting tools for abuse. Snapchat offers advice to parents on what to do about online abuse The platform's red flags include nudity or sexually suggestive content, invasions of privacy, threats and violence, harassment and bullying, as well as hate speech and terrorism. If you're unhappy with a particular Snap or Story, hold down on the content until a white flag button appears in the bottom-left corner. You can use this little tool to report the story. To report a particular account, press and hold down on the account's name, until a settings cog symbol appears. Tap this button, before selecting report to report the account. As well as reporting issues in the app, Snapchat also hosts a support site, where you can contact the company using its 'I need help' page. The platform also offers advice to parents about what to do if their child is being bullied online, as it also has links to NetSmartz, a US-based education programme which focuses on internet safety for young people. Twitter Probably due to the constant criticism about the level of abuse on the platform, Twitter's reporting tools are pretty comprehensive. Read more Twitter temporarily restricts conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' account You can report individual tweets by designating that they are abusive or harmful. As well, you can report individual accounts for abusive behaviour, and report individual message or conversations. In all instances, Twitter will send you follow-up emails to you about the tweets, but if you don't want to receive this information or see the messages again, then you can uncheck the box which says "Updates about this report can show these tweets". As with other platforms, Twitter isn't promising to act on the content that's been flagged but it offers advice on what to do if you receive a threat that you feel is credible or fear for your own or someone else's life. The platform recommends contacting law enforcement to raise any credible issues with them. As well, you can get a copy of the report of a violent threat by asking Twitter to email the report to you. It's difficult when facing abuse on social media, not least because a lot of the time law enforcement isn't yet treating it like a proper crime. Follow the right protocol, download abusive messages and block and report accounts that's the most advice these platforms will give you at the moment.... read more
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James McClean issues statement over being branded 'hypocrite' in Declan Rice row 

Birmingham Mail
McClean and fellow ex-Baggies star Kevin Kilbane both spoke out amid the Rice debate about international allegiance... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:58:50 Categories: Birmingham Mail

Assassin's Creed Odyssey benefits from RPG genre 

BANG Showbiz
'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' will benefit from the franchise's move into the RPG genre by giving fans an incentive to really explore its open world.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:56:47 Categories: BANG Showbiz IBN Live

Microsoft halts VR plans 

BANG Showbiz
Microsoft has reportedly halted plans to develop an Xbox virtual reality headset.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:56:47 Categories: BANG Showbiz Firstpost

Streets of Rage 4 confirmed 

BANG Showbiz
'Streets of Rage 4' has been announced over two decades after the last title in the series.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:56:47 Categories: BANG Showbiz Hindustan Times

Jolie switches lawyers as divorce case heats up 

Cover Media
Angelina Jolie has confirmed reports she's switching lawyers in her ongoing divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband Brad Pitt. ... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:56:00 Categories: Cover Media

Dec deletes cryptic tweet about 'resentment and hate' after new I'm a Celebrity host revealed 

Liverpool Echo
The cryptic message comes after Holly Willoughby was 'confirmed' as the new I'm a Celebrity host... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:55:33 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Ikea lets stranded customers sleep in store's bedrooms after M25 crash blocks Dartford Crossing 

Evening Standard
Ikea offered customers the chance to sleep in beds at the store after a huge crash closed part of the M25 leaving shoppers stranded. Customers said around 200 people were unable to travel home from the lakeside branch of the Swedish furniture retailer in Thurrock, Essex, after an overturned lorry blocked the Dartford Crossing. The clockwise branch of the major motorway was also closed due to a fuel spillage. Media consultant Fergal Parkinson shared a snap of his wife and daughter tucked up in bed at the store on Twitter. Due to an accident on the #m25 hundreds of people are stuck in @IKEAUK in #Thurrock as the roads are gridlocked. People, including my wife and daughter, are being told they can stay the night in the @IKEAUK bedrooms if they like. @BBCNews@BBCEssex@Kent_Online@bbcsoutheastpic.twitter.com/dJ2cL0KrSB - Fergal Parkinson (@FergalPRMedia) August 28, 2018 He said: "Due to an accident on the #m25 hundreds of people are stuck in @IKEAUK in #Thurrock as the roads are gridlocked. "People, including my wife and daughter, are being told they can stay the night in the @IKEAUK bedrooms if they like." They weren't the only grateful customers. Esther Rolinson said she was stuck in the same branch with her daughter and shared images of her little girl's artwork. My daughter & I are trapped in ikea due to crash on M25...5hrs +counting ..colouring in is saving our sanity..just...thank god for felt tips, rainbows and unicorns ..I can never face a meatball again 😝 scroll to see a portrait of me when I'm old ..😂..scary! pic.twitter.com/0IWgZkxcXK - Esther Rolinson - Artist (@EstherRolinson) August 28, 2018 She tweeted: "My daughter & I are trapped in ikea due to crash on M25...5hrs +counting ..colouring in is saving our sanity..just...thank god for felt tips, rainbows and unicorns ..I can never face a meatball again scroll to see a portrait of me when I'm old ....scary!" Natasha Boardman also shared a picture of a friend lying face-down on a bed in the store after joking the pair had enjoyed an "A la Carte meal at hotel Ikea". Glad to have finally have our room @IKEAUK#DartfordCrossingpic.twitter.com/YuNdbFAHVW - NatashaBoardmanSteer (@NatashaSteer) August 28, 2018 She later said they had managed to leave the store around 9.30pm while a friend added she had been forced to stay at a Premier Inn in Lakeside due to the delays. The store had been due to close at 10pm on Tuesday. Highways England said on Wednesday morning that the crossing had reopened but there were still some delays around junction 30 of the M25. The Standard has approached Ikea for comment.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:55:25 Categories: Evening Standard

Perth's August rainfall highest in 50 years 

ABC News
You aren't imagining it - Perth is experiencing an exceptionally wet month, recording its highest August rainfall in more than five decades. But spring is on track to deliver some welcome relief from the rain.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:52:00 Categories: ABC News

David Beckham ditches court for beach break with 'uncle' Elton 

Evening Standard
David Beckham swapped south-west London for the south of France as he shunned a court appearance in favour of lunch with "uncle" Elton John. ... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:45:44 Categories: Evening Standard

Trump 'right' about Google- but for wrong reason 

Business Insider Australia
President Trump attacked Google on Tuesday for using its power over search to supposedly suppress conservative outlets and positive news about him.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:39:33 Categories: Business Insider Australia

Pound slides amid Brexit fears 

Press Association
Theresa May stated that a no-deal Brexit 'wouldn't be the end of the world'.... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:39:04 Categories: Press Association

Worcester College issue statement after Gordon Ramsay slams decision to 'ban dwarf from cooking course' 

Birmingham Mail
Louis Makepeace is an 18-year-old who stands at 3ft 10in (117cm).... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:38:02 Categories: Birmingham Mail

One-in-three chance of London house price crash, say experts 

The Guardian
International buyers put off by Brexit uncertainty could drive prices down 1.6% next year... read more
29. elokuuta 2018 13:34:17 Categories: The Guardian
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