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China sends Muslim children to boarding schools 

The New York Times
HOTAN, China - The first grader was a good student and beloved by her classmates, but she was inconsolable, and it was no mystery to her teacher why.... read more
28. joulukuuta 2019 17:00:00 Categories: The New York Times USA TODAY

The secrets of Jewish genius 

The New York Times
... read more
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Russia deploys hypersonic weapon, potentially renewing arms race 

The New York Times
The Russian military on Friday said it had deployed a hypersonic weapon that flies at superfast speeds and can easily evade American missile defense systems, potentially setting off a new chapter in the long arms race between the world's pre-eminent nuclear powers.&nbsp;... read more
28. joulukuuta 2019 3:46:00 Categories: RTBF The New York Times culture - cinema

Crisis looms in antibiotics as drug makers go bankrupt 

The New York Times
At a time when germs are growing more resistant to common antibiotics, many companies that are developing new versions of the drugs are hemorrhaging money and going out of business, gravely undermining efforts to contain the spread of deadly, drug-resistant bacteria.&nbsp;... read more
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They said #MeToo. Now they are being sued 

The New York Times
In a small courtroom in Beijing, supporters of Wang Qi huddled together, awaiting the start of China's first #MeToo trial.... read more
26. joulukuuta 2019 14:53:44 Categories: RTBF The New York Times culture - cinema

Santa Hats and Tear Gas: Hong Kong Protests Flare Again 

The New York Times
Christmas Eve, ordinarily a night of revelry in Hong Kong, was filled with tear gas and pepper spray as riot police clashed with pro-democracy protesters who gathered at malls and shopping districts.... read more
25. joulukuuta 2019 7:41:21 Categories: STT The New York Times

The UN's tainted legacy in Haiti 

The New York Times
They came to bring peace; they departed 13 years later leaving behind disease and hundreds of children born to impoverished women and girls.... read more
24. joulukuuta 2019 3:01:16 Categories: Glamour The New York Times

Analysis: How Donald Trump took over the Republican Party 

The New York Times
By the summer of 2017, Dave Trott, a two-term Republican congressman, was worried enough about President Trump's erratic behavior and his flailing attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act that he criticized the president in a closed-door meeting with fellow G.O.P. lawmakers.&nbsp;... read more
22. joulukuuta 2019 11:13:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Taloussanomat The New York Times

Analysis: Is the big shake-up in Britain coming to the US? 

The New York Times
Britain has been rocked by eight major electoral contests in the last nine years.... read more
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Where the police wear masks, and the bodies pile up fast 

The New York Times
The masked gunmen pulled up to Wanda's Bar at 3:49 p.m. on May 19 and began firing the moment they left their vehicles.&nbsp;... read more
21. joulukuuta 2019 21:50:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Kotimaa The New York Times

Where doctors are criminals 

The New York Times
There was the medical student who volunteered in eastern Aleppo even after his classmates were tortured and killed as a warning.&nbsp;... read more
21. joulukuuta 2019 7:58:00 Categories: ABC News The New York Times

At the edge of the world, a new battleground for US and China 

The New York Times
The mere existence of the Faroe Islands is a wonder. Tall peaks of snow-patched volcanic rock jut out from the North Atlantic Ocean.&nbsp;... read more
20. joulukuuta 2019 20:40:17 Categories: Manchester Evening News The New York Times

How measles robbed Samoa of its young 

The New York Times
From the beginning, Nuu Lameko's baby daughter radiated happiness. She clapped and danced to the songs of praise at church.&nbsp;&nbsp;... read more
20. joulukuuta 2019 13:10:00 Categories: Mirror The New York Times

On the day after, Trump looks to vindication in November 

The New York Times
WASHINGTON - President Trump sat forward on the edge of his chair and chatted at length with reporters in the Oval Office on Thursday, unbowed but for him a little subdued. The day after he was impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, he dismissed the judgment of the House of Representatives and punched back by celebrating with a Democratic congressman who switched parties to stand with him. "I don't feel like I'm being impeached because it's...... read more
20. joulukuuta 2019 5:47:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe The New York Times

Analysis: Pelosi forges a legacy she never sought 

The New York Times
<p>Hours before she announced the House would investigate whether to impeach President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a call from him at her Washington home, ostensibly to talk about gun violence. But he quickly changed the topic to Ukraine.</p>... read more
19. joulukuuta 2019 10:10:00 Categories: Relaxnews (AFP) The New York Times

Are there limits to the rights revolution? 

The New York Times
If you're a Democratic strategist, what do you do to reconcile the moral power of your party's arguments about the inherent dignity and civil rights of every American with the reality of an electorate that has not caught up with where the party has gone and is slightly - or more than slightly - averse to it?&nbsp;... read more
18. joulukuuta 2019 23:03:08 Categories: Liverpool Echo The New York Times

With its new 'anti-Muslim' law, is India becoming a Hindu nation? 

The New York Times
Narendra Modi's government has rounded up thousands of Muslims in Kashmir, revoked the area's autonomy and enforced a citizenship test in northeastern India that left nearly two million people potentially stateless, many of them Muslim.... read more
17. joulukuuta 2019 16:00:00 Categories: Evening Standard The New York Times

After volcano blast, New Zealand asks if adventure tourism can last 

The New York Times
When Phil van Dusschoten retired as a police officer and started a diving business 24 years ago, the next chapter of his life seemed set, steering visitors through the stunning Bay of Plenty to frolic with dolphins and swim around the volcanic White Island.&nbsp;... read more
16. joulukuuta 2019 5:05:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma MyStyle The New York Times

How one of Mexico's deadliest assassins turned on his cartel 

The New York Times
The recruits filed into a clearing, where a group of trainers with the stern bearing of drill sergeants stood in a tight row, hiding something.&nbsp;... read more
14. joulukuuta 2019 16:30:00 Categories: Ilta Sanoma Maastohiihto The New York Times

In Johnson's victory, Democrats and Republicans see lessons for 2020 

The New York Times
LONDON - Britain was still counting the final votes in its landmark general election early Friday morning when Democrats and Republicans on the other side of the Atlantic began speculating whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson's landslide victory was a good omen for President Trump's re-election chances in 2020 - and a cautionary tale for Democrats.... read more
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