Skeleton found in well in Greek resort where Brit vanished 12 years ago 

Mirror logo
Steven, then 20, from Sandbach, Cheshire, disappeared on a night out in Malia with friends in 2005 - the first holiday he had taken without his family... read more
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Teen who took selfie after fatally shooting friend convicted 

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A Pennsylvania man who authorities say shot a friend and then posed for a selfie with the dying teen has been convicted of a less serious charge.... read more
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These 5 credit cards can help you reach your 2017 money goals logo
You start out every new year with the best of intentions - This is the year you're going to go to the gym more, start eating better and finally pay off your credit card debt. Sound familiar? It's great to aspire to these big changes, but sometimes lofty goals can be hard to keep. After all, even if your goal is to shed a couple pounds, who can turn down the friend who brings cookies right out of the oven? We can't quite help you fit into your skinny jeans, but what if we told you it's possible to achieve the financial successes you're hoping for in 2017 without feeling like it's an uphill battle? ... read more
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Cops blasted over teen's 'preventable' murder 

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A coroner has criticised police decisions not to arrest a teenage drug dealer who went on to kill another youth in Adelaide in 2012.... read more
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PewDiePie: Pranks but no pranks Felix, you're just not funny 

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You may not have heard of Felix Kjellberg - in fact you almost certainly had not, at least until earlier this week - but don't worry: your life's rich tapestry will not have been in any way diminished by that gap in your cultural knowledge. Unless you are a teenager. If you're a teenager you may well know him, if only under his nom-de-vlog of PewDiePie. In which case, you might be one of the astonishing 53 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and have notched up at least one, but probably many more than one, of the mind-blowing 14 BILLION views his videos have enjoyed on YouTube. It's a funny old world where most of us grown-ups haven't heard of the guy who is literally - yes literally - the most subscribed user on YouTube IN THE WORLD, which is almost like being the most popular person in the whole world, except that right now he's one of the most unpopular people in the whole world. In a very 21st century sort of irony, Felix's moment of mainstream recognition came not because he has made all those people happy but because he got into trouble for that other most modern of offences - causing offence. In fact, PewDiePie simultaneously became a mainstream name and a global pariah in the space of 24 hours. YouTube star Pewdiepie has been criticised over an anti-Semitic joke which 'went too far' So who is PewDiePie, I hear you ask, and what has he done - apart from being a 27-year-old Swedish multi-millionaire who has adopted a fake name that nobody should be so childish as to adopt unless they're a Looney Tunes cartoon character? Well, that's a tough one. In the olden days (pre-internet) you got famous for mighty deeds, whether in the field of war, or science, or sport, or something noble or notable like that; or even fashion. Then there was a brief late-20th-century interlude when you could get famous for things like taking off your clothes (Jordan), going to parties (Paris Hilton), shagging footballers (too many to mention) and "being on the telly" (Kim Kardashian). But now there's a new category. Felix, as I am now going to call him because I feel embarrassed being a grown man typing "PewDiePie" and remembering where to put the capitals, is famous for something different. Initially, he became famous for filming himself playing computer games, commenting and making goofy sweary comments back at the camera while he did so, and posting the resulting "vlogs" on YouTube. Yes, that's what your teenage children are watching in their bedrooms: a bloke doing exactly what they're doing but making a fortune out of it: his current worth is estimated at nearly £50 million. Anyway, this week his massive business empire received a series of body blows when his videos were dropped by Google and Disney - effectively blocking him from his paid platforms on YouTube and Disney-owned Maker Studios - because of an "amusing" video he posted of two (I think) Sri Lankan fellows larking about before unfurling a banner bearing the not-at-all-amusing message: "Death To All Jews." (WARNING - CLIP CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE AND MAY CAUSE OFFENCE) Sounds like an open-and-shut case, right? But nothing's quite that simple, so instead of labelling Felix a Nazi without the benefit of a visit to The Hague, let's be old-fashioned about this and examine the evidence. His argument is that his clip was made to demonstrate - and satirise - the ridiculous things people will do on the internet for money, in particular on a website called Fiverr (corr) where people can advertise that they will do something - anything - for as little as $5. Felix thought he'd see just how far they would go, and came up with the most outrageous thing he could imagine, offering these two people $5 if they would hold up a sign saying "Death to all Jews". Idiotically, they did, and Felix posted the resulting video on his platform, with himself visible onscreen at the same time, miming a "comedic" expression of shock. So far so stupid, you might say. Proof perhaps that Felix is too dim to see the consequences of his actions but hardly conclusive proof that he's a Jew-hating Nazi. On the basis of the rest of his videos, which share an imbecilic juvenility (complete with regular use of "gay" and "retard" as pejoratives, at least in his earlier "work"), this is pretty much in line with the sort of inane prank in which he specialises, which has included "joking" that he's going to join ISIS. YouTuber: PewDiePie has 53 million subscribers (EPA) I realise there are lots of counter-arguments here. There's the argument that he somehow desensitises us to the full awfulness of the message by making us laugh at it, even though most of us (and he) are actually laughing at the awfulness of it. There's another that he's mocking the Sri Lankan fellows, who may or may not understand the awfulness of the message they are being paid a pittance to convey, though I wonder whether I would feel that if they weren't larking about in "native" costume in front of what looks like a jungle backdrop but which may, for all I know, be a backlot at a Hollywood studio with outfits from the costume department. And then there's the absolutist "PC police" argument that you can't ever lark about at all with words like "Jew" (or, for that matter, "Nazi"), and that you are in danger of "normalising" anti-semitism and racial epithets by doing so. Nevertheless, Felix later posted an explanation on Tumblr - I can't say "apology" because he didn't apologise - explaining that his intention was to satirise "how crazy the modern world is" and I can't argue with that because the fallout has proved his point precisely. In his own words: "I picked something that seemed absurd to me - that people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars". Perhaps mindful of the financial damage that might ensue, he added: "I think it's important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes. I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel. Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive. As laughable as it is to believe that I might actually endorse these people, to anyone unsure on my standpoint regarding hate-based groups: No, I don't support these people in any way." Felix's sort-of-apology has garnered thousands of 'Likes' but once the story reached the mainstream media that was not enough to save him from punishment because we live in an age where offending people is close to becoming a capital offence. I don't know whether Felix hates Jews or not - I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, despite his suspiciously Aryan features - and I don't really think his misguided prank merits the level of offence-taking it has so far achieved. While he has indeed highlighted the stupidity of the people who will do anything for $5, he seems to me to have demonstrated equally, if not more, his own stupidity at not foreseeing that broadcasting the message "Death To All Jews" to an audience of millions is likely to lead to misunderstandings, anger, criticism, a massive public outcry in the media and the loss of both income and credibility, however hilarious he might have thought it would be. This so-called controversy also has parallels with something that's been going on in New York, where the actor-slash-performance artist Shia LaBeouf has been staging something called "He Will Not Divide Us" in response to Donald Trump's election as president. Ironically, in view of its title, it has proved so divisive, at least to a moronic sub-section of humanity, that it has had to be shut down. LaBeouf's idea was to place a booth outside the Mu... read more
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Cirque Berserk! - Death-defying circus bikers rev up for 60mph steel cage stunt 

Evening Standard logo
Four motorcyclists speeding at up to 60mph inside a globe-like steel cage will form the terrifying finale to a circus which is returning to London this weekend. The ominously titled Globe Of Death is one of the most dangerous stunts in the line-up of Cirque Berserk!, which opened at the New Wimbledon Theatre yesterday. The Standard was brave enough to step into the globe with stunt group The Lucius Team, named after Brazilian squad leader and the act's inventor Lucius Zafalon. For the demonstration, two South American bikers revved up their engines before hurtling around the globe at break-neck speed. Usually four bikers take to the globe, with Mr Zafalon's wife Paula - who stood with the Standard throughout - taking centre stage. Mr Zafalon told the Standard he was excited to bring the stunt to Wimbledon. "At first we made mistakes and had lots of crashes, but now we know what we are doing," he said. Read more Cirque du Soleil: the day I ran off to join superhuman circus stars "I have a feeling of privilege when I am on the bike, it feels amazing. I have two things in my life, the circus and the bikes. I feel like I am winning." Paula said: "I am not scared at all - I trust my husband 100 per cent. Maybe at first I was scared but not now." As well as traditional acts, Cirque Berserk!, created by entertainment firm Zippos, brings together jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers, stuntmen and a clown. Tickets start from £20.50. Its manager Paul Winston said: "It is a contemporary circus with lots of thrills and spills. The Lucius team are an amazing finale to the show. I can honestly say that I have watched it a number of times now, I have known Lucius for years, and every time I do my palms sweat. It is terrifying." Globe challenge is a world of terror... The Globe Of Death was hands down the most terrifying challenge I have ever completed, mainly because whether or not I died was totally out of my hands. While standing inside it I was told not to move, not even a small hand movement, nothing. Read more What it's like to ride the Olympic slide So, frozen to the spot, I didn't. Soon enough the bikes roar and zip around the cage somewhere above my head - I didn't dare look in case that was deemed "moving". Then the terror really starts. Lovely Paula, who I've been grasping on to, pushes me to one side while one of the guys does a loop-the-loop and slams to a halt inches to the right. Then I'm moved again and then the final bike zooms over my head, stopping right next to me. And it's over. Thank goodness. Zip wire across the Thames? Fine - if I somehow managed to fall out of the harness, my fault. Swim with sharks? Fine - if I put my hand outside the cage and it was eaten, my fault. The only thing that came close to the Globe in terms of terror was the Orbital Slide, which was hideous. Good job most Londoners will only be watching this exhilarating stunt.... read more
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Ten things you should never order in a restaurant 

AOL Money UK logo
Restaurants aren't just in the business of making great food: they're also in the business of making money.... read more
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How to get rid of the smell of fish from your kitchen 

Reader's Digest logo
Even if you love fish, actually cooking it in your kitchen can be a commitment. Long after the fish has been eaten, the pots washed, and the plates put in the dishwasher, the fish smell lingers. ... read more
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Beyoncé flaunts baby bump as she enjoys Destiny's Child reunion 

Evening Standard logo
Beyoncé showed off her growing baby bump as she enjoyed a reunion with her former Destiny's Child bandmates. ... read more
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Yahoo7 fined for 'sub-judice contempt' 

AFP logo
Australian-US media outlet Yahoo7 was Friday found in contempt and fined over an online story that saw a murder trial aborted, with a judge slamming the website for prioritising profit above oversight.... read more
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Hit-run toddler's family mourn 'most tragic event' 

AAP logo
The family of a two-year-old boy killed in an alleged hit and run in Adelaide have spoken of their sadness.... read more
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'Trust trumped as leaks appear in White House' 

Canberra Times logo
In the crazy cross-currents of the first weeks of the Trump administration, it is an absence that is most striking - trust is missing in action.... read more
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King's Academy pupil wins public school place 

Liverpool Echo logo
Talented pupil Daniel McCoy has been accepted to Merchiston school in Edinburgh... read more
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Power station on Widnes outskirts agrees deal for next winter and beyond 

Liverpool Echo logo
Units at Fiddler's Ferry to provide electricity... read more
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Spectacular footage of St Etienne fans setting off flares during Manchester United game at Old Trafford 

Manchester Evening News logo
Footage shows the stadium engulfed with red and green smoke after fans ignited the flares during Manchester United's Europa League game against French side St Etienne... read more
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Three members of same family die in water tank at Australian farm 

Evening Standard logo
Three members of the same family have been found dead inside a water tank at their rural Australian property.... read more
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Londoner's Diary: Frank Skinner on Tara-Palmer Tomkinson 

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On the Frank Skinner show in 1999, It-girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, who died last week, rambled through an interview appearing to be high on drugs. Coupled with her on-screen antics and Skinner's discomfort, the show made TV gold for all the wrong reasons. The show whipped the media into a frenzy and, soon after, Tara was admitted to a rehab facility in Arizona. "When I was editing that show the next day I was looking at it thinking 'oh no, this is the end of my career', Skinner told me last night at the Tai-Shan Schierenberg private view in the Flowers Gallery in Cork Street. "Her parents looked at the video and said 'enough is enough' and within 48 hours she was in rehab". Rather poignantly, Skinner added: "She once said to me she thought that show saved my life". The two became firm friends in the aftermath. "I interviewed her a couple of times after that and she was great, really funny and smart. "Everyone thought she wasn't smart - but I really liked her". For all of today's Diary click here. Follow The Londoner on Twitter and Facebook here.... read more
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Opinion: Here's the case for Dow 30,000 in Trump's first term 

MarketWatch logo
Tax cuts, deregulation and faster economic growth could propel company earnings, writes Nigam Arora.... read more
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In an erratic performance, President Trump shows his supporters who's boss 

The Washington Post logo
In an effort to take a firmer control of his presidency, he chose trial by news-conference combat.... read more
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College students run shelter to help homeless classmates 

The Week logo
A group at the University of California, Los Angeles, hopes that by running a shelter for their classmates who don't have a place to live, they will bring attention to the plight of homeless students. ... read more
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