This custom Lamborghini Huracan has an amazing 1,000hp 

Super Street Online
Taking the plunge: From dedicated garage builds to entrepreneurial success.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:49:03 Categories: Super Street Online

Conway: Heads will roll after latest White House leak 

The Hill
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Monday she expects to see a staff shakeup in the wake of the furor over leaked comments made during an internal meeting last week. ... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:48:00 Categories: The Hill

Meghan Markle 'pleads with father to walk her down the aisle' after he 'pulls out of royal wedding' 

Evening Standard
Meghan Markle has reportedly pleaded with her father Thomas to walk her down the aisle after his apparent shock decision to not attend the royal wedding this week. The 73-year-old was set to fly from his home in Mexico to give his daughter away during Saturday's ceremony. But, according to US news site TMZ, he has decided not to come because he "does not want to embarrass the Royal Family or his daughter". A friend of Ms Markle and her fiancé Prince Harry told the Mail the former US actress "this is not what she wants", adding that she is pleading with her father to attend. Prince Harry and MeghanMarkle will marry on Saturday (Getty Images) The friend added: "She obviously wants her dad there. And the idea of contemplating him not being there now is not something that she wants to have to do." It comes after Harry and Meghan, in a statement issued from Kensington Palace, appealed for "understanding and respect" to be given to her father amid the speculation. Thomas Markle has been caught up in controversy after he allegedly staged paparazzi photographs of himself in the run-up to the ceremony being held at Windsor Castle this Saturday. Speculation that Mr Markle will not walk his daughter down the aisle began after a celebrity website claimed he would not attend, following the fallout from the pictures. Read more Meghan Markle's dad 'pulls out of royal wedding' A Kensington Palace spokesman said: "This is a deeply personal moment for Ms Markle in the days before her wedding. "She and Prince Harry ask again for understanding and respect to be extended to Mr Markle in this difficult situation." Kensington Palace would not comment further. Ms Markle's half-sister Samantha Markle attempted to shoulder some of the blame when she earlier tweeted it was her idea for Mr Markle to pose for what she described as "positive photos" in a bid to combat his "bad" portrayal in the press, but stated it was not done for money. The Mail On Sunday newspaper reported the story at the weekend, claiming the images were staged and published CCTV footage stills of the US actress' father in the internet cafe with a photographer. The pictures were published earlier this month in a number of newspapers and news websites showing Mr Markle in a series of royal wedding related activities, apparently unaware he was being snapped. Mr Markle was pictured being measured for what was thought to be his wedding suit, looking at screen pictures of Ms Markle and Harry while in an internet cafe, and reading a picture book about Britain while having a coffee. The celebrity website TMZ first reported that Meghan's father had pulled out of the wedding. The site stated that it had spoken to the US actress' father, saying: "He's now decided not to go because he doesn't want to embarrass the Royal Family or his daughter." The statement issued by Kensington Palace indicates the concern Harry and Meghan feel for Mr Markle who is likely to be at the centre of intense media scrutiny in the coming days. Read more The full schedule and timings for Meghan and Harry's wedding The former lighting director was due to meet the Queen with Meghan's mother Doria Ragland in the days leading up to the wedding being staged at St George's Chapel at the castle. And at the same event he would have been introduced to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall. Meghan's father met her mother on the set of the US soap General Hospital, where he worked as a lighting director when she was a temp in the studio. They divorced when Ms Markle was six. Although she lived with her mother in Los Angeles, Ms Markle also spent a great deal of time with her father and is said to be close to him. There had been much speculation about whether Mr Markle would be involved in the wedding ceremony and his role was only announced by Kensington Palace during a press conference at the start of the month. Additional reporting from the Press Association.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:48:00 Categories: Evening Standard

What you need to know about Australia's 5G network 

Gizmodo Australia
Public Wi-Fi used to be a lifesaver, something that let you escape the misery of poor reception to quickly contact friends or stay organised throughout the day.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:45:00 Categories: Gizmodo Australia

Thousands of Swedes get implanted with microchips 

Business Insider Australia
<p>Thousands of Swedish people are having microchips implanted into their bodies so that they no don't need to carry key cards, IDs, and even train tickets.</p>... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:45:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia

Karl Malone's son retires from NFL after rookie minicamp 

NBC Sports
Karl Malone played 19 seasons in the NBA. His son, K.J. Malone, didn't make it to his first NFL game.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:42:52 Categories: NBC Sports

Harper-Yankees union could come down to Stanton 

New York Daily News
In some ways Bryce Harper is tailor-made for the Yankees, because of his lefthanded power and his personality.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:41:00 Categories: New York Daily News

Waugh to leave Australia selector role 

Sky Sports
Mark Waugh will leave his position as Australia's national selector at the end of August, Cricket Australia has announced.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:40:00 Categories: Sky Sports

Daily walks or jogs at school proven to make kids fit and healthy 

Just 15 minutes a day has huge benefits for children.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:36:00 Categories: 9Coach

Lavish lifestyles of some of Australia's richest tradesmen 

Daily Mail
Buying a $700,000 home aged 25, holidays to Noosa every weekend and flash cars: Inside the lavish lifestyles of some of Australia's richest tradesmen who are earning $90 an hour... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:34:00 Categories: Daily Mail

An Evangelical Journalist Finds His Calling at the White House 

The New York Times
David Brody has unusual access to the president. In return, Mr. Trump gets a direct line to the evangelical audience he depends on.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: The New York Times

Analysis: Avenatti doubles down on his threat to sue the Daily Caller 

The Washington Post
"Just like there is nothing wrong with calling out unethical attorneys, there is nothing wrong with calling out unethical journalists," the lawyer for Stormy Daniels said... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: The Washington Post

Terror of passenger as jet's tail is sliced off by another plane 

Daily Mail
British tourist Kaarina Baron, 55, has described the terrifying moment the plane she was on had its tail sliced off after another aircraft crashed into it on the ground at Attaturk Airport in Istanbul.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: Daily Mail

Shane Warne closing in on rich deal with Fox Sports 

Sydney Morning Herald
A deal is set to be finalised within 48 hours, with Warne expected to become the highest-paid member of Foxtel/Fox Sport's commentary team.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: Sydney Morning Herald

Tourists's lucky escape after emergency landing 

Four tourists and the pilot were flown to Kununurra hospital with minor injuries while another four tourists were taken back to their accommodation unharmed.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: WAtoday

John Cena gets extremely candid about his breakup 

The WWE star is getting extremely candid about his breakup.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:30:00 Categories: ETOnline

Former Arizona track coach sentenced to five years for 2015 assault 

Sports Illustrated
Former University of Arizona assistant track and field coach Craig Carter was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday for choking and threatening a former athlete with a box cutter.&nbsp;... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:29:50 Categories: Sports Illustrated

Eli Manning settles memorabilia fraud suit 

NBC Sports
Eli Manning will no longer have a potentially serious legal issue hanging over his head.&nbsp;... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:29:47 Categories: NBC Sports

The Salty Waitress: Any tips on ordering lunch for the office? 

The Takeout
Salty Waitress is The Takeout's advice column from a real-life waitress that will teach you how not to behave like a garbage person while dining out-and maybe in real life.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:26:00 Categories: The Takeout

Real bodies hit the fashion week catwalk 

The swim show at Australian Fashion Week has featured models of all shapes and sizes wearing bikinis and swimwear.... read more
15. toukokuuta 2018 6:20:00 Categories: AAP
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