Blake Lively reacts to Reynolds' bromance with Hugh Jackman 

Lively isn't fooled by her husband's love for the Aussie hunk!... read more
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Cryptocurrency wealth sinks by $45 billion in a week 

So much for the Blockchain Week bounce.... read more
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Meet the Londoner who received a double lung transplant and is now raising funds for a cookbook that could help thousands 

Evening Standard
?W hen 28-year-old Pippa Kent underwent a double lung transplant in 2017, having been diagnosed at birth with Cystic Fibrosis, she knew there would be challenges ahead. Of course, there was recovery following such major surgery, but the ultimate challenge she faced was how it would impact her day-to-day life. Upon discharge, Pippa was told that she would be immune suppressed, meaning for the rest of her life she would have to actively suppress her immune system through medication. Why? Because immune systems are what fight illness, infection and toxins within the body meaning, if not suppressed, it'll fight new organs within the body ultimately causing them to be rejected. Unknown to most, immune suppression actually affects thousands of people across the UK, who may be suffering from all sorts of conditions including various types of cancer, Crohn's Disease and other autoimmune conditions. Not only does this mean they have to avoid people and places where they can pick up germs, restrict where they can travel and make sure they never exhaust themselves, it dictates the entire way they can eat. Something they have to deal with every day. When Pippa started to think about how and what she could cook, she realised there was nothing out there that was a definitive bible on "ok" foods. Yes, she had sheets from the hospital with "high-risk" foods to avoid listed, but there were no beautiful cookbooks with recipes that inspired her cooking or put joy back into eating. Today, Pippa, alongside the likes of Mark Hix,Tommy Banks, Paul Ainsworth and restaurants including Honey & Co and Burger & Lobster, is hoping to raise enough money to launch her first book, "Now What Can I Eat?", detailing recipes suitable for immune suppression diets. Here, Pippa tells her story and why this book is so important. Tell us about your journey. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when I was two years old. Throughout my childhood I was incredibly lucky to be healthy, although I took a lot of pills and had regular hospital trips, my life was fairly 'normal'. This continued through school, university, two ski seasons and my early 20s - I had full time jobs where my employees didn't even know I had Cystic Fibrosis and managed to live a life not dissimilar to everyone else. Sadly, however, as is the nature of Cystic Fibrosis, a transplant was always a very real possibility. Over the past few years my lung function had gradually declined. I had multiple chest infections which became increasingly frequent and my life gradually became less manageable. Read more Mother thanks heart donor parents who saved her daughter's life At the age of 26, in late November 2016, I was listed for the transplant and thankfully a little over six months after my initial listing, I received the ultimate gift in a second chance at life thanks to my donor and their family - without them I think it is fairly likely I wouldn't be here today. I had my operation on Good Friday, 14th April, 2017 and the recovery was amazingly quick. I had expected to be bed bound for month s but on day four I was walking around, by day seven I was on an exercise bike and 13 days later I was discharged from hospital. It was everyday life after that proved the most challenging. Pippa Kent in hospital (Pippa Kent) How does Immune Suppression affect your day-to-day? I have to be careful about a lot of things. I avoid public transport as much as possible and places I could easily pick up germs. If my friends are ill, even with a bit of a cold, they know to stay away. I wasn't allowed to leave the country for the first year after my transplant and now when I travel I am careful about where I go, I wear a mask on the plane and avoid long flights if possible. Read more How to create a herb garden in vintage pots on your kitchen windowsill For me the dietary changes were the biggest stand-out point though. You are advised to avoid 'high risk' food which could make you sick. This includes things like rare meat, blue cheese, anything unpasteurised, runny eggs, sushi, deli counter purchases, to name only a few. As someone who has always loved food, when presented with this, the prospect was fairly devastating and something I really had to come to terms with. What's the idea behind 'Now What Can I Eat?'? I have always been a huge foodie and have a huge cookery book collection of 200-plus books. Post-transplant I was faced with the reality that my diet would change forever. Although the dieticians were supportive and provided a list of 'cans' and 'cants', they couldn't give me the real-life assurance that I wouldn't feel constantly held back when eating and wouldn't struggle with the limitations, which at first seemed incredibly daunting. I looked online for inspiration expecting to find something but there was nothing at all - no books, no blogs, nothing. I moaned about it one too many times to my parents and they told me to do something about it. Now What Can I Eat? (Pippa Kent) Will 'Now What Can I Eat?' be relevant for those who don't suffer from immune suppression? Absolutely. It won't have a bloody steak in or a chapter on eggs but it will still be an amazing book with lots of recipes from brilliant contributors. Anyone who buys it will also be supporting incredible charities. How have you created 'Now What Can I Eat?' When I first had the idea I had no concept of what it took to make a cookbook, I imagined I would be able to have it created and on bookshelves in a matter of months. Having worked previously in food and drink PR I had a few contacts and started by emailing them to see if they would offer a recipe. The response I had was immediately positive and so I was spurred on and began emailing and contacting chefs, restaurants and foodies. It wasn't long until I begun to amass a list. Read more Mark Hix welcomes star-studded chef line up for kitchen collaborations It soon became evident that I would also need some specialist on board, although the contributors were keen to help most of them had no idea about the limitations and I wanted to ensure that if I was going to create something it was 100% medically accurate. Thankfully the dietician team at Papworth, where I had my transplant, offered to help. The next step was to get a publisher. Initially with the help of a literary agent we approached the big publishing houses and while the response was incredibly positive, we didn't manage to secure a contract. Luckily I was then put in contact with Relish Publications, a smaller specialist publishing house who offered to work with us pro-bono in creating the book should we be able to raise the funds necessary to cover the costs. For us to create the book we need to raise £58,000 however. So far we have raised just under £30,000 thanks to the amazing support of people who have seen the campaign but we need to raise the rest by 6pm this Sunday, 20th May, in order to go into production. If we don't raise these funds in full, due to Kickstarter rules, all the money already pledged will be returned to people and the book will not be possible. What do you hope to achieve with this book? I want to create something beautiful that can provide an escape for people that need it, as well as those trying to support them. Read more Researchers: Shelved diabetes drug could save transplant patients I would also like to be able to give something back to the charitable organisations associated with the services that saved my life and if we make the funds needed and create the book this will be an integral part of it. I've had so many messages from people saying how much a book like this would mean to them and how helpful it would be so I know this is an incredible opportunity to make a real difference. If you ... read more
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Mohamed Salah's evolution at Liverpool attributed to... his time at Chelsea 

Liverpool Echo
Salah has taken the Premier League by storm during his debut season at Liverpool... read more
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When will the Championship fixtures be released? The dates, the TV details and the Carabao Cup 

Birmingham Mail
Everything you need to know about the beginning of the 2018-19 season... read more
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Harry and Meghan's royal wedding cake has been unveiled 

The royal wedding cake, created specially by baker Claire Ptak, is a sponge cake made with 200 lemons, elderflower syrup, lemon curd, and buttercream.... read more
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Meghan Markle beams as she shares car to Windsor with Prince Harry on eve of royal wedding 

Evening Standard
Meghan Markle beamed with delight as she left Kensington Palace today on her way to Windsor on the eve of the royal wedding. Seated alongside husband-to-be Prince Harry, she waved to crowds of admirers as the couple left Kensington Palace. The pair were later seen arriving in Windsor, where they are due to spend the night separately before Saturday's ceremony. Their arrival comes as Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, enjoyed tea with the Queen on Friday afternoon. Ms Ragland, a yoga instructor and social worker, arrived in the UK earlier this week to support her daughter after a week of family drama which saw the bride-to-be's father pull out of the wedding. Arrival: Prince Harry and MeghanMarkle arrive at Windsor Castle (Reuters) She met William and Kate and their children on Thursday before a rehearsal was held at the wedding venue St George's Chapel in Windsor ahead of Ms Markle and Prince Harry's big day on Saturday. Harry and Meghan's arrival in Windsor came after Kensington Palace announced that Prince Charles would walk the bride down the aisle on her wedding day. Royal wedding day - the key times Ms Markle ended days of speculation on Thursday as she confirmed her father Thomas Markle Sr, 73, would not be present at the service following a heart operation. Announcing the move, Kensington Palace said: "Ms Meghan Markle has asked His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to accompany her down the aisle of the Quire of St George's Chapel on her Wedding Day. "The Prince of Wales is pleased to be able to welcome Ms Markle to the Royal Family in this way." Happy couple: Harry and Meghan smile as they make their way to Windsor Castle (Reuters) The Duke of Edinburgh will also attend the royal wedding and is due to arrive on crutches. Ms Markle will arrive at the St George's Chapel's West Steps by car, from her overnight accommodation of Cliveden House, with some of her bridesmaids and pageboys. It is there she will meet Prince Charles for him to walk her down the aisle. She will travel to Windsor by car on Saturday morning with her mother Ms Ragland and the car will make a brief stop at the castle when her mother will then exchange places with the bridesmaids and pageboys. Ms Ragland, 61, will enter the chapel by the Galilee Porch. London-based couture house Ralph & Russo was hotly-tipped as her dressmaker after the label designed the black and gold gown she wore for her engagement photographs. Botswana tops the list of potential honeymoon destinations after the couple celebrated Meghan's 36th birthday there last August and the stone in her engagement ring came from the African country. The last-minute preparations came as Mike Tindall, the former England rugby captain who married into the royal family, said he was welcomed with open arms by them, and that Meghan should just try to enjoy her wedding day. Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain, the former England centre, who married the Queen's granddaughter Zara Phillips in 2011, said of Meghan: "I think she'll be nervous, but coming from her background in TV she's used to the public spotlight. Not quite as much probably as has gone on this week, but she'll be fine and I think she's experienced enough to know that all she can do is enjoy the day. And it's a special day for them both, and as long as they get a quiet moment during the day and actually have enjoyed the day, that's what I wish for them, and hopefully they'll live happily ever after." Setting: Windsor Castle (Jeremy Selwyn) It is understood that the arrival of Meghan's mother has been a great help in the lead-up to the wedding. Ms Ragland and Meghan will travel by car to the castle from their hotel, Cliveden House, for the service. The Duke of Edinburgh, who walked Princess Margaret down the aisle at her wedding to Lord Snowdon in 1960, will attend after recovering well from a hip replacement. Large numbers of royal fans spent last night camped out in Windsor to ensure the best viewing spots.... read more
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Emmerdale's Gerry Roberts murder scene sparks huge Ofcom complaints 

Birmingham Mail
When he did not die instantly while trapped under falling debris, Lachlan dropped a large stone on him to kill him... read more
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Lettuce tied to E. coli outbreak likely out of circulation: CDC 

CBS News
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports the romaine from Yuma, Arizona, region "probably no longer being sold"... read more
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Arsenal set to name Arsene Wenger successor as Mikel Arteta 'agrees to become manager' 

Birmingham Mail
Pep Guardiola will not stand in the way of Arteta becoming the next Arsenal manager but says he will be "the happiest guy in the world"... read more
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Curry on knee: 'I feel good' 

Stephen Curry has largely been a non-factor for the Golden State Warriors through two games of the Western Conference Finals, but the two-time MVP isn't making excuses.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 20:16:59 Categories: Sportsnaut

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful salutes Prince Charles style ahead of the royal wedding 

Evening Standard
British Vogue editor Edward Enninful has hailed Prince Charles as an icon who will display great sartorial style at tomorrow's wedding. He made the remarks after meeting the Prince of Wales for the first time, at a reception hosted by the British Fashion Council. The prince and Enninful joined 100 British Fashion Council members and guests at the new outpost of Soho House members' club in White City. Enninful said: "Prince Charles is used to royal weddings, I don't have any fear for him - he will look great whatever he wears." He added: "I love what he does with the Prince's Trust for young people, he is an icon." Editor-in-chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful (Getty Images) Charles is known for his signature double-breasted Savile Row suits. He wore a morning suit for his wedding to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in 2005. Prince Charles on his wedding day to Duchess of Cornwall in 2005 (Getty Images) Enninful, who became Vogue editor last year, also lauded Charles's commitment to sustainable fashion - notably through his Campaign for Wool - and hailed London as an epicentre for the industry. He said: "London is the most creative place in the world, you have the most creative industry and the most talented people from all walks of life. I am just so proud to be able to come back home and be a part of it." Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visit to the Yoox Net-a-Porter Tech Hub (Getty Images) This week Charles also spent time with retail group Yoox Net-a-Porter, where he heard how technology is shaping fashion consumerism of the future.... read more
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Meghan Markle Won't Be the First Bride Prince Charles Has Walked Down the Aisle 

When Prince Charles walks Meghan Markle down the aisle of St. George's Chapel on Saturday, he might have a case of déjà vu. ... read more
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Ander Herrera opens up on Manchester United captaincy and his future ahead of FA Cup final 

Manchester Evening News
Man Utd vs Chelsea in the FA Cup final 2018 will reunite Ander Herrera and Eden Hazard and the Spain midfielder believes victory shows Jose Mourinho is going in the right direction.... read more
18. toukokuuta 2018 20:12:03 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Brexit news latest: Theresa May will appoint 10 new peers to push Brexit laws 

Evening Standard
Theresa May was today set to appoint a clutch of 10 new Tory peers to help push Brexit laws through the House of Lords. Among a controversial list of working peers was expected to be former Cabinet minister Peter Lilley who was embarrassed this year by a newspaper sting that caught him offering paid advice to firms about EU withdrawal, although he insisted no rules were broken. Peerages are also set to be awarded to loyal former ministers and MPs including former Treasury Committee chair Sir Andrew Tyrie and ex-Solicitor General minister Sir Edward Garnier. Jeremy Corbyn will also give a peerage to Labour's former general secretary Iain McNicol - which will be seen as confirmation of reports that he quit the party role after being promised the honour. The Government has suffered several defeats in the Lords on Brexit (PA Archive/PA Images) Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith today warned Mrs May that her backstop plan to keep part-way in an EU customs union after Brexit should last for no longer than a "month or two". The leading Brexiteer's deadline pointed to a much tighter timetable than the one proposed by Downing Street, which has talked of "months not years". The Prime Minister has told EU leaders she will "shortly" table proposals to resolve the vexed issue of the Irish border which is threatening to derail the Brexit negotiations. Attending the EU Western Balkans summit in Sofia, she reaffirmed her commitment that there should be no return of a "hard border" between Northern Ireland and the Republic. At the same time she stressed the EU's "backstop" solution - that the North should remain aligned with the EU if there is no Brexit deal - remained unacceptable. Her promise to bring forward her alternative plan came as Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar warned Britain's EU withdrawal agreement could be in jeopardy unless the deadlock was resolved.... read more
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How to get to Aston Villa vs Fulham play off final at Wembley by coach 

Birmingham Mail
All the coach travel details Aston Villa fans need to know ahead of the Championship play-off final... read more
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Paul Lambert is out of work after leaving relegated Stoke City 

Birmingham Mail
Lambert failed to keep the Potters in the Premier League... read more
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Pep Guardiola signs new Man City contract 

Manchester Evening News
Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy has been handed a World Cup chance by France manager Didier Deschamps... read more
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GM's going to four cylinders in full-size pickups as fuel economy war ramps up 

Good morning! Welcome to The Morning Shift, your roundup of the auto news you crave, all in one place. Here are the important stories you need to know.... read more
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The pictures that show Aston Villa's summer transformation is already underway 

Birmingham Mail
AVFC face Fulham in the play-off final at Wembley on May 26... read more
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