Asia's live-streaming industry promises intimacy. So why are users so lonely? 

National Geographic
Internet celebrities stream themselves singing, talking, eating, and sleeping-for money. Meet the stars and their fans.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:05:00 Categories: National Geographic

'Jane the Virgin' finale reveals narrator's identity 

Entertainment Weekly
Jane the Virgin series finale reveals narrator's identity... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:01:48 Categories: Birmingham Mail Entertainment Weekly

Toyota faces class action over faulty diesel filter claims 

ABC Business
Up to 250,000 Australian cars could be affected as a major class action is filed against popular manufacturer Toyota, alleging faulty diesel filters are causing problems with exhausts and fuel efficiency.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:01:21 Categories: ABC Business Auto motor & sport

Edelman cracks joke about Brady bulking up 

Larry Brown Sports
Julian Edelman cracked a joke about teammate Tom Brady bulking up. Brady spoke with local reporters from New England Patriots training camp on Wednesday. He told the reporters that he had bulked up during the offseason to help him absorb hits. "I wanted to get a little bigger this year and put on a few more pounds and try to absorb the hits a little bit more," Brady said. "I worked pretty hard at that." Edelman saw the story and retweeted it. He...... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:01:09 Categories: Larry Brown Sports Liverpool Echo

Boat beached after malfunction causes man to lose control 

It's believed a throttle malfunction has caused the driver of a boat to lose control on the Swan River near Fremantle on Wednesday afternoon, forcing him to beach the boat on the river's shore.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: Le Figaro WAtoday

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas not rushing to have kids 

BANG Showbiz
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas aren't rushing to have children, because they both want to keep focusing on their careers for as long as they can.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: BANG Showbiz La Tribune

Flu shots to be mandatory for hospital staff in high-risk roles 

The Age
Rules announced on Thursday could see nurses, doctors and administrative staff who refuse to get flu jab moved to positions where they pose less risk to patients.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: Boursier The Age

Lemon raises Trump's 'racist rhetoric' in debate after president's criticism 

The Hill
CNN anchor Don Lemon on Wednesday pressed Democratic presidential candidates on how they would address racial tensions in the country by noting the issue has been escalated by President Trump's "racist rhetoric."... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: TT Nyhetsbyrån The Hill

UK cricket ball factory excites swing king Anderson 

Cricket: The ball factory arming swing king Anderson with his weapon of choice... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 8:00:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia Reuters

Diamondbacks trade Greinke to Astros 

Arizona Republic
The Diamondbacks traded Zack Greinke to the Astros just ahead of the MLB trade deadline, but GM Mike Hazen stayed away from a total rebuild mode.... read more

Buggy crash at Brisbane Airport leaves worker seriously injured 

Brisbane Times
The injured man was an airline worker.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:55:00 Categories: Brisbane Times Purepeople

Actress Kristy Swanson and 'Glee' actor get into Twitter war over Trump 

Kristy Swanson Tells Glee's Patrick Gallagher to Go Back to Canada... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:51:17 Categories: Evening Standard People

Man charged with stabbing murder to remain behind bars
A second man charged with the stabbing murder of a man outside a pub west of Brisbane has briefly appeared in court after a month on the run.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:48:00 Categories: Public

Booker Tells Biden: Your Tough-on-Crime Record 'Destroyed Lives' 

The Daily Beast
Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey fought hard over criminal justice reform at Wednesday evening's Democratic debate in Detroit. "There's a saying in my community," Booker quipped. "You're dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don't know the flavor." Booker's pointed attack on Biden centered on Biden's self-described role in shepherding Senate legislation in the 1990s that stiffened some criminal penalties and...... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:47:00 Categories: The Daily Beast The Daily Dot

Road death toll higher than four years ago 

Sky News Australia
Australia is failing to meet almost all of its key road safety targets, new data has revealed.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:46:00 Categories: Capital Sky News Australia

Salma Hayek reveals secret correspondence with royal 

The actres opened up about how she was tapped to be a part of the duchess' inspiring issue.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:46:00 Categories: ETOnline Le Figaro

Director's son posts record round at Junior PGA 

The son of an Academy and Emmy Award winning director and the grandson of a Pulitzer Prize winning writer is making a name for himself.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:41:12 Categories: Golfweek Liverpool Echo

Britain beating plastic bag usage: Today's front pages 

Press Association
Criticism of the cost of a no-deal Brexit, 'information warfare' and banning plastic lead Thursday's papers.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:37:30 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Press Association Viihde

Cost of groceries set to increase as inflation creeps up 

Sydney Morning Herald
Prices for supermarket products are likely to slowly creep up in the coming months as retailers ditch discounting strategies.... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:35:00 Categories: BFM Business Sydney Morning Herald

Biden slammed for comment during debate 

Business Insider Australia
Former Vice President Joe Biden's first words to Sen. Kamala Harris, as they took the stage for the second Democratic primary debate were, "Go easy on me, kid."... read more
1. elokuuta 2019 7:30:00 Categories: Business Insider Australia Ilta Sanoma Viihde
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