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Manchester City star talks up Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool a big threat this season 

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Ilkay Dunogan, who spent four years under Klopp at Dortmund, thinks the Reds are a serious contender for the Premier League... read more
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New Order: sea urchin with bagna càuda, quail egg and fermented milk at RIGO' 

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The dish Sea urchin with bagna càuda, quail egg and fermented milk at Gonzalo Luzarraga's new Fulham place, RIGO'. The USP Each dish at RIGO' tells a story, and Luzarraga's signature sea urchin is no different: a visually arresting surf 'n' turf dish scooped inside the urchin's shell, atop a bed of sea salt. It has a curious texture, moist like an oyster but juicy and meaty too, like a snail. It certainly shakes up the London restaurant scene. For Luzarraga, it's personal. "This dish represents one of my first memories," he says. "When I was six years old I used to go on holiday to Spain, where my father loved to dive and go fishing. I would wait patiently for him on the beach, and he would always bring back a sea urchin. He'd pack a lemon in his beach bag to accompany it." Luzarraga didn't have sea urchin again until "10 years ago, when I was in Chile where I tried it at a fish market. It blew my mind and brought back memories - I had to incorporate it into the menu as an homage to my father." Luzarraga's food attests to be from a "kitchen without borders". "The restaurant is Italian but I have worked in Spain, France and Italy and the menu shows my journey." The accompaniment A dessert of porcini brûlée, with chestnut cream, caramelised popcorn and black sesame. Luzarraga caramelises the popcorn crust with a blowtorch in the kitchen. Chestnut cream should not work as a sweet substitute but it does: a delicate froth perched on the popcorn brûlée bed. The drink A Royal Aperol Spritz with champagne, vermouth and a pomegranate and basil tonic and the Mentha Margherita, with freshly juiced mint leaves. Fittingly, both are just as original as the urchin.... read more
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Can transgender people serve in the British Army? 

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US president Donald Trump has said he will bar transgender people from serving "in any capacity" in the US armed forces... read more
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Comment: Why it could be the right year for Wolves to get back to the Premier League 

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Charlie Biggs-Thomas believes that Wolves could be in the right place to make a Premier League return... read more
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Subaru flips on side and driver flees after police chase 

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Footage shows shocking aftermath after it 'failed to stop' for traffic cops... read more
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Horrified Alum Rock residents forced to SWEEP UP maggots found in rubbish pile during bins strike 

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Video shows bugs crawling over front wall and black sacks... read more
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These amazing food and drink deals are up for grabs in Birmingham right now 

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Great offers in Birmingham include Indian and vegetarian meals, Japanese afternoon tea, beer, wine - and kids' meals for £1... read more
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'World-class' indoor bouldering wall to open near Manchester 

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The Boulder Hut will house more than 250 different climbing routes and have a separate 'Boulder Zoo' for kids... read more
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Donald Trump bans transgender people from serving in US military 

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Donald Trump has banned transgender people from serving in the US military. The US President has said "transgender individuals" will not be allowed to serve in the military "in any capacity" blaming "disruption" and "tremendous medical costs". He made the announcement in a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, writing: "After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the US Military. "Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you." After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow...... - Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 26, 2017... read more
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Rough sleepers 'tormented' by high-pitched alarms outside Marks & Spencer 

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An east London Marks & Spencer reportedly used a high-pitched alarm to "torment" homeless people sleeping outside the store. The alarm was used for several months to deter rough sleepers from attempting to bed down in an underpass behind the shop in Ilford, according to the Guardian. A group of homeless people have called for M&S to apologise for "tormenting" them with the high-pitched sound, after it agreed to remove the alarm. Before removing it, the store initially said the device was no longer in use, saying protection law required it was installed to "secure" the area. But it has allegedly since said engineers would remove it from the premises altogether. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) It said it would draw up a local action plan and work with charities to "help fund practical measures to support those affected" by the homelessness. One homeless man in the area, Parker, 39, told how the alarm made it impossible to sleep, and made rough sleepers more "on the edge and more aggressive." "It is exhausting being homeless, walking everywhere and dragging heavy bags with you," he told the Guardian. "When you are homeless you feel insignificant and a nuisance. Being subjected to that alarm adds an extra layer to those feelings and separates us further from the mainstream world. "We bump into that world when we break a rule and are told 'you can't do this or you can't do that'. The alarm is saying no to us again. It is saying no, you aren't allowed to sleep."... read more
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Trump bans transgender people from serving in US military 

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Donald Trump has effectively banned transgender people from serving in the US military, blaming the "medical costs and disruption" they would cause.&nbsp;... read more
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Fires force evacuation of 12,000 in French Riviera towns 

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Fires hopscotched around the Mediterranean coast for a third day on Wednesday.... read more
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Americans with disabilities still can't land jobs 

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Despite a nearly 30-year-old law that aimed to boost their hiring, the labor market continues to leave them behind... read more
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Ford's profit defies slowing sales, management shakeup 

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Ford Motor Co. had a better-than-expected second quarter despite lower sales and upheaval in its executive ranks.... read more
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Australia's new $65-million man returns home 

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Patty Mills is on his way back to Canberra and hopes to inspire a new generation of kids.... read more
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Players to take pay fight with NRL onto the playing field 

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Rugby league's pay war will spill onto the field for the first time when players wear RLPA-branded tape as a symbol of solidarity in their push for a better deal from the NRL.... read more
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How John McCain delivered a damning indictment on Donald Trump's health bill 

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For a few moments yesterday afternoon, Washington stopped to think. The honking Trumpy din receded as Senator John McCain of Arizona took to the Senate floor to speak. He had just flown in from his home in Arizona, recently diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour. The scar of his latest surgery curled over his left eye. And in a speech of just a few minutes, he summoned the ghosts of the Republic, the Founders, the architects of the nation's stability and prosperity. And he turned them loose on President Trump. "We're getting nothing done," he said. Healthcare "is a mess" and Republicans have no viable alternative. Legislation is frozen by the lack of compromise and the endless, absurd rhetoric from the White House about "winning". He argued for collaboration and incrementalism in government and the hard work of forging legislation by working across the aisle. As a Senator of 30 years, a survivor of five and a half years in a Vietnamese prison camp and a former Republican Presidential nominee, Senator McCain speaks with an unusual authority. He called upon all of it to rouse his colleagues and express his disdain for the past few months in American politics. Video not available for syndication John McCain returns to Washington to vote on Obamacare "Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and television and the internet," he said. "To hell with them. They don't want anything done for the public good. Our incapacity is their livelihood. Let's trust each other. Let's return to regular order." Read more Trump sends wishes to 'fighter' John McCain in brain cancer battle Unfortunately, it is not a message the President or his White House cares to hear. This is not an administration given to compromise and collaboration, even within itself, let alone with its political rivals. As the weeks slip by, Republicans are panicking that this rare moment when they control both Congress and the White House is going to vanish without them passing any significant legislation. President Trump is making it impossible. Just this week, we have seen enough infighting and legal drama to last an entire presidency. Bill: Senators applaud John McCain as he arrives to vote on the debate after being diagnosed with a brain tumour (AP) Trump has intensified his war against his Attorney General, Jim Sessions, a former Senator and early supporter of Trump's candidacy. Sessions has never been a likable figure but he is now a pitiable one, publicly ridiculed and taunted by a President who wants him to resign. His mistake was to recuse himself from the investigation into the administration's alleged collusion with Russia. Trump blames him for failing to contain the investigation's spread and threat. It is banana republic stuff. Then on Monday Jared Kushner, the President's son-in-law and top adviser, testified in private to Congress about allegations of his collusions with Russia. He denied it all, but in the process threw his brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr, under the bus. During the campaign, the younger Trump had invited Kushner to a meeting with several Russians promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. Kushner said the meeting, and by implication Donald Jr, was so useless, he called his assistant to ask her to call him on his mobile so he had an excuse to leave early. A look back at John McCain's impressive political career There is, it seems, no way of entering President Trump's orbit and emerging clean and whole. Rex Tillerson arrived as Secretary of State as a great American CEO, the globe-trotting poobah of Exxon, the oil giant. He now scurries through the shadows as the President's poodle, undercut at every turn. He can't appoint who he wants or set the policy he wants. There are few people with Tillerson's experience striking deals in Russia and the Middle East, yet he is repeatedly ignored and overridden. When he flew recently to the Gulf to try to reconcile the dispute between Saudi Arabia and the UAE versus Qatar, his efforts were undermined by Trump tweeting from the White House against Qatar. The vastly less experienced Kushner has been assigned the Middle East by the President, leaving Tillerson to trail along, biding his time till an inevitable early departure. Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer after surgery to remove a blood clot (Getty Images North America) Similarly, General HR McMaster joined the administration as National Security Advisor, trailing military glory and a sterling reputation. But he has been reduced to the role of silent stooge, an enabler of the President's foreign policy whims. Anthony Scaramucci, the newly appointed director of communications, has none of Tillerson or McMaster's heft or repute. But as a sharp-elbowed New Yorker who made his name in finance, he has for now the ear of the President and Kushner. Nicknamed "The Mooch", the hard-schmoozing Scaramucci told the press he has been hired to try to make them love Trump as much as he does. Truth and honesty presumably may come a distant second and third. Does the President care about the mess? This is a man who during the past three decades has been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions. He thrives on disorder and dysfunction and on the discomfort of others. Throughout his career, he has relied on creating so much chaos that any sane person backs off. No one in their right mind wants to get close to this. If you are an enemy, you get bazooka'd. And if you are a friend, you will inevitably disappoint and find yourself abused. The New York Times reported recently that Trump and his team have been studying how the Clintons dealt with a special prosecutor. They succeeded in breaking the scandals that beset them into discrete chunks and then trashing the reputation of their prosecutor, Ken Starr. Trump's special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, is a far more formidable figure than Starr, with far more support in Washington. And the rumours are he has the team and the appetite to take this investigation as far as it needs to go, deep into Trump's personal life and personal finances if necessary. Even for a legal battler as seasoned as Trump, Mueller poses a special kind of threat. As his troubles mounted, Trump tried to draw attention to Made in America week at the White House, showcasing American goods. The White House press release promised everything from "sandwiches to wool blankets to fire trucks". The accompanying video showed golf clubs, body armour, baseball bats and gun sights. You could hear the Chinese laughing all the way from Beijing. @delvesbroughton... read more
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The best tiki bars and rum cocktails in London 

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The London climate has always dictated our drinking habits, from traditional cellar-cooled beer to tepid claret to gin and tonics with just one ice cube if it's a real scorcher. But to my mind, there's no liquid that covers our meteorological bases as obligingly as rum. When you're in the chilly depths of winter - as we almost are now, in mid-July? - there's nothing that warms the cockles like a proper Dickensian rum punch, heady with citrus peel and cloves. When it's all close and muggy, that's the time to line yourself up some Tiki-style monstrosity with full-on Del-Boy garnish. And then there are all the in-between moments, when you might opt for a Milk Punch (there's a good one at Swift) or a Rum 'n' Ting (with overproof Wray and Nephews, please) or a proper Navy Grog (lime, sugar, dark rum) or a Piña Colada (every bartender's guilty pleasure). Rum is a seafaring spirit, whose history is intertwined with the modern global economy. And happily it's enjoying an upsurge in interest in the city that was built on its spoils. "We love rum - it's our favourite," says Damien Williams, operations manager of Burlock, a rum joint that has been quietly intoxicating Mayfair since late last year. "There's this huge variety of flavours and styles, not just light and dark but different expressions from all over the Caribbean, from the rich Guyanese rums to the grassy, fragrant agricole styles from the French islands." Tienda Roosteria: rum as a modern spirit He keeps 250 rums and will happily talk you through the finer differences of the rich, dark Jamaican rums or the floral of the Cubans. At happy hour, he does a proper Daiquiri (the benchmark drink for aspiring bartenders, just lime, sugar, white rum) for £5, which is less than a pint of beer in these parts. In these testing times, this counts as great civic act. To my mind, the best Daiquiris are made with 50ml El Dorado three-year old rum, 15ml of lime juice, 10ml of sugar syrup, shaken until it has tiny bubbles in it, a world away from the Slush Puppies you might have had the last time you were in Magaluf. The particular focus of Burlock is the Caribbean of the 1920s, back when the legendary rum runner Bill McCoy was smuggling cases of the good stuff out of Barbados to Prohibition-era America (hence: "the real McCoy"). There were also chartered flights daily from Miami to Havana, so well-heeled Americans could go and get trashed on the Daiquiri, the Mojitos and the El Presidente, the most elegant of the rum cocktails. Read more London bar named best in the world at Oscars of the cocktail scene You get a different angle on rum history at Merchant House on Bow Lane (there's a sister venue too on Fleet Street), which claims to have the largest selection in London, some 300 bottles. Here, the cocktail list doubles as a colonial history lesson. Ale & Vice is an 18th-century-style Jamaican rum and beer flip, while the Empire Old Fashioned comes in six different expressions. It also includes a beer while you wait, which is thoughtful of them. But you can overthink these things. Rum is the party fuel of choice at Trailer Happiness on Portobello Road, which is a bit like falling into an incredibly naff lounge bar where it's always 1974 and the rum is really good. On a good night, Sly Augustin will whip you up a flaming Zombie or the house Hell in the Pacific (secret ingredient: pomegranate molasses). "Over the past three years or so rum has become really fashionable again," says general manager Nick Cornes. "It's partly because there are a lot more interesting rums out there. And partly because people are getting into the escapism and fantasy of it all. The Tiki experience came from people wanting to step into a room that transported them into another space and time." Tiki is the school of rum drinking dreamed up by another former bootlegger, Don the Beachcomber, and his rival Trader Vic Bergstrom in California in the 1930s and 1940s (the London branch of Trader Vic's is under the Park Lane Hilton). It revolves around Chinese food, Polynesian iconography, Caribbean spirits and lashings of kitsch escapism/cultural appropriation, according to taste (the repurposing of the gods of indigenous peoples as novelty partyware isn't particularly 2017). And yet no one doubts Don and Vic's way with a cocktail - and when made properly, creations such as the Zombie, the Mai Tai, Three Dots and a Dash and (my favourite) the Cobra's Fang are highly complicated symphonies of flavour. At Every Cloud in Hackney, Felix Cohen disavows the faff and outlandish garnishes but does do a Ten Rum Mai Tai. "Sun's out, rum's out," he says. "The natural sweetness of aged rum and the dryness of lighter styles means it's perfect to mix in with fruit for long summer numbers, plays well with bitters, absinthe and syrups in more Tiki style serves and holds up well for Sundowner Old Fashioneds too. Daiquiris will never go out of style but there's some more complex sunshine-appropriate drinks around; my favourites are the Jungle Bird and Old Cuban for a more sophisticated (and boozy) take on the Mojito." He's not the only bartender to cite the Jungle Bird as a go-to summer serve - a previously unloved rum, Campari and pineapple cocktail, first invented in Kuala Lumpur in 1978 and latterly unearth by the Tiki historian Jeff "Beachbum" Berry. "The Jungle Bird has been coming up on so many menus - I've been really pleasantly surprised about that as it's the first drink I learned how to make and it hasn't had a lot of love down the years," says Connor Bloomfield, of the bar Discount Suit Company in the City. You get a sense of rum as a modern spirit at Tienda Roosteria, the taco joint at the Curtain in Shoreditch where it jostles with piscos and mezcals on a Latin-forward list. The Bump and Rind is the sort of drink you could sup all summer: golden rum, apricot brandy, melon vinegar and citrus. "We're at a stage where cocktails are fun, and rules are constantly being bent," says beverage director Jenny Willing. "Our Agava Lava is a riff on a piña colada, a classic rum cocktail. Tapatio Blanco tequila lends the same clean vegetal notes as some white rums while Del Maguey Vida Mezcal adds the same toasted spice you find in aged rums. A splash of Plantation OFTD Overproof Rum set alight in a lime husk keeps the garnish as fun as you can find on any piña colada." That's the other thing rum is good for - setting things on fire.... read more
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Middleton family slams 18-month jail sentence for drunk driver who mowed down an elderly woman and left her for dead 

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Christopher Raczkiewicz left 76-year-old Winnifred Upton with multiple life-changing injuries... read more
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Pep Guardiola's withering Gary Neville put-down over Manchester City player Phil Foden 

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Man City boss replied to the former Manchester United player over claims that teenage Blue is at the wrong club... read more
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