Toddler dies from self-inflicted gunshot wound in California 

A 2-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the head Saturday, and died, police said. The toddler's parents were not home during the shooting in Fresno, California.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:58:17 Categories: USA TODAY

Starbucks Announced All Stores Are Going Strawless By 2020 

And they're celebrating with two new drinks!... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:57:58 Categories: Delish

Why you can't watch both Wimbledon and World Cup final this weekend 

Birmingham Mail
It has been confirmed you will have a choice to make... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:57:36 Categories: Birmingham Mail

Emotional John Leslie says he became a 'target' for sex allegations 

The former Blue Peter and This Morning presenter was back on the sofa to speak about his 'year of hell'... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:55:03 Categories: Mirror

Fifth boy brought out of Thai cave on second day of rescue, official says 

Rescue workers in Thailand brought out on Monday the fifth boy from a group of 12 and their soccer coach trapped for more than two weeks in a flooded cave complex, a navy official said, hours after the rescue mission resumed.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:50:00 Categories: Reuters

What happens after separated immigrant families are reunited 

<p>After a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to reunite the immigrant families it has separated, there's been a trickle of stories of parents being reunited with their kids.</p>... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:50:00 Categories: CNN

A changing climate at Mono Lake could mean more dust storms in the Eastern Sierra - or less water for LA 

Los Angeles Times
When dust storms began rising off the dry bed of Owens Lake, authorities in the Eastern Sierra blamed Los Angeles' thirst.&nbsp;... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:50:00 Categories: Los Angeles Times

What every parent travelling abroad with a child with a different surname needs to know 

Manchester Evening News
Parents without the right documents can be refused check-in, or worse... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:48:09 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Heat wave leaves 26,500 without power in Los Angeles 

Three days after a heat wave brought record-setting temperatures to Los Angeles, thousands of residents remain without power and authorities are asking people to limit their electricity use.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:45:00 Categories: CNN

Trump court battle imperils Senate Dems, House GOP 

The Hill
The debate over the Supreme Court is raising the issue of abortion and reproductive rights to a level of prominence that hasn't been seen in years, creating an unpredictable and dangerous environment for incumbents in the midterm election.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:45:00 Categories: The Hill

Donald Trump UK visit: Ring of steel goes up outside US ambassador's residence in Regent's Park to shield president from protesters 

Evening Standard
A plea to British people to take Donald Trump's outrageous utterances "with a grain of salt" was made today by the head of the US Republican party's supporters in the UK. Sarah Elliott said she herself had been embarrassed by some of President Trump's comments, including sexist remarks about crotch-grabbing, but appealed to people not to take his words too seriously. As new fences and counter-terrorist concrete bollards were installed at the US ambassador's residence in Regent's Park ahead of his visit, Ms Elliott admitted: "There are a lot of things I wish he hadn't said." In an interview with the Standard, Ms Elliott, who chairs Republicans Overseas, said of his notorious "grab them by the p***y" comment about women: "I don't like it. But I don't apply the same criteria to the man I married to the man I vote for president." Three days before Mr Trump's arrival, Ms Elliott said the visit would see the US and the UK working closely on "the issues that matter most to both countries, prosperity and security". Tight security at Winfield House, Regent's Park "We share history and values and we face the same challenges in the Our countries work very closely together no matter who is president or prime minister," she added. But with demonstrations against the president planned on Friday, Ms Elliott said she understood the controversy that he generated. "Of course I get it, he's a Marmite character, you love him or hate him," she said. "I look at what he is doing, not what he has been saying, and that's what people need to do. They need to take it with a grain of salt and look at what he has accomplished in his first 18 months." Asked about the anger felt by many Britons over the Trump policy of separating children of illegal immigrants from their parents, she said: "A lot of Americans do as well. It's not an ideal situation and it needs to change. "Frankly I put the blame at Congress's feet, because it has not properly dealt with immigration for almost 40 years. Donald Trump and Melania will be heading to the UK later this week (REUTERS) "What the administration is doing is enforcing the law, which is having a very detrimental impact on these families. Either the law needs to be followed or it needs to be changed, and that's for Congress to do." Asked about the US ban on visitors from some Islamic countries, Ms Elliott said it had been "a security issue, not Muslim-targeting", as the states affected had substandard background checks, while Muslim states with high standards were not affected. A London resident for five years, Ms Elliott made no attempt to defend Mr Trump's claim that there are "no-go areas" where police dare not enter, admitting: "It has not been my experience." Mr Trump is expected to stay at the ambassador's residence on Thursday night, but will stay out of London for much of his four-day visit. Ms Elliott said this was for security reasons, not to avoid protesters, and accused Mayor Sadiq Khan of "appealing to his base" by opposing the visit. "His base are far-Left Labour and they hate Trump. I know why he is doing it but it is not the most hospitable thing." On Mr Trump's talks with Russian president Vladimir Putin, she said he would not give concessions to the Kremlin hardman. "Mr Trump likes to face his foes face-to-face and I think he wants to intimidate Mr Putin," she said. "It's going to be a meeting of alpha males, not a friendly visit." Ms Elliott said she did not vote for Trump in 2016, but would do now. "He has governed as a small 'c' conservative. I like his tax cuts, which are fuelling the American economy, which is just booming, and I like what he has done on the international stage, in the Middle East, as regards Iran and North Korea. Whereas we were all predicting World War III, that's not what's happening."... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:45:00 Categories: Evening Standard

Starbucks to axe plastic straws 

Press Association
The firm said the move will eliminate the use of more than one billion plastic straws per year.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:43:17 Categories: Press Association

Stomach-churning moment mum snaps son's leg by taking him down slide 

Birmingham Mail
She was holding him between her legs as they enjoyed one last go on the slide at the indoor play area when the incident happened... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:43:12 Categories: Birmingham Mail

The Londoner: Lords take control of MPs' brawl bar 

Evening Standard
Last orders at the Sports and Social Club Bar in Parliament, which is closing for refurbishment next week after a change of management. The legendary bar in the basement of the Palace of Westminster will shut temporarily on July 18 after a number of years dogged by controversy. after Parliament's summer recess, which ends in September, it will re-open under the "austere" control of the House Lords authorities. Sources say it was decided that the contract would no longer be offered to private managers after a series of incidents, including several fights and some over-boisterous karaoke nights. But many have pointed out on the Parliamentary Estate that a few spots of bother over several years in an establishment that caters for more than 16,000 pass-holders is no big deal. They believe the real reason for the takeover is the desire by Westminster overseers to curb the historic drinking culture while maximising profits. The club, also known as The HoP Inn has a long history. It was originally the technical drawing room of the palace's architect, Charles Barrie, and was later a changing room for baronesses. In its current incarnation, it was the setting of a punch-up involving former MP Eric Joyce and two police officers. It also hit the headlines last autumn when MPs complained about a culture of harassment stemming from the bar. Labour MP Chi Onwurah asked Andrea Leadsom to investigate, and Leadsom promised to raise the issue with Lord McFall, who was already running an internal review into the bar. The Sports and Social was also the preferred drinking place of SNP MPs, such as SNP MP Mhairi Black, left, say sources. Because of its hidden location, party members could pretend they were not indulging in London fleshpots. "Whatever its eventual reincarnation, the club as it was will be sorely missed," says a source. Miner headache in the Boris in-tray If Boris Johnson didn't have enough on his plate, actors Bill Nighy, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton are on his back. They have written to him after a screening of their film Pride, in which the gay community backs the striking miners, was banned in Turkey. "We are disturbed by reports of the growing repression of the LGBT+ community. Pride is a love story, a powerful tale of how one community under attack from a repressive government extended the hand of friendship to another." We're sure the Foreign Secretary will do everything he can. --- Political comedian Matt Forde was yesterday reminiscing about the time he visited Chequers. "I got howling drunk in the heat and told Tony Blair he was a f****** legend." The former Labour Prime Minister responded: "I always wondered what it was you were attempting to say." --- Branching out: Dominic Raab: (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) (Getty Images) Dominic Raab has revealed that he "gets tweets now from Subway" after being teased for eating the same Pret sandwich every day. But the new Brexit Secretary says the rumour is untrue and that he actually believes "variety is very important". "I do love a Pret Caesar baguette," he concedes. "But I like all sorts of sandwiches." Are you missing America, Liv? Actress laps up our summertime vibe Head bangers: Charlotte Tilbury and Liv Tyler (Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Teenage Cancer Trust) (Dave Benett/Getty Images for Teenage Cancer Trust) Liv Tyler was among music-lovers gathered in the Hyde Park sunshine for the British Summer Time Festival yesterday. The Cure and Eric Clapton were among the performers. The American actress is now based in London with David Gardner, father of her two youngest children, Sailor and Lula. Tyler's own childhood was extraordinary: she worked out that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was her real father when she was eight after being struck by her resemblance to another of his daughters. Tyler starred alongside Game of Thrones star Kit Harington in Guy Fawkes drama Gunpowder last year, and is now playing a socialite in Harlots, a period drama set in an 18th-century brothel. Last night she was joined by make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury and model Kate Moss. Backstage, Sadie Frost and her sons Rafferty Law and Finlay Munro enjoyed intothewhite, an exhibition of art works auctioned in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. SW1A Theresa May's press secretary, Paul Harrison, turned up at Downing Street in grubby T-shirt and jeans on Saturday - having been told by his boss Robbie Gibb he would do the same. Gibb (below), of course, was in smart blue suit and white shirt. Poor Harrison was forced to explain to the PM that Gibb had pranked him. It was Gibb's revenge after Harrison tricked him on Friday night into thinking that he had to work on the Brexit comms strategy and could not go to the end-of-Cabinet dinner at Chequers. Boys, boys. --- David Davis's resignation means his special adviser, Stewart Jackson, is off the leash. Last night Tory MP Sarah Wollaston complained that Brexit was not as simple a process as had been promised. This prompted Jackson to recall his meeting with Wollaston last year. "Fifteen minutes of my life listening to Sarah Wollaston whingeing about Brexit in November is time I'll never get back." Quote of the day 'Rees-Mogg and Churchill have one thing, and only one thing in common: they both had a nanny' Tom Brake MP hates these Rees-Mogg/Churchill comparisons UK's Trump card Actor Mark Rylance argues it's our duty to protest Donald Trump's arrival in London this week because we have a unique influence over Americans. "I have a lot of friends in America who are watching Trump's visit very closely," he says. "If there isn't a protest, it's going to be a disaster. [A protest] is going to be very, very helpful. For all our wrongs as a nation, we shouldn't underestimate the effect we have in standing up and saying, 'No thank you, Mr Trump. There's another way forward, a way together, a way with hope.'" Organisers are going to great lengths to keep the US President away from the public during his visit.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:42:13 Categories: Evening Standard

Hawley seizes on Supreme Court to hit McCaskill in first TV ad 

The Hill
Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, the Republican poised to take on Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in November, is leaning on the current Supreme Court vacancy in the hopes of convincing Missourians to back him in November.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:40:00 Categories: The Hill

MORE Manchester World Cup big screens for Wednesday night as Albert Hall and Victoria Warehouse plan huge screenings 

Manchester Evening News
Albert Hall and Victoria Warehouse are getting in the World Cup spirit with big screens going up for the England v Croatia semi final... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:38:42 Categories: Manchester Evening News

Martin Lewis reveals how to save hundreds of pounds on popular medicines 

Liverpool Echo
The Money Saving Expert gave some tips on This Morning... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:38:04 Categories: Liverpool Echo

Starbucks Is Adding Two New Drinks To Its Permanent Menu Tomorrow 

This morning, Starbucks made an exciting announcement that proves it is continuing to shift focus away from specialty drinks and back toward expanding its permanent menu.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:33:30 Categories: Refinery29

Feds ask US-Mexico border property owners to survey their land, but many remain skeptical 

FOX News
Property owners along the U.S.-Mexico border in South Texas claim they have received letters from the federal government asking to review their land that could be used for the construction of the border wall.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:30:00 Categories: FOX News

Queen and Prince Philip to miss Prince Louis' christening 

Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip will not attend the christening of their sixth great-grandchild Prince Louis on Monday, Kensington Palace has announced.... read more
9. heinäkuuta 2018 16:30:00 Categories: CNN
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