Theories Regarding Suspected Serial Killer Footage Released By Police 

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The video showed an individual strolling down and later running away from the area close to where Benjamin Edward Mitchell, the first victim, was shot and killed.... read more
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JFK assassination files released by CIA - where to read them and what to expect 

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President Donald Trump has allowed the release of 2,800 secret documents about John F Kennedy's assassination - but some will be held back... read more
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'Thor' deployed to waterbomb St Helens blaze 

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A C-130 Hercules plane carrying 15,000 litres of water and fire retardant is now up in the sky fighting a bushfire near St Helens on Tasmania's east coast.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:18:00 Categories: ABC News

'Keith is the greatest man' 

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Nicole Kidman has praised her husband Keith Urban as "the greatest man in the world".... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:18:00 Categories: BANG Showbiz

Malcolm Roberts to run in Queensland election 

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One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts will run for the party in the seat of Ipswich at the upcoming Queensland state election, after the High Court found he was ineligible to sit in Federal Parliament.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:17:00 Categories: ABC News

Hotel booking sites to be investigated 

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The UK competition watchdog has launched an investigation into hotel booking websites amid concerns they could be misleading customers.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:17:00 Categories: Sky News

Carabao Cup calamity sparks hilarious Twitter reaction 

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Manchester United and City fans were made to wait almost two hours after a 'minor technical glitch' delayed the Carabao Cup draw.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:13:53 Categories: Manchester Evening News

JFK files: Explosive new claims Russia 'had information' that Vice President Lyndon Johnson was behind assassination 

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The KGB had 'data' indicating Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy , according to a top secret memo sent to the White House by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. The 1966 FBI note - forwarded to Johnson's aide Marvin Watson - quoted a Russian mole as reporting that Moscow believed JFK's murder was a 'well-organised conspiracy on the part of the 'ultraright' in the United States to effect a 'coup.' 'They seemed convinced that the assassination was not the deed of one man, but it arose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played a part,' says the memo. The potentially explosive document is just one of 2,981 never-before-seen records relating to the JFK assassination released early today. Hopes that the files would finally lay to rest the enduring mystery of the president's death in Dallas on November 22, 1963 were crushed when President Trump said he had 'no choice' but to withhold some of the more sensitive papers because of fears they could harm national security or relationships with foreign powers. CIA and FBI agents have been given an additional six months to comb the remaining documents and make possible redactions. But the files published today still offer an intriguing insight into history's most beguiling unsolved murder. It's not the first time LBJ, who was sworn into office on Air Force One in Dallas before the presidential plane carried JFK's body back to Washington, has been linked to a murder conspiracy. JFK's widow Jackie, famously pictured alongside Johnson at the inauguration, still wearing her blood-spattered pink Chanel suit, is said to have had her own suspicions about her husband's successor. Lyndon B. Johnson takes the oath of office as President of the United States (National Archive/Newsmakers/Getty Images) But this is the first time Johnson has been connected with the conspiracy in a government document. The seven-page note forwarded to the Oval Office by Hoover claims that Kennedy's death was greeted with 'shock and consternation' in the Soviet Union, not least because the Kremlin feared it would be blamed for the tragedy and it would heighten the possibility of a nuclear attack. 'Soviet officials were fearful that without leadership, some irresponsible general in the United States might launch a missile at the Soviet Union,' the FBI quoted its Russia-based spy. The Warren Commission, convened by Johnson days after the assassination to investigate the shooting, ruled that the alleged shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a lone wolf killer who acted alone and the panel controversially claimed it found no concrete evidence of a conspiracy. The Russians dismissed Oswald as a 'neurotic maniac who was disloyal to his own country and everything else,' said the memo. They rubbished any suggestion that Oswald was part of a Soviet Cold War plot to kill JFK. Bill and Gayle Newman, civilian eyewitnesses to the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy (Cecil W. Stoughton/White House/John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum/Reuters) The FBI wrote that on November 25, 1963, Colonel Boris Ivanov, the Soviet spy chief in New York, ordered KGB agents to launch an urgent investigation into then President Johnson's background. Nearly two years later, the note continues, the same US intelligence source said that instructions came through from KGB headquarters in Moscow, dated September 16, 1965, saying that 'now' the KGB was 'in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy. 'KGB headquarters indicated that in view of this information, it was necessary for the Soviet Government to know the existing personal relationship between President Johnson and the Kennedy family, particularly that between President Johnson and Robert and 'Ted' Kennedy.' Following the assassination, the memo continues, the Soviets passed on to Washington its complete consular file on Oswald and his wife, Marina. In another document released today, CIA Director Richard Helms, who served under both the Johnson and Richard Nixon administrations, claimed in April 1975 that Johnson blamed Kennedy's killing on an act of revenge for the killing of a Vietnamese leader. John F Kennedy and wife Jackie just hours before the assassination (Cecil Stoughton/JFK Library/The White House//Reuters) 'President Johnson used to go around saying that the reason President Kennedy was assassinated was that he had assassinated President Diem,' Helms said in a deposition. Another file said Oswald spoke with a KGB agent just two months before the assassination. During a call between him and the Russian embassy in Mexico City, flagged by the CIA, Oswald was heard speaking to an 'identified KGB officer' Consul Valeriy Vladimirovich Kostikova 'in broken Russian.' No details were given about what they discussed. In a memo penned on November 24, 1963, the day Oswald was gunned down in apparent retribution by a nightclub owner named Jack Ruby, J. Edgar Hoover, the long-serving FBI chief, wrote that the agency had received a death threat on Oswald's life the previous night. He said it was 'inexcusable' that Dallas police had allowed Oswald to be killed. He added there were rumours that Ruby had 'underworld' connections in Chicago. One of the many theories surrounding JFK's assassination is that it was carried out on the orders of the American mafia because the Kennedys had vowed to crackdown on their illegal activities. 'There is nothing further on the Oswald case except that he is dead,' Hoover wrote in the same memo, but added that he was worried about public unrest in the aftermath of Kennedy's assassination. 'The thing I am concerned about, and so is [Deputy Attorney General Nicholas] Katzenbach, is having something issued so that we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,' he wrote. Some files were not directly connected to the assassination. One memo was sent to Robert F. Kennedy, JFK's younger brother, warning him about the looming release of a book containing information on his 'close relationship' with Marilyn Monroe. According to the memo, 'The strange death of Marilyn Monroe,' a 1964 book by Frank Capell, alluded to the pair frequently. 'Throughout the book . Capell claims that you had a close relationship with Miss Monroe,' the then-attorney general was warned. There is also more insight into the elaborate plots to kill communist leaders in Latin America, including Cuban President Fidel Castro. ]]>... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:13:09 Categories: Evening Standard

Michigan highway rock shatters more than one life 

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Amiee Cagle, is mourning her fiancé, Kenneth White, 32, who was killed on October 18 while riding in a car that was hit by a rock thrown from a highway overpass. Police say five teens threw a series of rocks from the overpass.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:13:00 Categories: CNN

London's Met Police chief visits US on her 1st official trip 

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The close relationship between London's Metropolitan Police and the New York Police Department is vital to keeping people safe in a time of growing global terrorism threat, the heads of both forces said Thursday.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:05:00 Categories: Associated Press

Florida man accused of killing woman with her own car 

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<p>A convicted felon with a lengthy criminal history is accused of running over a woman with her own vehicle then dumping her body at Derbyshire Park where children later found it, according to Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri.</p>... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: CBS News

Police: Hate-crime suspect spied on 'Muslims' who were not Muslims 

<p>A Delaware man accused of threatening his neighbors believed they were Muslims bent on doing him and the nation harm, and he told investigators he would stop them, police say.</p>... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: USA TODAY

Hollyoaks reveals death fall fears for five characters 

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Will the teens be okay?... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Digital Spy

Olivia Colman 'to replace Claire Foy' as Queen in The Crown 

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The Broadchurch star is expected to appear in two series of the Netflix blockbuster.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Press Association

Former Doctor Who boss Russell T Davies slams EastEnders for 'worst story' 

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The TV producer and screenwriter is not a fan of Max Branning's scheme to take down Albert Square... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Mirror

Kelly Brook got into the Halloween spirit and dressed up as... 

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Kelly Brook received a mixed response after she unveiled a shock make-over on Instagram, dressing up as Frida Kahlo for an early Halloween party - see here... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Hello!

Making A Murderer lawyer claims she has new evidence 

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Steven Avery was denied a new trial earlier this month... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Esquire

Storm confirm Sandor Earl NRL signing 

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Melbourne have confirmed Sandor Earl has signed a 12-month deal with the NRL club after completing a four-year drug ban.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: AAP

Mum jailed for causing death of tot in drink and drug-fuelled crash 

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Alanda Pike, 34, wept in the docks as she was sentenced to six years and four months in prison... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: Mirror

Manchester residents throw surprise birthday party for homeless man 

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A homeless man in Manchester has been thrown a party after a group of friends heard he was planning to celebrate his birthday alone.... read more
27. lokakuuta 2017 12:00:00 Categories: The Independent
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