Geoff Gray: Death of teenage soldier at Deepcut barracks ruled as suicide 

Evening Standard
A soldier found with two gunshot wounds to the head at Deepcut barracks took his own life, an inquest has found. Army recruit Geoff Gray, 17, was found dead on September 17, 2001 - just nine months after beginning his training at the Surrey base. He was the third of four young recruits to die at the barracks between 1995 and 2002 amid allegations of a culture of bullying and abuse. The inquest heard that five spent cartridges were found next to...... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 21:09:27 Categories: Evening Standard Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Back home in South Bend, Buttigieg faces 'his nightmare' 

The Washington Post
The shooting of a black man by a white police officer is reopening wounds in the city's black community that threaten to tarnish the mayor's charmed presidential campaign.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 20:34:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe The Washington Post

Kroger is firing new shots in the grocery wars 

<p>Multicolored, sparkly ice cream is an unlikely battleground in U.S. grocery stores. But Kroger believes products like its Best Unicorn Swirl ice cream will help it win market share from Walmart, Aldi and Amazon.</p>... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 20:30:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe Reuters

Animated videos: Boy Scouts' new tactic to fight sex abuse 

Associated Press
Under financial pressure from sex-abuse litigation, the Boy Scouts of America are seeking to bolster their abuse-prevention efforts with a new awareness program featuring cartoon-style videos that will be provided to more than 1.2 million Cub Scouts across the nation.&nbsp;... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 18:32:00 Categories: Associated Press Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Premier League confirm VAR penalty retake stance for next season affecting both Manchester United and Man City 

Manchester Evening News
The technology will be used for the first time in the league this season - and Man Utd and Manchester City are among the clubs affected.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 17:05:18 Categories: Länsiväylä Manchester Evening News Puheenaihe

With falling popularity, will Putin's softer touch last? 

The Washington Post
Recently, Putin has chosen to avoid conflict amid protests. The concessions, however, only go so far.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 14:30:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Paikalliset The Washington Post

Venezuelan mothers, children in tow, rush to migrate 

<p>Mothers dragged their children across three countries, trekking around border checkpoints and crossing rivers in waist-high water. Others were conned by fake travel agents, or robbed by bandits.</p>... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 14:30:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Reuters Urheilu

Hilarious reviews of Bon Jovi's Anfield gig from Scousers who can hear it in their garden 

Liverpool Echo
'Catch me in the garden giving it large to Living on a Prayer in a min'... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 13:28:37 Categories: Liverpool Echo Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Manchester United cannot afford to change their transfer priority 

Manchester Evening News
Man Utd are looking to bring in a number of transfer targets this summer but they need to ensure they prioritise a central defender.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 13:26:48 Categories: Länsiväylä Manchester Evening News Puheenaihe

633 divers just set a world record for collecting ocean trash off a Florida beach 

Coastal Living
The divers removed up to 3,200 pounds of waste from the sea floor.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 13:00:00 Categories: Coastal Living Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

RBA likely to cut interest rates again: 'Do better' on creating jobs 

ABC Business
The Reserve Bank says it cut interest rates earlier this month not because the economy was getting worse, but because it could get even better.&nbsp;... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 11:17:00 Categories: ABC Business Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Revised pass interference rules still could end up being a mess 

NBC Sports
The NFL's effort to prevent a repeat of the Rams-Saints uncalled pass interference fiasco has resulted in a long journey for Milan to Minsk that, at last check, seemed encouraging. To summarize, automatic replay review will be initiated for pass interference only when the replay official spots, while looking at the play in real time [more]... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 9:40:13 Categories: Länsiväylä NBC Sports Urheilu

How a 61-year-old gave birth to her granddaughter 

Daily Mail
Cecile Eledge, 61, served as a surrogate for her son and her husband and gave birth to her granddaughter, Uma Louise, at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha on March 25.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 8:52:00 Categories: Daily Mail Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Tech workers of Chinese descent 'feel like targets' amid US trade war 

The Guardian
According to a Guardian survey through Blind, employees are already facing negative consequences or predict problems... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 5:00:00 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe The Guardian

The Rain renewed for final season by Netflix 

Netflix has renewed Danish Original drama series The Rain for a third and final season.&nbsp;... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 3:32:17 Categories: Deadline Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

UN says Canada took in more refugees than any other country in 2018 

The Guardian
Canada resettled 28,100 refugees last year, overtaking the US for the first time since the 1980 Refugee Act, UN report found... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 2:53:47 Categories: Länsiväylä Puheenaihe The Guardian

Corrie spoilers: Emotional exit for one character 

Digital Spy (UK)
Roy's former foster son is bowing out.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 2:00:48 Categories: Digital Spy (UK) Länsiväylä Puheenaihe

Why dogs developed 'puppy dog eyes' 

National Geographic
Centuries of domestication have unintentionally yet radically reshaped dogs' eyebrow anatomy, making their faces easily readable to people.... read more
20. kesäkuuta 2019 0:59:39 Categories: Länsiväylä National Geographic Puheenaihe

Thorne criticises Goldberg for 'disgusting' nude pic comments 

Sky News
Bella Thorne has criticised Whoopi Goldberg for making "disgusting" comments against taking nude selfies.... read more
19. kesäkuuta 2019 23:40:00

Khashoggi murder: What the UN wants next in the investigation 

"Khashoggi's killing constituted an extrajudicial killing for which the State of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is responsible," UN special report says.... read more
19. kesäkuuta 2019 22:35:00
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