Mariah Carey blames Scientology for split 

Woman's Day
In the latest round of Mariah Carey-James Packer break-up revelations, sources close to the pop diva are alleging that Mimi is blaming their split on Scientology.... read more
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Girl band's Nazi-style Halloween outfits slammed 

The Guardian
Popular girl band Keyakizaka46 performs in outfits modelled on uniforms of Waffen-SS officers.... read more
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Father of coma boy says attackers must make first move if they seek forgiveness 

Manchester Evening News
'His reaction is why? He has never hurt anybody and can't understand why they would come up to him while he is lying on the ground, and potentially kill him,' says victim's dad.... read more
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Cheetham Hill named the counterfeit capital of the UK 

Manchester Evening News
District is hub of widespread criminality as millions worth of knock-off goods seized... read more
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Get FREE tickets to premiere of CBBC's The Worst Witch at Manchester Town Hall 

Manchester Evening News
A trailer has been released giving a sneak peek at the new series coming to our screens next year... read more
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Luke Shaw explains how Manchester United will cope if Jose Mourinho is banned 

Manchester Evening News
Man Utd manager Jose Mourinho has been hit with a second FA charge after he was sent off during the draw with Burnley.... read more
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Women could conceive at their desks with the help of new 'holster' fertility pump 

Evening Standard
A new fertility pump could help women to become pregnant while sitting at their desks. The Evie device, which is worn at the top of a woman's thigh, is designed to artificially inseminate the wearer over a period of four hours. Unlike other intrauterine insemination (IUI) devices, which offer a one-off injection into the womb at a clinic, the fertility pump slowly filters the sperm through the cervix, through a tube attached to a syringe inside a box strapped to the thigh. Doctors hope the device will boost pregnancy rates as it mimics natural conception, giving the sperm more time to inseminate the egg. It means that women using the device could, in theory, conceive while they are going about their daily routines at home or work. Read more 'Too much sleep could impact men's fertility' study finds Evie, which is made by Reproductive Systems in Warrington, is currently being tested on 250 women. Early results of a three year trial suggest it could be as successful as IVF with pregnancy rates of 35 per cent. David Dally, a spokesperson for the company, told The Times: "This device gives women more freedom. The catheter is initially inserted by a health professional and then [the patient is] free to leave the clinic, go to work, go home. "Four hours later they can remove the device themselves. It is a low-cost treatment that requires very little technology." Artificial insemination, currently with IUIs, is available on the NHS to women in same-sex relationships or those who have difficulty conceiving because of physical reasons. The success rate is around 15 per cent for under-35s, and five per cent for over-40s. Follow us on Twitter: @eslifeandstyle... read more
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From puffers to parkas, why winter warmers intended for Arctic pursuits are hot stuff among style anoraks 

Evening Standard
Tourists visiting our fair city this winter could be forgiven for believing that our streets have been overrun by ramblers from middle England. So prevalent is our collective addiction to The North Face, the long-time beacon of prudent practicality that has found itself betrothed to the style set in recent years. At the heart of all this is the Himalayan Parka, the brand's hot jacket du jour and, at £570, a wishlist item that's certain to leave a dent in the savings accounts of many a Londoner this season. A by-product of a fashion phenomena that needs little introduction, the success of the Himalayan Parka hinges on the do-no-wrong air that surrounds Balenciaga and Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia. Not to mention the fact that his equivalent - an oversized jacket that debuted in the Georgian designer's first offering for Balenciaga - comes with a price tag of £2,500 as well as a long waiting list. The North Face isn't the only outdoor label that's generating heat this season. In fact, never before have the outdoors been so "in", with Belstaff, Hunter and Moncler benefiting from this renewed appreciation. Canada Goose, a brand that has long been popular with Arctic explorers and celebrity pioneers alike, has also found itself catapulted off the mountain summits into the heart of the fashion action. It's forged a collaboration with Vetements, which worked with the Canadian fur and down brand on a limited-edition collection unveiled on the haute couture schedule in Paris last summer. Savona bomber, £750, Canada Goose To celebrate its popularity with a cool urban crowd - the same species who fill their wardrobes with hoodies from Palace and trainers by Raf Simons - The North Face recently unveiled a Covent Garden pop-up for the most fashion-led of its products. Selfridges has been equally quick off the mark in reading the market, having partnered with a host of various outdoors brands including Barbour and achingly cool Off-White, which launched its collaboration with Moncler at the department store. Lioran puffer jacket, £1,010, Moncler "Outdoors brands are becoming increasingly important to our customer," says the appropriately named Luke Mountain, menswear buying manager at Selfridges. "We see a reciprocal relationship between pure fashion brands such as Vetements or Coach and labels like Barbour, Moncler, Belstaff and Canada Goose. These heritage brands combine good-looking, high-quality products with technical and practical elements which appeal to men. These labels have the expertise to execute the best - and are very open to collaboration, both in terms of fashion and innovation." At the heart of all of this, of course, is the acceptance of jackets and anoraks as precursors of cool. While this outdoorsy resurgence involves logo-print T-shirts and hoodies too, it is the jacket that is the wind beneath the outdoors market's wings right now. The coveted Himalayan parka, £570, The North Face Is this an indication that we Londoners are practical pedants at heart and not the cutting-edge crusaders of style that we claim to be? Probably. It's certainly proof that we are tired of clothes for fashion's sake. After all, the allure of brands such as The North Face and Canada Goose is undoubtedly linked to our collective desire for clothes with enduring appeal. Not to mention our demand for a winter jacket that achieves to do what so many others have failed to before - keep us warm. Rubberised hunting coat, £275, Hunter At the heart of Hunter's rebrand from welly-boot brand to total outfitter is the emergence of its outerwear offering. For decades customers had believed in Hunter's boots as purchases that would keep their feet dry while keeping their style-credibility, so it makes sense that when the brand unveiled an outerwear collection it gained the same nod of approval. Whatever our motivation for embracing the great outdoors, Londoners remain wildly concerned with the way we wear our clothes, so the matter of how to wear your anorak of choice is imperative. Key to this is the matter of size: this season it matters, folks. Opt for a puffer in an oversized shape and wear with straight or skinny jeans to balance it out. There's also the option to do as Demna does and wear yours slung back off your shoulders. In terms of colour, the zeitgeist suggests you keep things basic. A black jacket will make an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. So too will something in a piercing shade of red. Whatever the weather.... read more
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Amazon's Pick of the best beauty deals 

Liverpool Echo
100s Beauty offers on this years Prime Day look to be some of the best at saving you money... read more
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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho charged by FA over Mark Clattenburg row 

Manchester Evening News
Jose Mourinho could face a lengthy touchline ban for Manchester United matches over what he allegedly said to Mark Clattenburg.... read more
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Get FREE tickets to premiere of CBBC's The Worst Witch at Manchester Town Hall 

Manchester Evening News
A trailer has been released giving a sneak peek at the new series coming to our screens next year... read more
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Michelle Keegan, Brooke Vincent and Kym Marsh choose a fruity look for the Pride Of Britain Awards 

Manchester Evening News
The Coronation Street favourites - and their handsome dates - both adopted a juicy dress code for the awards... read more
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Britain could be plunged into darkness by enemy hackers, warns Philip Hammond 

Evening Standard
A chilling warning that hostile powers could plunge Britain's cities into "darkness" and ground aircraft using cyber attacks was issued by Philip Hammond today. The Chancellor used a speech to spell out the perils and to warn enemies that Britain would always "retaliate in kind". In a keynote speech in London, he set out the most detailed analysis yet of the dangers of computer warfare, revealing that "critical national infrastructure" was at risk. The former defence secretary said that Britain's response to the threat had to match the physical deterrent value of the armed forces. "In cyberspace, those who want to harm us think they can act both scalably and deniably," he said. "It is our duty to demonstrate that they cannot act with impunity. So we will not only defend ourselves in cyberspace, we will strike back when we are attacked." Revealing the scale of the threat, Mr Hammond said: "If we do not have the ability to respond in cyberspace to an attack which takes down our power networks, leaving us in darkness, or hits our air traffic control system, grounding our aircraft, we would be left with the impossible choice of turning the other cheek and ignoring the devastating consequences, or resorting to a military response." He said "the ability to detect, trace and retaliate in kind is likely to be the best deterrent". He added: "A small number of hostile foreign actors have developed and deployed offensive cyber capabilities, including destructive ones. These capabilities threaten the security of the UK's critical national infrastructure and industrial control systems." The Chancellor did not name a country, but his comments came after Russia was blamed for a series of cyber attacks and the hacking of emails to influence the US presidential election. Mr Hammond said: "There is no doubt in my mind that the precursor to any state-on-state conflict in the future would be a campaign of escalating cyber attacks, to break down our defences and test our resolve before any shots are fired." He also appealed to business leaders to take more responsibility for securing systems and designing products that could withstand hacking. Mr Hammond announced a £1.9 billion programme to strengthen cyber defences, with London academics and tech start-ups at the heart of research. A London Innovation Centre, to open next year, will help firms develop technologies and cutting-edge centres at Imperial, UCL and Royal Holloway will form part of an Academic Centres of Excellence in Cyber Security Research, working on cryptography, security and smartcards. "Government cannot be solely responsible for managing cyber risk," Mr Hammond told the audience of 4,000 experts. "Chief executives and boards must recognise that they have a responsibility to manage cyber-risks. "Similarly, technology companies must take responsibility for incorporating the best possible security measures into the design of their products." App-linked household products, such as TVs and fridges, are seen as vulnerable to hacking and can be taken over with viruses to mount attacks on computer systems.... read more
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Crash test shock prompts Nissan to withdraw model from sale 

Auto Express
Crash test sees Mexican Nissan Tsuru earn zero stars.... read more
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'If a speed camera doesn't flash, it hasn't caught you' - and other misconceptions 

Read Cars
New research has uncovered startling gaps in road knowledge.... read more
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Why sausages no longer 'bang' when you cook them 

Huffington Post UK
... read more
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Woman gets 20 boyfriends to buy 20 iPhones, sells them, buys house 

That's the name the Chinese media have given to a woman who reportedly got 20 boyfriends to each buy her an iPhone 7, which she then sold and used to make a down payment on a house in the countryside, the BBC reports... read more
1. marraskuuta 2016 17:39:13 Categories: Refinery29

Woman banned from breast feeding in Mothercare 

A woman has been banned from breastfeeding her baby in Mothercare, the UK's largest baby retailer which also caters for expectant mothers and young children... read more
1. marraskuuta 2016 17:39:11 Categories: Refinery29

Collectors are paying hundreds for new £5 note - but which ones are worth the most? 

As the new banknotes to come into circulation some with certain serial numbers are attracting sky-high prices... read more
1. marraskuuta 2016 17:39:09 Categories: Mirror

Clinton email controversy explained: what we know so far 

The Guardian
As the Democrat's presidential campaign faces last-minute scrutiny, here is an overview of what's happened until now - and what could come next... read more
1. marraskuuta 2016 17:39:07 Categories: The Guardian
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