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Why Baghdadi risked a video appearance 

The Atlantic
ISIS faces dangers as an organization that are more significant than the ones Baghdadi does as an individual.... read more
2. toukokuuta 2019 11:00:00 Categories: The Atlantic The Independent

The high-stakes confrontation between Trump and Khamenei 

The Atlantic
Neither leader appears to want escalating conflict-yet that's precisely where things seem to be headed.... read more
30. huhtikuuta 2019 13:25:00 Categories: MTV The Atlantic

Colombia is losing the race against the Venezuelan migrant crisis 

The Atlantic
By setting up tents to house migrants who cross the border, Colombia tacitly acknowledged that Venezuelans fleeing instability might be there to stay.... read more
30. huhtikuuta 2019 11:00:00 Categories: RTBF The Atlantic sport - cyclisme - vuelta

The other Notre-Dame was not rebuilt 

The Atlantic
Perhaps France should help Haiti, its former colony, rebuild the cathedral lost in the 2010 earthquake.... read more
28. huhtikuuta 2019 21:30:00 Categories: AFP The Atlantic

Japan and Russia muscle their way into the Trump-Kim dialogue 

The Atlantic
Putin is meeting with Kim and Abe is meeting with Trump. But nobody's quite sure who's influencing who.... read more
28. huhtikuuta 2019 7:30:00 Categories: The Atlantic

Neon is the ultimate symbol of the 20th century 

The Atlantic
The once-ubiquitous form of lighting was novel when it first emerged in the early 1900s, though it has since come to represent decline.... read more
27. huhtikuuta 2019 21:30:00 Categories: MTV The Atlantic

When Obama talked Biden out of running for President 

The Atlantic
The former vice president pondered running in 2016, but Obama wanted Hillary Clinton.... read more
26. huhtikuuta 2019 10:30:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

ISIS-järjestöllä on uusi rekrytointikeino 

The Atlantic
... read more
25. huhtikuuta 2019 4:30:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

ISIS's newest recruiting tool: regional languages 

The Atlantic
When ISIS claimed responsibility for the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka, it did so in Arabic and English-and in languages spoken in just a few regions across South Asia.... read more
24. huhtikuuta 2019 20:51:00 Categories: Birmingham Mail The Atlantic

Analysis: The center isn't holding in Northern Ireland 

The Atlantic
More than 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement was signed, the moderates who championed the peace deal no longer have any significant political power.... read more
24. huhtikuuta 2019 7:30:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

Opinion: The scams are winning 

The Atlantic
American language suggests that grift can be separated from everything else. American life suggests otherwise.... read more
23. huhtikuuta 2019 13:30:00 Categories: Liverpool Echo The Atlantic

A Motto for a World-Weary Paris 

The Atlantic
The Notre-Dame fire brought Parisians together, for just a moment, in a way that even the November 13 terrorist attacks could not.... read more
20. huhtikuuta 2019 14:30:00 Categories: Birmingham Mail The Atlantic

Trump's Venezuela policy: Slow suffocation 

The Atlantic
The administration is pressuring other countries to tighten the noose on Nicolas Maduro. But his backers have the upper hand.... read more
18. huhtikuuta 2019 17:30:00 Categories: The Atlantic Wheels Magazine

France's paradoxes, embodied in a cathedral 

The Atlantic
France is a secular republic, dedicated to the principle of laïcité, or the absence of religion in public life. But it has as its national symbol the Notre-Dame cathedral.... read more
17. huhtikuuta 2019 10:30:00 Categories: Birmingham Mail The Atlantic

The Trump-Putin relationship, as dictated by Kremlin 

The Atlantic
Why does the White House cede control of the narrative to the Russians?... read more
16. huhtikuuta 2019 15:00:00 Categories: The Atlantic

Opinion: Julian Assange got what he deserved 

The Atlantic
Don't continue to fall for his phony pleas for sympathy, his megalomania, and his promiscuity with the facts.... read more
16. huhtikuuta 2019 12:00:00 Categories: The Atlantic

How 'everything went to hell' for Ivanka Trump 

The Atlantic
The "first daughter" spent years rigorously cultivating her image. But she wasn't prepared for scrutiny.... read more
12. huhtikuuta 2019 19:30:00 Categories: The Atlantic The Guardian

Mormon Church tries to create space for LGBTQ families 

The Atlantic
But for many current and former members, the consequences of a former policy cannot be undone. Their relationships-with the Church, with their families, and with God-have been irreparably damaged.... read more
7. huhtikuuta 2019 20:30:00 Categories: MTV The Atlantic
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